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Police say a man from Fort Bragg found dead in his home was probably killed as a result of blunt force trauma. He has been identified as Dennis Boardman. Police say Boardman was found on the floor of his home over the weekend. But Fort Bragg investigators say by the time officers arrived, Boardman had been dead for nearly a week. His red 1990 Chevy pickup was missing along with his dog too so a statewide alert was issued. His car and dog were located in southern Santa Barbara County. Officials there say other than needing food and water, the dog is fine.

If you are still in need for a 2016 calendar … maybe consider a calend-hair? It’s the work of an Idaho man who has turned his back hair into art and has enough for you to enjoy .. or not … looking at his back hair art for an entire year. Mike Wolfe says Manscaping beats going for a wax. The first design he had trimmed into his back hair was an American flag. Things have since gotten a little more creative with Wolfe’s back hair being turned into Grim-reap-HAIR and an m-HAIR-achi band. The calend-HAIR goes for 20 bucks with some of the money going to Wolfe’s church.

A flash flood watch has been issued in burn areas of Lake County. The National Weather Service in Sacramento issued the watch for the Valley, Rocky, and Jerusalem fire burn areas thru tonight. They warn flash floods and debris flows are a threat in and below burn areas and that rainfall could be more than a half inch an hour at times during the storm. They warn those traveling near certain creeks and rivers to watch for road problems due to flooding or rock/debris flows. And in severely burned areas, in the Cache (Cash) Creek Wildlife Area and the Knoxville Recreation Area look out for flooding, rock, and debris flows.

A man whose body was found at a Point Reyes (Rays) National Seashore beach has been identified. A park spokesperson says 62 year old John Son of San Jose was at the park taking pictures New Year’s Day. His body was found on Kehoe Beach. The search started Saturday when park staff saw his car there overnight. They called his family and found he wasn’t home as expected. A helicopter crew saw his body Sunday about two miles from his vehicle. They say it looks to be accidental.

A retaining wall looks to be failing, giving way for a house on a steep hillside over the Russian River. Fire officials say the wall on Monte Vista Terrace may collapse with more rain. They were out Sunday, finding the wall pushed up against a pickup parked next to the house. The Monte Rio Fire Chief says the house moved more yesterday and if the rains continue the house may be lost. The home’s vacant, no word on the home already being condemned, but the bottom of the home was coated in huge sheets of plastic. The house above Monte Vista Terrace, against a hill, that, if it falls, could fall into the roadway.

That elephant seal that tried crossing a busy highway has given birth to a pup. Tolay the elephant seal who got some media attention last week after trying to climb onto Highway 37, causing traffic snarls, delivered Saturday at a beach in the Point Reyes National Seashore. The 900 pound seal was relocated to the marine mammal center after appearing last Monday in a highway lane. She was tranquilized and found to be pregnant. She’s now safely settled at Drake’s Beach, at an established elephant seal colony with her baby.

Several dozen skiers and snowboarders had to be evacuated from a chairlift in Lake Tahoe after it fell from the cable. No one was in the chair at Heavenly Mountain Resort and no injuries were reported Sunday morning. The resort released a statement saying the chair fell from the downhill side of the North Bowl lift so it was stopped and ski patrol evacuated 65 people who were on the lift. They’ve also suspended it until lift maintenance workers investigate what happened.

More wet weather expected with a series of storms headed to northwest California. The first moved in yesterday and continues thru today with another headed our way tomorrow. There’s a possibility as well for a third system late in the week. The storm systems are expected to bring periods of rain, mountain snow, and gusty winds.

AT&T has reported outages of phone and/or internet services throughout Mendocino County. The Sheriff’s office was warning the outages might have been caused from wet lines because of rain. The phone company didn’t know the total number of outages when the sheriff’s dept. spoke to them or for how long they would last. They say they’re aware and have additional crews working on the outages.

A Yuba County Sheriff’s deputy has been arrested on drug trafficking charges. Narcotics officers reported busting deputy Christopher Heath and held him on $1 million bond which he posted. He was arrested while in vacation over the Christmas holiday in York County. Police in Pennsylvania busted him not knowing he was on the Yuba County drug and gang task force. They reported he had 200 pounds of marijuana he was moving from Northern California to Pennsylvania. They also found thousands of dollars in cash and his dept.-issued revolver and badge. He’s charged with suspicion of conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance and possession with intent to deliver. Two others from Northern California were also arrested in the case.

It could cost 2 billion dollars for permanent housing, if California wants to help the nation’s largest homeless population. A new proposal drafted by state senators released yesterday for a housing bond to help local governments build more than 10,000 housing units mostly for those with mental illness. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s 2015 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress showed almost 116,000 homeless people in California, more than a fifth of the country’s homeless population. And more than 29,000 are chronically homeless.

A man from Kelseyville looking at murder charges got probation on a lesser charge. 21 yr old Dakota Velez got five years’ formal probation for setting fire to a structure and for assault with a deadly weapon against another man last January. Velez was charged with murder with his dad, Conrad, for the deaths of William Busch of Lakeport and Edward Morgan, the next day. Busch’s body found in a burning building in Lakeport and Morgan near Lakeport, stabbed and pushed from an SUV. Prosecutors say dad’s responsible for the murders. Dakota Velez agreed to a plea deal and could still end up in state prison if he violates his probation.


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