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Reports that Mendocino County may not have an 80 million dollar positive net funds balance and that it’s more like 56 million in the hole. According to KWine news sources the county board was to take up the matter at an upcoming meeting during a talk on a revised funds statement. The news came out after a new state accounting standard was implemented having counties spelling out more clearly their unfunded retirement payment obligations on their balance sheets. The report we have says the county might have actually had 135 million in past pension obligations and an unfunded obligation of as much as 166 million dollars.

The Clearlake City Council is set to consider updated medical marijuana regulations during its first meeting of the year. The Clearlake Planning Commission has recommended tougher regulations. The ordinance before the council sets a limitof six plants on all parcels, regardless of size; and a ban on commercial grows, grows near bodies of water or within scenic corridors. The new ordinance would also establish an annual fee of $150 to register for city-approved grow permits. Grows must be inspected annually, and growers must have the permission of the property owner – if they’re renting – as well as a permanent water source on the land. The meeting Thursday.

Legislature looking at a bill targeting Caltrans broadband mapping. The Assembly bill has cleared the Assembly Transportation Committee. It would require Caltrans to have a centralized database of lines with fiber optic cables are located across the state in its right-of-way. Assemblyman Jim Wood of Healdsburg, chairman of the Select Committee on the Digital Divide in Rural California authored the bill. It now moves forward to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

A police officer from Ukiah has graduated from the FBI academy. Police Capt. Justin Wyatt went to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy, designed for experienced law enforcement officers who are looking to improve their skills. It’s a ten week program in advanced communication, leadership and fitness training for those selected with proven records as professionals in their agencies. Wyatt says much of the focus was on how to stay mentally and physically fit as you age in law enforcement. The website for the FBI National Academy, says the training’s to support, promote and enhance the personal and professional development for law enforcement leaders. Preparing them for complex, dynamic and contemporary challenges.

Several hundred people in Guerneville showed up to talk county policy. The Press Democrat reports the crowd of about 400 talking about the homeless population along the lower Russian River in recent years. Those who spoke talked drug abuse and dealing, public intoxication and harassment, vagrancy and litter. The newspaper reports each person who spoke at the forum Monday said the city wasn’t dealing with the threat to businesses or helping with quality of life issues for the struggling community saying the homeless are degrading the area. The meeting after a string of fires in Guerneville and the Russian River area which some say may be linked to the transient community. Two possible arson cases reported, but no suspects named.

Change is afoot in Sacramento with lobbyists. Lobbyists are supposed to follow certain rules regarding testifying in committee hearings, meeting with legislative staff, talking to lawmakers in the hallway and more. They’ve been doing business like this for decades, but apparently it’s not all followed to the T. Interest groups are supposed to file detailed reports about lobbyists they hire, bills they lobby for and what they spend to entertain government officials but it’s all apparently pretty hush hush. The Record Bee reports the state’s political watchdog agency is about to vote on a rule to require groups who lobby state government to publicly report who they’re paying, how much and what for.

A Minnesota Vikings fan tailgating at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds accidentally broke into a police substation after the team’s loss to Seattle. The guy was apparently confused as to where he was, thinking the substation was his home. A State Fair police spokeswoman says the guy seemed pretty drunk and that the station resembles a house. He was found inside, arrested and booked into jail and released. Trespassing charges are pending. Incidentally, the Vikings lost 10-9 against the Seahawks.

A couple in Pennsylvania cannot dump their house even after dropping the price 50k because it was used as the home of the psycho killer Buffalo Bill in the "The Silence of the Lambs" movie. The couple put the house on the market last summer. It was the

second-most clicked home on last year, but they say the publicity has attracted mostly curiosity seekers, and no serious buyers. Part of the home was in the film, but there’s really no dungeon pit in the basement where supposed grisly crimes were committed. Those scenes were filmed on a soundstage.


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