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Police are still investigating the death of a long time Fort Bragg resident. Dennis Boardman found dead Jan. 2nd by police. The Fort Bragg Police Department reports the autopsy on Boardman has not provided enough evidence showing which of the injuries he had was the one that killed him. They say many of the injuries were apparently life threatening. They also cannot publicly release the autopsy results because there’s an active investigation. They have also reportedly found possible weapons believed to have been used. His car found with his dog inside in Carpentaria, outside Santa Barbara.

An online survey’s released by the Broadband Alliance showing what happened early last September when many communication devices weren’t working after vandals cut a line near Ukiah. The Alliance released the responses to the 33-question survey which was released publicly Tuesday showing 96 percent of those who responded had lost all forms of communication, whether from cell phones or Internet and 911. 97 percent of 364 businesses, organizations and governmental agencies also reported being affected and some even had to close temporarily. Some lost income too. The alliance says almost $119,000 was lost for business and as much as $6,500 in residential losses.

Fire has destroyed the roof of a home in Ukiah. Ukiah Fire Authority got the call around 9:30 last night on Cochrane Avenue. Crews had had just finished up with a Dumpster fire on South State Street. A division chief says it was a good thing we were already out, because the roof fire had the potential to be much worse.” It came in as a kitchen fire but firefighters say when they arrived they could see flames venting from the attic. Ukiah Police helped an elderly man who owns the home to safety. The homeowner says they never saw flames, just smelled smoke. Ukiah fire says the entire attic space was on fire. No injuries were reported.

A Middletown murder could result in the death penalty for the man accused of the crime. Javier Martinez-Cachu has pleaded not guilty to the killing of Luis Pimentel-Arroyo. If convicted, the 20-year-old suspect could get death now that prosecutors have added two special allegations: committing a murder for financial gain and committing a murder by lying in wait. Chief Deputy District Attorney Richard Hinchcliff says essentially the suspect “ambushed the victim,” Martinez-Cachu allegedly gunned down Pimentel-Arroyo, 25, while he was in a vehicle with a second female victim who had non-life threatening injuries.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s department reporting a couple of warrant related arrests: one in Covelo, the other Willits, both a week and half ago. During a probation check on Refuse road, deputies say they came across Joseph Basurto who had three outstanding warrants. They say during the arrest they found almost 8 grams of meth … enough that they also booked Basurto for possession for sale. Mendocino Sheriff’s office says meth was also found during a warrant arrest on Lupine drive in Willits. Deputies say Tyler Elza tried to take off but they caught him without incident. He was booked for the warrants and possession.

Four local high school teams are competing in the semi-final competition at the annual County Mock Trials. The competition January 30th at the Mendocino County Courthouse in downtown Ukiah. The two top teams advance to the final round of competition later that afternoon. The whole thing, a student enrichment activity, paid for and put together by Mendocino County Office of Education. Finalist teams compete for a trophy they get for a year and go to the state competition in March.

The interim Mendocino County Atty. has filed suit to stop a proposed ballot measure to increase transparency of the county’s distribution of Proposition 172 funds. The money is in the form of a half cent sales tax that had been passed in 1993 to help pay for public safety. The county gets about 7 million from it per year. The money goes into the county general fund and it’s then distributed to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, jail and other services. But fire districts say they are supposed to share in the funds like other counties do. Four fire districts are trying to get a measure on the ballot to get some of the Prop 172 money. This new lawsuit by the county attorney could stop that from happening.

A man from Upper Lake has been arrested for the murder of another resident whose body was found Tuesday. Calvin McDonald suspected in the murder of James Flowers whose body was found in the Blue Lakes area. The Sheriff’s office is investigating the death thru their Major Crimes Unit. And an autopsy has been scheduled to see how Flowers may have died. In the meantime McDonald was arrested for murder and booked under $1,000,000 bail.

A group of local churches has opened Lake County’s warming center. It’s open to homeless women, children and veterans. Lake Transit Authority is helping them get to the center which is apparently not easy to get to. The center’s team leader says they’re trying to do what they can so folks who go there feel comfortable and safe. They get a sleeping bag and cot and can take the sleeping bag with them when they leave. It’s located at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lakeport at 1111 Park Way at Hill Road East. It’s being operated by the Lake Ministerial Association. They can fit 2 dozen people and think they’ll reach capacity by tomorrow. They opened January 4th.

Sutter Lakeside Hospital has expanded their outpatient cardiology services. Starting the end of the month, the Sutter Lakeside Community Clinic has a new doctor, John Minotti who’s charged with expanding cardiology services which will include long-term EKG event monitors, cardiology consults, pace maker insertions and checks, stress tests, and echo cardiograms.

So much for the state of Jefferson. The Plumas County Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously to rescind a ballot measure supposed to go to voters to join the secessionist State of Jefferson. The vote removes an advisory measure approved last Oct. which was supposed to be on the June ballot. A supporter of the idea told the board they’d gone around supervisors already, taking the idea and signatures for the proposed State of Jefferson directly to Sacramento. This comes a month after the Lake County Board of Supervisors also voted to rescind an advisory vote set for the November ballot on the state of Jefferson. Trinity, Sierra, Alpine and Shasta counties said not to a split with the state.

The head of a mental health agency in Michigan is going to prison for nearly 3 years for using public money to hire a fortuneteller. Ervin Brinker sentenced Wednesday after pleading guilty to embezzlement and a Medicaid fraud conspiracy. He had been the CEO at Summit Pointe in Battle Creek. He was accused of spending more than a half million dollars on a palm reader. Now he has to pay double that amount in restitution and a civil penalty.

A man in Ohio police say sent a selfie to them instead of them using his mugshot they had taken has been arrested. Lima (LY’-muh), Ohio police say Donald "Chip" Pugh busted in Century, Florida Tuesday and has another warrant out of Georgia. Cops say he didn’t show up in person to court in several cases and that he sent them a selfie in a sport coat and sunglasses with a message that said, "Here is a better photo that one is terrible."


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