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A woman in Italy with a major problem. She heard on the news there was a sexual assault nearby so she puts on a chastity belt and loses the key. The 60 year old went to a fire station last week so she could get help removing it. She told crews in the northern city of Padua she needed help opening the padlock. They thought it was something else, but then she lifted her sweater and showed them the iron lock.

A fugitive from Montana accused of breaking into a woman’s house in Fort Bragg, stabbing her, is still in jail in Mendocino County. The Sheriff’s Office says Nicholas Merrell was being held on $250,000 bail on suspicion of attempted murder, burglary, and on a warrant issued in Missoula for being a fugitive from justice. Sheriff’s Office Capt. Greg Van Patten tells the Press Democrat the woman was asleep when the guy broke in, but woke up when she heard noise and saw the guy standing in her room with two large, kitchen-style knives – one in each hand. Van Patten says even though he stabbed her several times, she was able to fight him off and run to a neighbor’s for help. Van Patten says the suspect and victim don’t know each other so it looks like a random attack.

Ukiah Police looking to hire a retired captain to help bring in new officers. The Daily Journal reports the police chief saying they’d like to hire former Capt. Trent Taylor to help with recruiting. The chief says he got authorization more than six months ago to fill Taylor’s position with a sworn officer, not another captain, but he hasn’t found anyone. The request to rehire Taylor is going before the city council for a vote tonight. The department has 28 sworn officers, but would like 30. The chief says they’re looking to bring Taylor on PT because of how hard it is to retain and hire new officers and because of unanticipated on-the-job injuries. They want Taylor on for up to 20 hours a week until June 30th.

A small oil spill in Lakeport after a couple of transformers tipped over. PG& E started soil testing, getting some results out of Clear Lake because a small amount of oil flowed to a drain leading to the lake. A spokesperson for the utility says the tests found .05 parts per billion of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) which is significantly lower than the max allowed by law. The federal government allows .5 parts per billion. The synthetic molecule in mineral oils that have been used for old transformers being used back in the 1970’s and before the being banned by the Toxic Substances Control Act in the 1970s. Land and aquatic containment crews are at the scene testing but haven’t started to clean up the water.

A new report shows almost two times the average amount of driving deaths in Lake County. The report showing 19 people killed in 18 crashes. The California Highway Patrol reports DUIs as a major factor. They say at least eight accidents were known to have been caused by an intoxicated driver. They’re still waiting on reports of 3 more. They also say speed was a factor in at least four crashes. For a normal Lake County year, there are about 12 fatal crashes. The month of June had the most vehicle-related fatalities with five people dead, three on Highway 20. Highways 29 and 175 had two each die in crashes. So far there’s been no fatal crashes this year. But police have been out a lot due to heavy rains.

PG& E winning accolades for its response to the Valley Fire. The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) presented the utility with its Emergency Recovery Award for power restoration during the fire. The president of Edison says the crews of PG& E were truly deserving of the recognition restoring service and supporting the community in difficult conditions. The institute recognizes member companies twice a year for efforts restoring power to customers after service disruptions by severe weather or other natural events. Almost 1,700 PG& E employees and contractors were out during the fire working side by side with the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, County of Lake Office of Emergency Services, CalFire, the U.S. Forest Service and other first responders.

Mendocino County noted as one of more than a dozen counties expanding the state’s amnesty program. The Mendocino County Superior Court and county started a misdemeanor program it’s expected to run with the ticket amnesty program until March 2017. The program started New Year’s Day for people penalized in the past for driving without a license, driving on a suspended license or having a license hold because they didn’t pay fines. They can all get lower fines, if they meet the criteria outlined or enter the driver’s license reinstatement program.

A packed room at the joint meeting of the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors and the County Retirement Board. The county balance sheet showing a net worth of 56 million dollars instead of an 80 million positive last year due to new government accounting standards for reporting pension liabilities. So now the county has to write off 135 million dollars of county retirement assets. Some local accountants familiar with the issue say benefits had been granted without proper disclosure leaving the retirement fund at least 166 million short of its obligations.

Prosecutors looking for more time to choose if they should indeed charge the co-founder of a Kenwood church who claims he’s growing marijuana for sacramental purposes. Saul Garcia had been arrested back in September after 600 plants were found and taken at the property where he runs a chapter of the Oklevueha Native American Church. He was booked on suspicion of cultivation and sale of marijuana. But then when the DA got the case, they started considering how to proceed, so the judge gave 60 days for them to decide if they’d proceed. Garcia also sued the Sheriff’s Office saying the raid was a violation of his civil rights and that the pot was used by the church members for religious purposes so that makes it exempt from seizure.

A man in Lucerne has been taken for evaluation at a hospital after a shooting report that really didn’t happen, but mass response from firefighters and law enforcement. Lake Co News reporting on the incident saying a man, whose name’s not been released, has been taken into custody by Lake County Sheriff’s deputies after he called to say there was a possible shooting of as many as six people. Sheriff’s deputies, the CHP and Lakeport police all responded. There were also several area fire departments responding.

Several projects in the works at the Grace Hudson Museum. The Ukiah City Council to consider a new boardwalk at the museum and roof repairs. Staff reports for tonight’s meeting have the museum repairs and upgrades top on the agenda. The work to include an outdoor classroom, that boardwalk, a concrete pad for the basketry circle and part of the rain water cisterns for more than $350,000. They’ll also consider landscape improvements to include “pathways, lighting, a model stream water feature, fencing, gates, irrigation, installing plants and other specialty garden items.”

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