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A man charged in the death of his 11 year old nephew and set for a jury trial has changed his plea in the 11th hour. 19 year old Jaime “Flaco” Rodriguez, Jr. of Ukiah in court Friday pleading no contest in the June 2015 death of his visiting nephew. He’s going to get 84 months in prison when he’s formally sentenced February 26th, the judge must agree to the deal. This in connection to the death of the nephew by gunshot wound to the face and neck. Rodriguez first told police the two were targets of a drive by shooting but then an investigation showed Rodriguez and his nephew were in the backyard of a home and Rodriguez took out a loaded handgun and started to handle it and it went off and hit his nephew. He then carried him to the road and called in the phony drive by.

AT&T’s expected at the next meeting of the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors. The telecommunications company to address several major outages in the county after the company announced a planned upgrade to its North Coast network . The County Executive office says it got a letter of commitment from the company’s vice president of external affairs. The chair of the Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County says she’s not exactly sure what tomorrow’s board presentation will cover but says the public should come and ask questions. Staff expected to be there includes AT&T’s vice president of external affairs for California, director of technology, planning and engineering and area director of external affairs for the North Coast.

A local church in Ukiah says it’s been broken into, someone prying a door to the church in an apparent burglary attempt. Police say a caller at the Nazarene Church called about a week and a half ago to report the attempted crime. Nothing was taken though, but the door was damaged and needed to be repaired.

A judge in Mendocino County Superior Court says she’s taking a few days to decide if Prop 172 funding should be further spread to fire districts, by way of an election ballot. Acting County Counsel Katharine Elliott had filed a lawsuit after fire departments in Brooktrails, Hopland, Mendocino and Comptche submitted a petition to the county elections office to see if they could get the issue on a ballot saying the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors should consider 30 percent of the Proposition 172 money for fire agencies. The money’s collected thru a half-cent sales tax across the state for public safety agencies. If the proposed initiative makes it to the ballot, it asks the supervisors to put forward a more transparent process in the budget about how the money is collected and distributed.

Christian Schools from across the state have donated money to Middletown Christian School to help students and staff affected by the Valley fire. Lake Co News reports the Principal of the school says the fire’s led to an exhibition of love, support and prayers from people far and wide. The school’s morning assembly last Thursday to welcome representatives from the Association of Christian Schools International who came with a gift of more than $26,000 for those hit by the fire. The news site reports the assembly last week turned into a celebration of hope. The principal says the school has 10 more students since the fire. Middletown Christian School has more than 4 dozen students in kindergarten up through 12th grade, six teachers and one administrator.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors gives a thumbs up to the new agreement for transitional housing for a handful of Valley fire survivors, some did not qualify for federal assistance. Lake Co News reports it’s the second agreement with the Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa with this one looking for a maximum compensation of almost $137,000 for four-months. The county’s Social Services director, who’s also the Valley fire long term recovery coordinator says the resort has helped dozens of survivors since the fire broke out. The resort refurbished 48 rooms, paid for by the county. The county also paid for the room occupancy for the first two months at $1,000 each per month. At one point there were 81 rooms being used. This second agreement pays the resort $3,000 a room for the 33 additional rooms. The money for refurbishment and occupancy not covered under the original agreement.

Police in Wisconsin have recovered tens of thousands of dollars worth of cheese, for the second time in a week. Marshfield Police say 41,000 pounds of parmesan cheese worth about $90,000 had been stolen from a distributor Jan. 15th. A semi picking it up, but the truck never reaching its destination in Illinois. Investigators getting a tip the cheese was elsewhere, finding it in Grand Chute in another warehouse. Then last week police in Germantown got a report of $70,000 worth of cheddar and other cheeses stolen from a distribution center but found Milwaukee 4 days later.

A sheriff’s sergeant asking for an independent hearing to see if he could be reinstated after being terminated, turned down by an appeals court. The case of James Beland who was fired by the Shierr of Lake County in 2008 for several reasons including insubordination, willful disobedience, dishonesty, criticism of orders and “failure of good behavior”. He was investigated during 8 different internal affairs incidents regarding cases from April 2007 to June 2008. One about an incident where it was alleged Beland hot a subordinate on the head. One issue being reviewed was conflicting statements about a breathalyzer test for then-Chief Deputy Russell Perdock, who drove a speedboat that crashed into another boat, killing one person. An appeal to the Lake County Board of Supervisors denied so Beland sued, that was denied, so he appealed.

A British man’s been arrested, after being found with 38 mobile phones stuffed down his pants. West Midlands Police say they think the guy stole phones from people at a concert in Birmingham, central England. The man with another, both arrested seen at the venue with their trousers taped closed at the bottom. Cops looking out after getting reports of phone thefts during an earlier concert in Manchester by the same band.

The Lakeport police chief plans to go to the city council to get another officer position temporarily ahead of the loss of staff and needing to get new staff trained. Lake Co News reports the city council will consider the matter at their meeting tomorrow night. Chief Brad Rasmussen is planning to ask the city council to allow the City Manager to put money in the budget for a 12th sworn police officer position at about $91,000 – covering salary and benefits for 15-months, from March 15th, 2016, to June 30th, 2017. Right now the budget covers 11 full-time sworn positions and one part-time sworn position. Three officers are leaving the dept. this year, one within a couple months.

An event planned for residents looking to rebuild after the summer’s wildfires. Lake Co News reports volunteers and residents who lost their homes along with active community members have the Valley Fire Rebuild Expo coming for residents of south Lake County. The expo Saturday, Feb. 20th and Sunday, Feb. 21st at Twin Pine Casino Event Center in Middletown. The news site reports the event is to create excitement around rebuilding with several resources, products and services at the expo. This event presented by the Cobb Resiliency Action Group – or “CRAG” – along with the nonprofit Friends of Cobb Mountain. Preregistration encouraged but it’s free to attend. Vendors have to pay $100. For more info, visit .

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