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A man from Fort Bragg has been arrested on several charges, including vandalism and drug charges. Police say they got a call about a man without a shirt on walking on Redwood Avenue, punching cars. They found Joe Gunn after several calls to police about a disturbance and damage of property. Gunn found to be high on methamphetamine. Police say he vandalized multiple properties as he went into a rage after meeting an ex girlfriend, protected from Gunn by a domestic violence restraining order. Gunn was arrested for vandalism, being under the Influence of a Controlled Substance and violation of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order. He was booked at the Mendocino County Jail in Ukiah.

A 12th police officer has been added to the Lakeport Police Dept… temporarily. The City Council has said yay to putting the salaried position in the dept. until they can hire a few permanent cops as others leave or retire. As we’ve reported the Police Chief Brad Rasmussen told the council in a report there’s a lag getting people trained up since a couple of officers are on medical leave and there’s pending retirements. Lake Co News reports the chief asked for the 12th officer position starting in March and going through June 2017. The Council agreed.

With the closure of the FEMA Field Office in Lakeport and the near-completion of CalRecycle’s debris cleanup for residential lots, Lake County says they’re moving resources away from recovery from the Valley Fire and more towards rebuilding. The County Administrative Officer says many County staffers are working with the Emergency Operations Center and fire recovery programs since July when the Rocky Fire broke out, but now they’re going back to their regular jobs, which he says will help with rebuilding. As part of this, the County is getting out of donation management. Staff took it over when the area was overwhelmed with contributions but the donation center at the Work Right building is set to close by the end of March. District 5 Supervisor Rob Brown says the Seventh Day Adventist Donation Center in Lakeport will try to stay open for as long as needed and the Cobb Mountain Lion’s Club plans to keep their donation center open at the Little Red Schoolhouse until September.

The Gov. Jerry Brown signing that emergency legislation to change the upcoming deadline local governments had faced to ban or regulate medical marijuana cultivation. Brown signed the bill drafted by northern calif. Assemblyman Jim Wood of Healdsburg yesterday. It changes regulations in the bill passed in September approved as the legislative session came to an end. It had said March 1st would be the latest counties and cities could come up with their own rules governing cultivation or they’d lose power to the state. Assemblyman Wood says the deadline made it into the regulations by mistake and locals now have until 2018 to consider the issue.

A little, one room elementary school in Sonoma County is staying open as it’s increased enrollment by 50 percent, up to nine students. The Press Democrat reports Union School in Petaluma was close to closing because there were only six students, and the school’s average daily attendance was lower than what the state requires which is six students. The school is more than 100 years old. It was recruiting heavily to try to get just one student more to stay open, the principal and only teacher there says so many families applied she had to close enrollment so the school wouldn’t be overflowing.

Residents of Mendocino County get to figure out what the county’s cannabis policy should be. Meetings set for area residents to speak with county officials, farming, banking, and legal experts, plus cannabis advocacy groups to look at the state’s new commercial medical marijuana regulations. The Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act passed last fall and signed into law by the Gov. Jerry Brown. In Willits this Saturday, events are focused on what kind of cannabis regulation would work best for Mendocino County. The first at noon at the Little Lake Grange. Then another at the Willits’ Harrah Senior Center, the County Ad Hoc Committee meets with the public from 2 – 5 p.m. For more info, call 707-272-1512.

A new building comes to the East Hill Veterinary Clinic for small animals in Willits. The new, energy efficient building was designed especially as an expansion to the 35 year old Willits animal clinic. Dr. Chana Eisenstein and her partner Holly Bennett took over the clinic in September 2009. The expansion was planned pretty soon after the two took over the clinic. They say they worked with locals on the expansion including the designer, engineers, contractors and subcontractors. The building is Americans with Disabilities Act compliant and is now double the size. Check out the clinics Facebook page for more info.

The Clearlake City Council is talking over the 2016 fiscal year budget at a special meeting. The city manager prepared a report with staff regarding the general fund revenues being about $172,500 more than previously anticipated. The budget was adopted midway through last year. Projected expenditures are also up almost $265,000. The Record Bee reports there are five areas identified as key contributors to the increases: animal control, community development, legal fees, engineering, and the Clearlake Police Department’s (CLPD) use of the Nixle Warning Service. The most costs came out of community development at $ 120,000. The meeting tonight at 6 p.m.

The Yolo County Water and Conservation Agency is closing the Indian Valley Reservoir campground and boat launch. The news came out at the Chi Council monthly meeting last week but a representative with the Water Agency says they have no plans to close the facility as long as the lake gets enough water for it to be safe to launch. Last year it was closed due to low water but the agency says hopefully this year there will be enough run-off to fill the reservoir. The ramp and campground were closed for more than a year because of drought conditions. The county owns the facilities at the dam and the boat ramp, the lake is popular for anglers and campers off Highway 20 on Walker Ridge Road.

Police in Tucson say staff at a fast food restaurant got pranked, being convinced to smash windows by someone pretending to be a fire-suppression company. The employees reported getting a call around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning about gas levels being too high so the building needed to be evacuated, but that wasn’t all, the prankster convinced employees to smash every window in the building so it wouldn’t explode. The call said to be illegal by police because it resulted in criminal damage. No arrests so far.

A man police say posed as a priest and officiated at Masses, funerals, confessions, and at least one wedding has been arrested on suspicion of selling thousands of dollars in bogus tickets to see Pope Francis. Erwin Mena busted on 30 charges, including grand theft, perjury and even practicing medicine without a license. Cops say the guy posed as a priest at St. Ignatius of Loyola parish in northeastern Los Angeles, selling tickets to a pilgrimage to New York to see the pope during his Philadelphia visit last September. Some people paid him more than $950 each in cash for the trip.

AT&T officials in Mendocino County discussing how they can avoid another massive outage. The representatives at the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday. The VP of external affairs for California, and area director of external affairs for the North Coast told supervisors the company’s working on a “fiber ring” to hopefully address the issue if a line goes down. They explained there’s a single point of failure, but re-engineering fiber paths would mean a diverse routing system to reverse telecommunication traffic impacted at a single point location. They say it’s not a permanent fix for everything though so there could be another outage again when the project is done.

A man in Kelseyville who led police on a high speed chase ended up injured and his girlfriend arrested on drug and weapons charges. Timothy Tolbert faces several charges after the Tuesday chase and search of his home where police found his girlfriend, Melissa Gregor, and drugs and weapons. Clearlake Police say one of their officers was out on routine patrol when they saw a motorcycle without a front headlight on, in the dark. The cop approached the motorcycle which sped off. A Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy took chase too after seeing the bike speed past. Tolbert lost control, went off the road and crashed into a telephone pole guide wire. He was taken to a hospital for treatment and the CHP came to the scene. They found Tolbert was on felony probation for drug-related charges. Now the DA takes over to decide charges which could include evading a police officer while driving in wanton willful disregard for public safety and driving on a suspended license. Girlfriend Gregor was arrested for possession of narcotics for sale, possession of stolen property and possession of tear gas by a prohibited person, among several other charges.


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