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A man from Antioch who police say is connected to several bank robberies in Northern California has been arrested in Clearlake Oaks. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports getting a tip from Clearlake Police that Wesley Krohn was in Glenhaven after making comments he’d, quote “shoot it out” if he was ever contacted by law enforcement. So Deputies and Police went to a home nearby and as they saw him leave, they followed him. After he turned into a business, moving quickly, the officers tried to catch him, but he was going 80 miles per hour. A deputy threw down a spike strip and Krohn stopped, his tires deflated. He’s arrested and held on a federal no bail warrant and multiple local charges.

A consultant’s report out on the condition of the Mendocino County mental health system, and it highlights a number of problems. The report done by the Kemper Consulting Group, and paid for by the county, indicates the program for children and young adults – Redwood Quality Management Group – is generally effective and just suggests some improvements. But Kemper finds the adult system – Ortner Management Group – is lacking in many areas, notably accountability, slow decision-making, delays in electronic record-keeping, and a murky contract. The report suggests the county should not have entered into the contact with Ortner and offers ways to amend the current contact. You can see the report for yourself on the County Website.

Mendocino County has a new Animal Shelter Manager. The County Executive Officer has Mary Jane Montana taking over as Interim Animal Shelter Manager at the County’s Animal Shelter in Ukiah starting tomorrow. Montana was most recently the Executive Director the SPCA of Clear Lake, which closed January 31st after the retirement of their volunteer veterinarian and a dramatic drop in donations as residents focused more charitable efforts towards the Valley Fire. Montana has also served in several key positions with Lake County, including as Chief Building Official and Planning Director.

The Upper Lake Unified School District Board meets this week to talk about what’s next in hiring admin staff. At its last meeting the board hired Upper Lake Union High School District Principal/Superintendent Patrick Iaccino to also act as interim superintendent of the new district. Lake County News reports this week they’ll look at a memo of understanding with the High School District to have Iaccino’s current administrative assistant there provide administrative secretarial support to the new district and another memo to have the elementary district’s chief business official take over those duties at the new unified district. The memos call for them to not be paid any extra money and the shared jobs would end June 30th. The meeting is 5 p.m. Tuesday at Upper Lake High School.

A man from Laytonville has been arrested on suspicion of weapons and drug charges. Police arrested Jeremy Auman Sunday with an illegal handgun and drugs near Anton Stadium. Ukiah Police say they got a call about a suspicious car parked near the stadium with people inside. Auman and his passenger, a woman from Willits found with methamphetamine, Oxycodone and drug paraphernalia. Cops also found an unregistered 9mm handgun they say was connected to Auman. He was arrested on suspicion of possessing an illegally obtained handgun, controlled substances and drug paraphernalia. The woman arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs and drug paraphernalia. The two booked into Mendocino County Jail.

Anderson Spring’s popping up flowers in the blackened area of the Valley fire but only 19 homes remain from a couple hundred. The Press Democrat reports two of the four who died in the massive summer fire were in Anderson Springs, a little town on the outskirts of a 19th century hot springs resort. The newspaper reports many others in the fire zone have begun to rebuild, but those in Anderson Springs have obstacles other’s aren’t facing. About 115 of the burned out homes had septic tanks located too close to the creek. So now the county may grant variances partially to some of the small lot sizes and that depends how close they are to the creek. Many of the homes that burned were not up to code. County officials say the septic system rules are to protect the environment and health and safety of water consumers. About 30 percent of the homes there before the fire were full-time residences.

A working session’s planned for the Lakeport Economic Development Advisory Committee to consider the city’s economic strategic plan. It’s tomorrow early morning, from 7:30 to 9 a.m. at Lakeport City Hall. They’ll be reviewing several studies and reports the Lakeport Community Development Department finds are relevant to economic development strategy and the priorities for the city of Lakeport. They’ll look at the Lakeport Economic Development Strategic Plan with time for public input.

A man from Ukiah’s been arrested after he was found to have more than 1,600 pounds of bagged marijuana in his truck. Christopher Potter pulled over by the CHP last Thursday afternoon on Highway 12 south of Cloverdale because he had darkly tinted windows. The officer says the truck was pulling a closed and padlocked equipment trailer. The officer says when he spoke to Potter for a few minutes he smelled pot so a police dog inspected and alerted to something. The trailer was opened and the officer found several large black garbage bags, filled with marijuana. Potter was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana and transporting it for sale.

A bill including protection against the possibility of another Indian casino in Sonoma County may be on its way to the floor of the House of Representatives. Congressman Jared Huffman says the bill that he drafted to create land for the Lytton Pomo tribe across from Windsor would provide “bulletproof” protection against gaming, if it passes. Huffman says it mirrors an agreement with the tribe and Sonoma County that the tribe cannot build a casino anywhere in the county for 22 years. Huffman also says his bill has an additional permanent prohibition against gaming north of Highway 12, basically from Santa Rosa to the Mendocino County line. The bill is reportedly supported by the tribe and county officials and was approved unanimously by the House Natural Resources Committee, a step before a possible vote by the full House of Representatives. Congressman Mike Thompson has co-authored the bill, supported by the Gov. Jerry Brown.

A man in Pennsylvania busted after police say he swiped several police badges as he was held for questioning in a domestic dispute. Robert Dingeldein accused of stealing the badges last Oct. 30th as he was questioned by Irwin police. It’s a small town, so he was held in the mayor’s office to keep him away from a woman also being questioned in the dispute. Police say they didn’t know he took something from the office until someone brought a stolen badge back last month. The man’s since apologized and returned three other badges he took. He faces theft related charges.

A man in North Carolina has died while taking part on the annual Krispy Kreme Challenge. The 58 year old collapsed during the 5 mile race where participants also down a dozen donuts on their own. Jeff Woods had complained of chest pains during the first mile of the challenge, called a test of “physical fitness and gastrointestinal fortitude”. He died just after he got to the hospital. Participants in supposed to run 2.5 miles to a Krispy Kreme shop, eat 12 doughnuts (totalling 2,400 calories), and then run 2.5 miles back to the starting point.


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