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Traffic nightmare as the offramp from the northbound 101 to eastbound Route 20 is going to be closed tomorrow through Tuesday during morning traffic commutes into lunchtime. There’s a detour using the West Road/ Redwood Valley interchange and the southbound 101 offramp to route 20 is open. But drivers will see some delays from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m Repairs because of failing asphalt along Route 20 near Lake Mendocino. The area’s being grinded and paved. Some delays reported already where the work is happening, especially on Fridays, with waits of up to a half hour.

There’s been another report of a Ukiah student being approached by a stranger. Police say they were contacted by a social worker with Mendocino Youth Project who said a man in a truck followed a girl Monday morning after she walked through the Shell Station at the corner of South Orchard and East Perkins. She said she walked to different spots along Perkins to avoid the guy but at one point he got close enough to make inappropriate comments and gestures at her. The suspect is described as a heavy looking Hispanic man in his 30’s, with a mustache, wearing a grey hat and a blue hoodie. The truck was a faded red, two-door Chevy pickup with the word “Chevrolet” written on the tailgate, over a silver stripe. Following a series of similar incidents last month the UPD has stepped up their Stranger Danger training at elementary schools. UPD says while they are still investigating all these incidents involving kids walking to and from school, it’s important to note they’re not sure they’re connected.

Habitat for Humanity Lake County is asking the state for some help rebuilding homes for those who lost them in last summer fires. Habitat Lake County President Richard Birk and representatives of other Northern California Habitat affiliates recently met with state Sen. Mike McGuire in Sacramento to talk specifically about housing issues relating to the fires. Lake County News reports Habitat for Humanity Lake County wants help not just for uninsured, low-income families who lost houses, but also for low-income renters who were displaced.

The Clearlake City Council is gearing up for the second and final reading of an updated marijuana cultivation ordinance. The council started a second reading at its January 28 meeting, but found a mistake in the language about the setback distance that needed to be fixed. Lake County News reports during the discussion they also decided to require any outstanding fines owed by a cultivation applicant would have to be all paid up before they could get a new permit. The main provisions of the proposed ordinance are: establishment of a permitting system; a six-plant limit on parcels of all sizes; and prohibitions on growing in certain areas in the city with limits on distance from parks, schools, daycare centers, bodies of water and certain scenic and beautification zones. The council meets Thursday at 6pm at Clearlake City Hall.

Ukiah police on the lookout for suspects an elderly couple reported invaded their home and robbed them. Police say the elderly couple saying two or three men came into their house through a sliding glass door. Cops say the couple, the 77-year-old woman and 80-year-old man were tied up, the woman on a couch and the man face down on the kitchen floor. Their phones were also turned disabled as the suspects ransacked the home, then suddenly said they were in the wrong house and left. The suspects described as white men, one maybe Hispanic, in their late 20s or early 30s. All were wearing hats and clothes covering the lower part of their faces.

The Gov. Jerry Brown reaching out to the federal government for a fishery disaster declaration for the almost three-month delay in the opening of the Dungeness crab season and to cover the closure of the rock crab fishery. This to cover struggling fleets in Bodega Bay, Fort Bragg and elsewhere. The Press Democrat reports the request for aid going to the U.S. Commerce Secretary saying the state’s had direct economic losses in the neighborhood of $49 million plus that doesn’t cover fish processors, gear and tackle suppliers, restaurants, markets and other interests related to the fishery. The governor says the commercial Dungeness crab season could be closed for most or all of the 2015-16 season. Domoic acid levels are now low in test crab at several ports, but apparently the fishery cannot open until all ports test clean for two weeks in a row.

Bees being stolen in the Chico area because they’re pulling high prices to rent plus there’s a short supply of bee hives. The Record Bee reports thieves brazenly going directly into orchards, loading bee boxes onto pallets, then move them onto trucks with a forklift. As many as 280 hives missing in Colusa County last month. Then, soon after another 280 hives were stolen in the Yuba/Sutter area. Some beekeepers hit last year by thieves have hired private security to keep an eye on their goods. Renting a bee hive goes for between $150-$185 and even more.

A man in Florida’s busted for, get this… heaving an alligator at a Wendy’s fast food drive thru window. Joshua James has been arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officials say the man tossed the 3.5-foot alligator through the drive-thru in October after he got his drink. He then drove away. He’s also charged with illegally possessing an alligator and petty theft. He’s released on $6,000 bail and ordered to have no contact with animals. His mom said it was a stupid prank…

The Red Cross in Utah honoring a year-old red kangaroo working as a therapy animal in Salt Lake City at a veterans home. Charlie, one of about 12 therapy animals at the William E. Christoffersen Veterans home. He also visits special education classes and hospice care facilities too. He won’t be able to stay at the Veteran’s Home much longer as he’s growing quickly and already over 5 feet tall. The Utah Red Cross is honoring Charlie and veterans home administrator Noralyn Kahn in March.

No definitive decision yet for the Mendocino County Animal Shelter. The Daily Journal reports after a couple county meetings staff has not come up with a recommendation. The latest, Monday’s Health and Human Services Agency regular committee meeting. Staff saying they couldn’t come up with a position based on just one request for a proposal for an outside organization to take over management of animal care services and operating the shelter. The committee has referred the possible move to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors for further discussion.

A resolution has been unanimously agreed to by Mendocino County supervisors to take care of fixes that turned up charges to the county library system. The county was charging the library for equipment no longer being used or that’s more than 15 years old because of an outdated list of assets. The Daily Journal reports the equipment use charges that had been assessed to the library was for equipment that had been purchased before the 2012-13 fiscal year so that was found to be invalid by the county auditor-controller. The board’s agreed it was inappropriate to assess the library for items purchased with dedicated library funds, including from library sales tax revenue, and its share of property tax dollars.

The SPCA of Clear Lake is empty with the last of its animals moved to another rescue so the organization refocuses effort on low-cost spaying and neutering services. Lake Co News reports the organization said it adopted out or placed 43 cats and 29 dogs, most of those were pit bulls. They also reported the first 40 days of the year had a zero rate of euthanasia. The last three dogs were transferred to Petaluma Animal Services Foundation. All this after the SPCA announced last month they would stop taking animals and they were closing the shelter. But they’re reestablishing the low-cost spay/neuter clinic as their focus instead of animal adoption. For more info, visit spcaofclearlake.

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