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The final reading and passing of the new medical marijuana ordinance in Clearlake. The City Council has unanimously approved the ordinance after an ad hoc committee started on the project last fall and after the Clearlake Planning Commission recommended it too. Lake Co News reports key provisions are banning commercial cultivation altogether, a six-plant limit on properties of any size, a yearly permitting system and banning growing in scenic and beautification corridors, near water bodies, or close to parks, schools and daycare centers. The ordinance first before the council Jan. 14th and has had several changes. The second reading was Jan. 28th with several more modifications made then. The news site reports only two people spoke during the last public comment period.

At a meeting of the Middletown Area Town Hall, the Lake County Sheriff and a couple members of the board of supervisors showed up to talk about the new state medical marijuana law and concerns about crime in the Valley fire area. Supervisors Anthony Farrington and Jim Comstock and Sheriff Brian Martin were at the meeting last night. A discussion about the thefts in Middletown and Cobb started at the beginning of the meeting. Apparently a Middletown resident had been posting thefts on Facebook of bricks, tools, firewood, lumber and other items in the Valley fire area. The Sheriff says his dept has been working tirelessly, but has a severe staffing shortage, having just lost two more deputies to Napa where they’ll be paid more. Talk about starting a neighborhood watch was continued until next time. Farrington spoke about the new Med. Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act and explained to the attendees about the law in general terms with many questions asked. An Ad Hoc committee’s been formed to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors sometime this year.

A red light for a man in Boonville who wants to have a marijuana festival. The board of directors for the Mendocino County Fair said no to the proposal this week for the Boonville fairgrounds property. Directors saying they were concerned about federal laws and were even setting a precedent regarding like-minded future events. Chad Rea of Boonville and the producer of the “Mendo Grow Show” says he went to the fairgrounds board about the event, he dubbed “The Spring Planting Show” for the weekend of May 14. He says the “21-and-over” event was focused on medical marijuana-related workshops, community education, safety, hazard mitigation, networking, legal roundtables, political discourse and gardening tips for growers. He says it wasn’t about promoting illegal marijuana use, and says it would have stimulated Anderson Valley’s economy.

Crab fisherman who’ve been suffering due to the loss of the Dungeness season are getting some relief. There’s now a fisherman’s relief fund set up by the Salmon Trollers Marketing Association. The federal Small Business Administration is also sending someone out to Fort Bragg next week as continued ocean testing shows heightened levels of domoic acid in crabs caught off the Northern California coast. No crabbing can happen until 2 straight weeks of clean results, so now the season may not get going until next month, near molting season, when catches are generally down. The SBA representative will be at the Salmon Trollers Marketing Association Hall next Tues and Weds from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Thurs., 8 a.m. to noon.

Police in Fort Bragg have arrested a young man they say broke into a home and stole items from a car. Police say they got a call Monday night to the report of a burglary at a home and found the suspect had kicked in a window in an empty home then went inside. They say he kept going and went out the back door, but took items on his way out. He was confronted and dropped everything. When officers were searching the neighborhood, they found the guy running from a car he’d just entered and taken property from. They chased him on foot and found he’d probably been responsible for another burglary nearby. They say he’d entered several cars and took items. Donald Mack was arrested on several charges, and booked at the Mendocino County Jail.

A couple of Ukiah teens and one of their moms have been arrested after the teens were caught in an alleged attempted burglary. 19-year-old Christopher Beck and 18-year-old Jesse Boulerice are charged with suspicion of attempted burglary, prowling, possession of burglary tools and receiving stolen property. Officers arrested them Monday night after a resident called police to report two people in his backyard. The case was turned over to detectives who were working on other unsolved burglaries. On Wednesday they searched Beck’s home and allegedly found things that had been stolen from Oak Manor School in October and from some other more recent cases. While at the home, Beck’s mother Violet Beck was arrested for meth possession and being in possession of a loaded firearm.

A homeowner with a gun got the upper hand on an intruder. Ukiah Police say the homeowner called police around 5:45 am Weds. and said he was holding another man at gunpoint. Oscar Alvarez Carrillo had allegedly climbed a fence and opened the victim’s backdoor. The homeowner heard Carillo come in, yelled at him and showed him the gun, then held him until police arrived. Carrillo arrested for prowling, being under the influence of illegal drugs and a couple outstanding warrants.

The Valley Fire Long-Term Recovery Task Force is taking a survey focusing on long-term recovery and rebuilding. The results will be used to help the Lake County Board of Supervisors make recovery-related policies. Long-Term Recovery Coordinator Carol Hutchinson says it’s important to take the survey available next week so the County can best represent the needs of fire survivors if the County has information from as many survivors as possible. The survey will be sent to fire survivors via email starting next Tuesday. It should take 5-15 minutes to complete. If you don’t get one, check their spam box or you can do the survey online at

Several Northern Coast beaches could have parks personnel downsized where day-use fees are charged. The Calif. Parks Dept’s been pushing to get self-pay stations at more than a dozen beaches along the Sonoma Coast. But now they’re just interested in three locations: Shell Beach, Stump Beach and Freezeout Creek. The agency also wants to put up manned fee-collection stations at Bodega Head, Goat Rock and Willow Creek. A public meeting to be held in Sebastopol Wednesday to discuss the proposed changes.

The first case of Zika in California has hit a resident of Yolo County. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the resident tested positive for the virus, they had just gotten back from a country where the virus exists and caught a mild case. This while new details come out about the possible effects of the virus on unborn babies brains. U.S. health officials say mosquito eradication here and abroad is a major component in keeping pregnant women protected until a vaccine can be developed. European researchers found an extremely abnormal brain —a fraction of the proper size and without the usual crinkly neural folds. The mom had Zika symptoms at the end of the first trimester while she was living in Brazil.

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