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A man in prison nearly 2 decades for the molestation of a child is going to be released in weeks after it came out key testimony was false. The Lake County District Attorney Don Anderson says he’s filed a writ of habeas corpus to get 71-year-old Luther Jones Jr., out of state prison. He’s serving a 27-year sentence after found guilty in 1998. Anderson tells Lake Co News they just found out he was innocent in the last week and that the alleged victim gave bogus testimony ending in Jones, Jr.’s imprisonment. She has since recanted saying her mom forced her into it. At the time the girl had a medical exam and evidence showed sexual contact. She was actually molested by the mom’s current boyfriend, at the time, not Jones, the ex.

Some District Attorneys in California don’t like a proposed ballot initiative to change parole considerations and allow judges, instead of prosecutors, to decide whether or not juveniles as young as 14 years old should be tried as adults. The California District Attorneys Association has filed a writ of mandate asking the state Attorney General to toss the ballot summary and title for the “Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016”. The District Attorneys Association says it’s instead a “denial of public due process as required by statute.” Part of the state Atty. General’s job is to a title and write a summary of proposed initiative language. After the office gets it, there’s a 30-day public review period. Then the text goes to the legislature, which can order additional public hearings.

High ratings for Mendocino County hospitals for a second year regarding controlling infection rates in patient care. A new report by the state Department of Public Health covering 2014 released last week on health care-associated infections, or illnesses not caught while in the care of the state’s hospital providers. Infections that can be serious and sometimes even common are staph and blood infections like MRSA and can be resistant to some drugs, not to mention central line and surgical infections. Ukiah Valley Medical Center, Frank R. Howard Memorial in Willits and the Mendocino Coast District Hospital in Fort Bragg didn’t have any cases of hospital-onset MRSA and all three had no reported cases of certain blood infections. The three also went several years without central line infections, with only one in more than 3 years.

Lakeport Police looking for help finding a man they say shoplifted a local pharmacy. The CVS Pharmacy reports a man coming in Saturday nite taking some merchandise into a bathroom. He was followed by a manager who says the man came out of the bathroom and the merchandise was no longer visible, thinking he hid it under his clothes. The manager confronted him and the guy walked out of the store and ignored the manager’s pleas to stop. Police say they think the man had pepper spray and tried spraying the manager and missed. The manager called police. Suspect’s described as white, with greasy blond shoulder length hair, about 5 foot 10 inches to 6 feet tall, with a thin build, wearing a black blazer-style jacket, black baggy pants and a white shirt. His picture can be seen on the dept.’s Facebook page.

A man from Kelseyville’s been arrested in connection to an armed robbery in Clearlake. Lake Co News reports Charles Sells arrested after last weekend’s heist. He’s on Post Release Community Supervision from Redding. Police say they got a call last Sunday to reports of the armed robbery at Cheaper Cigarettes and found a man had gone into the store thru an unlocked rear door. The store employee said the man pointed a handgun at him and demanded money so they handed some over. Officers found a glove nearby which matched a glove seen on the suspect. Officers found several items under a shed at a home nearby including replica firearm, a bunch of money, a mask, a gray-hoodie and the other matching glove. Charles Sells arrested the next day and held on a count of robbery on $110,000 bail.

The planned multimillion dollar resort and housing development in Cloverdale’s had some changes to the plan which developers say they hope will help entice investors to bring the idea to fruition. One major change was approved by the City Council last week to drop the requirement for building an 18-hole golf course. That was part of an earlier plan that looks to be a maybe now. Another is to let developers add more stores and businesses, even though the Mayor said it could hurt downtown merchants. The City Council voted 4-1 in favor of the revisions for the proposed 200-300 million dollar Alexander Valley Resort which will add a dozen more adjacent acres to be developed commercially with a wide range of possibilities.

City leaders in Clearlake say yes to banning camping on private property. The City Manager Greg Folsom says several large homeless encampments on private property in the city currently create health, safety, and sanitation hazards. He further says they’re lacking in the proper facilities for trash and the disposal of human waste. So Folsom says there’s built up trash piles and word is some people are using 5-gallon buckets as toilets. That’s causing clogged drains and creeks causing flooding. So if the ordinance passes it would mean the city would remove homeless folks from private property, without alternate housing. The Record Bee reports the city doesn’t have money or proper facilities to help them.

New Zealand mudsnails have been found in part of the Feather River in Butte County. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has confirmed their presence and is asking those out using bodies of water to make sure they "clean, drain and dry" their fishing and recreational gear and watercraft so the invasive snails are not spread further. New Zealand mudsnails are teeny, aquatic snails which get to be 4-6 millimeters long. They can mean the death of native species, consuming the food resources in the waterway. They’re also linked to reduced populations of aquatic insects which trout and salmon populations depend on.

Voters being reminded of the Presidential Primary Election in June by THE LAKE COUNTY REGISTRAR OF VOTERS OFFICE. The registrar says the election Tuesday, June 7th will be held to elect Federal, State and County officials including COUNTY SUPERVISOR, DISTRICT 1, DISTRICT 4 and DISTRICT 5. Candidates can file with petitions instead of fee petitions. They must contain signatures of registered voters in the jurisdiction where they are seeking the nomination to offset all or part of the cost of the filing fee. Petitions are available during regular office hours weekdays 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The is next Thursday, February 25th. All candidates for elective office have to also file within the Nomination Period of February 16th, to March 11th with a Declaration of Candidacy form and Nomination papers.

A protest by an international animal advocacy group against a winter carnival event in New Hampshire. It was being called the "Greased Pig on Ice" but the organizer says the event was pulled from the 100th Newport Winter Carnival after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals alerted them. But the organizer assured the group no pigs would be harmed, it was just a man in a pig suit with dollar bills tied to his tail. They say they had over 100 emails protesting harming an animal. PETA says that’s excellent news for pigs.

A woman in Pittsburgh went to jail in connection to a string of robberies she told police were because she needed money for dog food and kitty litter. Melissa Santoro collected less than $300 in the robberies, one at a Sunoco gas station where she supposedly went to buy cigarettes. Police say she denied going to the station and to a Rite Aid in Pittsburgh or the Jet’s Pizza in Dormont. Apparently a lie detector test was all she needed to confess to all four robberies.

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