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A man who had a five-hour standoff with Clearlake police is having a mental health evaluation. It started around 9pm Weds. when Michael Jacob of Grass Valley called 911 telling a dispatcher he was both Lucifer and God and it was “time to go” and he was going to take people with him. A Clearlake Police spokesman says the dispatcher told officers it sounded as though Jacob was on drugs and police say marijuana was found in his system as well as his home. Police say at times during the standoff Jacob broke out windows, threw rocks at cops, started up a chainsaw and put a rifle near a window although police say it turned out to be a pellet gun. Jacob surrendered around 2am yesterday but when doing so, climbed out a window with glass in his mouth. At last check he was being held at a hospital.

The First District Court of Appeals has overturned the murder convictions of two men connected to a shooting at a family barbeque in Clearlake in 2011 where a 4-year-old boy was killed and five other people hurt. On Weds the court ordered that Paul Braden and Orlando Lopez should either be retried for first-degree murder or have their convictions reduced to second-degree murder. Their convictions on other charges were upheld, including multiple counts of attempted murder, assault with a firearm, and numerous special allegations. Each got more than 300 years in prison. Lake Co News reports the first-degree murder convictions were reversed because there was no evidence as to which man fired the kill shot on the boy, while they were aiming elsewhere, and the jury was not properly instructed that they could not both have been responsible for first-degree murder.

A 5th grader from Cobb Mtn. Elementary got a perfect score on the Wordmasters Challenge. Henry Thomas did what only 52 other fifth-graders in the nation have achieved. The vocabulary competition is for 150,000 elementary and middle school students across the nation. The WordMasters Challenge is touted as an intense program helping students understand ins and outs of certain words. Teachers download a list of 25 words 3 times a year from the WordMasters website and hands them out to their students who spend months studying the words. Then they’re tested. The school itself in Cobb had great test scores, the students using the WordMasters challenge at least a decade.

A several hours long discussion by the Lake County Board of Supervisors on its mid-year budget. Recommended adjustments from the Deputy County Administrative Officer and a resolution to amend money for positions in different departments during the 9 hour long meeting Tuesday. The Record BHee reports the board considered combining or separating Public Services, Public Works and Water Resources but nothing was done so far. That apparently took up a lot of the time in the meeting. It looks like a committee will be put together to decide the future of this. It’ll be taken up again at the meeting March 1st.

A parent group suing the state of California is getting their hands on the public- school records of about 10 million students. The information includes the students Social Security numbers. Less than ten people are getting the data, then the review will be conducted with the oversight of a court-ordered special master in electronic discovery. Attorneys on both sides of the lawsuit blaming the other for the release of the sensitive data. It’s got to be kept private and confidential, and will have to be returned or destroyed after. Parents can also ask for an exemption from a court order to release their students’ information by April 1st. The data includes addresses, test scores, disciplinary records, health and mental health records and more. Parents in the Morgan Hill Unified School District going to court saying the California Department of Education doesn’t force school districts to provide appropriate special-education services for children needing them.

An Ad-Hoc committee made up of just two people is being formed to consider increasing Fort Bragg’s transient occupancy tax to supplement revenue needs for the maintenance and operation of the new Coastal Trail. This after the city council’s Finance and Administration Committee meeting which took up the idea last month. The tax, also known as the bed tax is ten percent of hotels and other tourist lodging in the city. Maintenance will be needed along the trails so discussion to form the committee to figure out where money will come from to maintain the trail.

A man from Ukiah has been arrested on suspicion of DUI after a sign at a fast-food restaurant was smashed into. Ukiah Police report getting a call to the Taco Bell on North State Street early yesterday morning about a man in a 2005, Blue Jeep Liberty who had hit the sign in front of the business. Cops identified the driver as Troy Baldwin of Ukiah who they found bleeding from a cut on his head. When an officer called for medical help, after speaking with the driver, he thought he might be drunk and was arrested. He was taken to Ukiah Valley Medical Center, cited and released so he could get medical treatment. The jeep had major damage and had to be towed from the scene.

A Lake County man found to be not guilty almost 18 years after going to jail for supposedly molesting his girlfriend’s daughter is finally free. As we reported 71 year old Luther Jones Jr. was exonerated last week. He was freed from the California Health Care Facility in Stockton and said to be going back to the Northern California town where his family lives. He had been sent to prison for 27 years but the girl he allegedly molested came clean earlier this month, saying her mom, who was in a custody battle with Jones forced her to lie about the molestation. It was found she was actually molested by one of her mom’s other boyfriends. Now the Lake County DA may charge the mom and actual perpetrator.

A woman from Oregon who police say they suspect shoplifted items from a local grocery store has been arrested after an assault on a cop. Police say the officer went to investigate Wednesday night at the Lakeport Safeway and Alyssa Davis of Springfield, Oregon tried to leave the store two times without paying for stuff in a cart. When a store manager took the cart from her she stayed in the store and did it again. The police officer came in while Davis was locked in the bathroom. They say she appeared extremely drunk and may have downed a whole liter of Fireball Whiskey in the bathroom. When she came out she resisted and had to be physically put into a patrol car with her kicking, hitting one cop in the head and face several times. She was hit with a Taser but kept kicking. The cop complained of pain but didn’t get medical help. Davis did, due to the amount of booze she consumed. She was booked on felony charges of resisting a peace officer with force and violence and misdemeanor charges of possession of stolen property, resisting arrest and battery on a peace officer.

The Mendocino County Board of Retirement is looking at employee retirement inflation rates. The board voted unanimously this week for staff to research Bay Area rates to bring back to the board this fall for consideration so they can look at other options besides the Bay Area Consumer Price Index. An actuary has suggested a 3% increase to take effect April 1st. If the board goes with the Bay Area index it could mean county retirees’ checks are smaller. But that could save the county from overspending.

A man from Willits arrested earlier this month for a federal fugitive warrant is trying to fight extradition proceedings in federal court. Israel Ramirez Luna of Willits is supposed to be sent back to Mexico for two counts of aggravated homicide. An arrest warrant issued Feb. 8th for Luna who’s been transferred from Mendocino County Jail and is now in federal custody with no bail. He’s accused of a connection to the murders of 2 people after a fist fight in Mexico in January 2009.

Kindergarteners in Mendocino County getting more vaccinations. The California Department of Public Health reports the number of kids getting immunizations up 7%. The numbers released this month after new state legislation mandating students be vaccinated before they first go to school or get into the seventh grade. The required vaccinations include measles, mumps, and rubella, chickenpox and polio. The state numbers show for the 2015-16 school year, at least 1,000 kindergarteners in county public and private schools were noted as up-to-date on their vaccinations out of a total of 1,134 students reported, or 89 percent. That compared to 947 students a year before.

An elderly woman in Pennsylvania has chased down robbers who she says stole her purse, then rammed their car with hers and left damage that helped officers catch the suspects. The 81 year old sitting in her driveway in Mount Pocono Tuesday, a couple approached her, she talked to them thru an open car window and they grabbed her purse and took off. She took off after them and hit their car, they got away, but evidence linked them and they were arrested. William Hayhurst and Erin Vanmatre were arrested on robbery and other charges.

A man in West Virginia found guilty and sent to jail for a $1 robbery. The Herald-Dispatch ( ) reported 21-year-old John Chafin of Huntington agreed to a so-called Kennedy plea for first-degree robbery, allowing him to plead without admitting guilt. He was sentenced to at least six months to two years at Anthony Center for youthful offenders after suspending a 15-year prison sentence. The young adult arrested in January after showing a gun to a man, demanding his wallet, which had a buck in it. Cops confiscated the dollar bill, a jacket and a revolver as evidence.

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