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A fire’s gutted a trailer home in Spring Valley. A report came in Saturday night to the fire before 9. When firefighters arrived the trailer was fully engulfed in flames. Northshore Fire reports the old travel trailer had a large add-on and porch. It was vacant when the fire started and there’s no injuries reported. There was also a downed power line due to the fire which slowed things up for crews. The home totally burned. The fire was out by 2 Sunday morning, but apparently started back up again an hour later and Firefighters returned to stomp it out once and for all. They’re investigating, but say it appears accidental.

Mendocino County looking to find a way to deal with Tule Elk. They’ve been appearing in large groups in Round Valley, Long Valley, Laytonville, Willits, the coast and Potter Valley but ranchers want them gone. One says he’s seen about 300 roaming between two groups. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has been trying to bolster the numbers of the protected species which was last estimated at about 4,000, in 2007. There’s been several complaints by ranchers saying there’ve been accidents as they cross the road, they’re eating all of the ranchers’ vegetation, destroying fences and stripping grape vines. The Center for Biological Diversity says elk need to roam free so they have access to water and food. Some hunting has been allowed of the elk, but animal advocates have fought against it. The next General Government standing committee meeting March 21st should cover how to help ranchers and manage elk.

All briefs related to the long talked about Costco store in Ukiah have been filed in an ongoing court case. The City Attorney David Rapport says they’re next going to hear from the First District Court of Appeals in San Francisco for a hearing after a lawyer arguing for an environmental group, which no longer exists, filed a suit saying the environmental impact report for the big box store should not have been certified. But the city attorney says there may not even be a hearing before May. The appeal filed last July for the group “Ukiah Citizens for Safety First” after another lawsuit was dismissed, filed by the same lawyer against the environmental impact report in 2014.

Still no movement on the status of the Palace Hotel. A mediation session between the City of Ukiah and the building owner Eladia Laines has not changed much. The Daily Journal reports the city attorney says the first scheduled mediation session was earlier this month and says they’re still in discussion. A court appointed and visiting judge was looking at the idea of receivership and suggested mediation. The city had filed a petition in Mendocino County Superior Court so a receiver could take over rehabbing the old building. A conference call has been set on the case tomorrow with all parties involved.

Several cases of mail theft reported in Lakeport. Police say the ripoffs last week and this past weekend. They say they believe thieves were rifling thru residential mail looking for things of value like cash, checks, credit cards or info to be used to steal a person’s identity. Anything found so far has been turned over to the Lakeport postmaster. Lakeport Police recommend a locking mailbox; they say not to leave mail in a box overnight or other extended periods; and if you can’t get your mail the same day, have a hold placed on it or a friend pick it up.

Congressman Mike Thompson has filed for reelection in the Fifth Congressional District. That covers all of Napa County and parts of Lake, Sonoma, Solano and Contra Costa counties. He says he’s been born and grew up in the district and he’s humbled to have a large group of diverse supporters.

Some Sycamore trees need to come down at the Red Bluff Recreation area. Mendocino National Forest officials say advanced decay in branches and trunks has led to some fallen branches and near misses in the very popular public area so they’re taking them down for safety. A plant pathologist examined the trees several times and after a detailed inspection last year determined that the trees pose a very high safety risk. Depending on the weather it should take a few weeks to take them all down. Forest officials are looking for replacement trees and will plant them when the weather permits.

If you lost trees in the Valley Fire, the Kiwanis Club of Lakeport has bought 2,500 tree seedlings for planting in the Cobb area. They are giving them out for free to the community on Saturday, March 5, beginning at 9 a.m. at Cobb Mountain Elementary School. They will be there until 1 p.m. or until all of the seedlings have been given out. Kiwanis says they will give you up to ten seedlings per person, or 20 max per family. But the project coordinator and forester, Jim Harvey, tells Lake Co News the tree seedlings are fragile and should be planted right away for which they’ll give you instructions.

A man from Houston on the most wanted gang fugitive list in Texas has been arrested in Windsor. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office reports as many as 12 police officers and sheriff’s deputies arrested Paul Rasco, a known member of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. He had been wanted in that state on two arrest warrants involving assault. Local police got a tip about a Texas gang fugitive at a hotel, finding the guy at the Hampton Inn. Rasco will be in custody until he’s extradited back to Texas.

A federal appeals court has upheld a case connected to two prison inmates’ who had been eligible for parole. The case having to do with two state laws, one sets conditions on parole hearings and another, giving the governor authority to block parole. Marcy’s Law extends the amount of time a prisoner waits until their parole hearings; and Proposition 89 gives the governor authority to reverse, affirm or change the terms of parole granted to inmates serving time for murder. The California inmates sued to overturn the laws.

New state voter registration data shows new registrants are not affiliating themselves with any political party. A report released yesterday by the Secretary of State Alex Padilla shows 24 percent of folks who registered had no party preference. It also showed California had 17.3 million registered voters in January and of those, 43 percent had been registered as Democrats and 27 percent as Republicans. Padilla says registration not measuring up to increases in the population. With only 70 percent of eligible voters being registered.

The body of a man has been found in Sacramento County, in Steamboat Slough, which is about five miles south of Grand Island Mansion. The body’s not been identified, but a man from India there for his daughter’s wedding had been reported missing, depressed and despondent days before. The sheriff’s department went to a call from a boater in the area last Tuesday. Police have been trying to locate Prasad Moparti who disappeared after his daughter’s wedding Feb. 13th at that mansion in Walnut Grove. Police say there does not appear to be any suspicious circumstances or foul play.

A major political campaign to get recreational marijuana legalized in California had been working with major donors before it was unveiled last fall. The Sacramento Bee reports negotiations had been ongoing for donors, drug-policy reformers, medical doctors, labor unions, environmentalists and several other groups with an interest in the legalization. The measure could land on the November ballot. The effort led by billionaire venture capitalist Sean Parker with the support of Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. The campaign has announced backing of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Police in Los Angeles have released a photo of two people taken with a stolen Kindle. The photo auto uploaded to the owner’s cloud account. There’s a man and woman in the picture who visited church Ash Wednesday, the woman apparently had a smudge of ash on her forehead. Police say just hours later the man in the picture gave the Kindle back and apparently the woman in the photo was his mom and had nothing to do with the theft. The man caved to family pressure, because his mom was in the picture. He’s charged with misdemeanor theft.

The U.S. Postal Service is apologizing to residents in upstate New York who got mail stained with blood. A Postal Service spokesperson for the western New York district tells the Olean (OH’-lee-an) Times Herald ( the blood was from a mail carrier who cut his finger after a car accident Tuesday. The mail carrier’s vehicle sideswiped, damaging its side mirror where the worker cut his finger as he tried to adjust the mirror.

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