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An elderly man has been killed in a car crash outside of Ukiah. Police say the crash Friday night on a winding road east of Ukiah was caused by a drunk driver. The Ukiah CHP reports the suspected drunk driver Jared Soinila of Redwood Valley drove into the 81 year old, killing him and seriously injuring his passenger. The two headed home to Ukiah after dinner when they were hit on Vichy Springs Road by a pickup truck. Police say they arrested Soinila on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. After he was treated for minor injuries, he was booked into the Mendocino County Jail.

Once again the Mendocino County board of supervisors will discuss the county’s mental health program. After the Kemper Report, mostly against the work done for the adult mental health program by Ortner Management Group, the Board told the county Executive Office they wanted a new plan using recommendations in the Kemper report. They board also looking for a timeline of when the ideas would be implemented. The county looking for electronic health records to be in place by summer and for a dedicated person to be in charge of making sure all of the contractor’s work follows the report. The Daily Journal reports Kemper also criticized the county saying there had been no oversight and that led to a miscommunication with contractors. The board taking up the matter at their regular meeting tomorrow morning.

Campus police at UC Berkeley looking for possible drugging victims at fraternity parties this month. Police report two female students could have been drugged at a party at the Chi Psi house. Cops say there may have been a couple of other female students drugged at a Phi Gamma Delta party. Both of the parties on Feb. 19th. Police say possible victims should get medical treatment and consider filing a police report.

A broken fire hydrant had to be capped near the intersection of Talmage Road and Waugh Lane after it burst into the air. Water shooting from the hydrant Saturday afternoon. Cops getting a call around 1-30 that there was a bunch of water accumulating on the road. So crews went to the scene and turned off the water to the hydrant.

Mendocino County firefighters going after Proposition 172 funds after a judge said no to a petition to get the idea on a ballot. Lawyers in court again Friday as the grand jury released a report on the matter. An amended complaint was filed in the matter Friday, after the same judge stopped the ballot measure. California Supreme Court records show a petition was filed to review the first decision by the judge, that transferred to the 1st District Court of Appeals which denied the request. Local firefighters are trying to get some of the Proposition 172 funds. The prop voted in in 1993 is a half-cent sales tax covering certain departments when funds are low. Local funding distributions to the sheriff, district attorney and probation departments, but fire departments insist on more transparency and part of the money.

Clearlake Police asking for the public’s help looking for whoever’s responsible for dumping recreational vehicles. The city says there’s been a huge increase in abandoned motor homes and travel trailers in residential and business areas. The city’s acting police chief says the dept. believes the RV’s are being abandoned along with vacant marijuana growing operations and increased code enforcement efforts. He says they’re left on the side of the road and sometimes they block roads and driveways. The chief further says the city’s been having a hard time removing the vehicles as it’s not cheap. The vehicles can be towed, but storing and towing them, also costly. The city’s looking into various options to dump the vehicles.

New items added at the Lake County Library to help residents who need help after last summer’s fires. After the Valley fire, survivors went to the Library for disaster recovery help, using computers to fill out forms and look for lost family, friends and pets. The state librarian has visited the area and since then the library in Lake County got a $15,000 federal Library Services and Technology Act grant. The money from the California State Library to buy materials to help with the information needs created by the Valley fire. They’re ordering materials to help with rebuilding, recovery and future planning like topics on construction, landscaping, wildfires, disaster planning and self-help for both children and adults.

It’s finally over… almost five months after the first Valley Fire refugees showed up at the Hidden Valley Lake Campground, the last two have left. Most of the more than 100 fire refugees and other homeless folks at the campground left by early last December but a couple trailers with five people were still there. One of those with three occupants left in January but there was still another left there. There had been multiple notices to leave given to that last trailer with several deadlines passing. But after legal action was a possibility, the last two split. The campground’s GM says they didn’t want to leave, because they didn’t know where to go. He ways it was very peaceful though and no legal action was necessary.

A special meeting for the Lakeport City Council looking at city goals for the next fiscal year. There were many presentations from various heads of departments, council members and from the City Manager too. They talked about improving public safety, enhancing infrastructure and increasing community outreach. The city looking to recruit and retain more Lakeport Police officers. The salary structure has meant the department’s having a hard time filling all 12 paid officer positions. The Chief Brad Rasmussen reports the city’s made conditional offers to a couple of applicants who will go to the police academy soon. The meeting Friday also covered infrastructure improvements to sidewalks and city streets. Some already started and others set like on Bevins Street.

A fugitive from Tampa, Florida trying not to be identified by his fingerprints during a traffic stop chewed off his fingertips. Police say Kirk Kelly was arrested for felony counts of evidence tampering and obstructing official business, along with other lesser charges. Cops say the guy with several others in a cruiser without handcuffs on after a cop smelled drugs during a routine traffic stop. The officer reported Kelly gave fake names and while trying to I-D him with pictures of his tattoos, found he was wanted on firearms and drug charges.

Panicked calls into the California Highway Patrol about a tiny unicorn was running down a road. Actually a white pony with a fake horn on it for a photo session. Juliette the pony seen by a CHP helicopter Wednesday in an orchard in Madera Ranchos. The pretend unicorn’s owner, 5-year-old Tatum Boos (Bohs), says Juliette was given a timeout for being bad.

City officials in Salem OR firing their landscapers. The city’s pilot project using goats to remove invasive species ended up costing quite a bit more than what it would have cost for a regular landscaper. The Public works operations manager says they also had to pay more to clean up the quote "heavily fertilized area" left behind by the goats. The Statesman Journal reports ( ) the city working with a Goat Rentals company, getting 75 goats for a park where they wanted the animals to munch down Armenian blackberry and English ivy.

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