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More showers today but the weather service says nothing as strong as what Mendocino county got over the weekend. The US Army Corps of Engineers has increased releases from Lake Mendocino due to the storms. They started first thing yesterday and have ramped up flow at Coyote Dam to 2,000 cubic feet per second. Water had been coming into the lake at a rate of 5,000 cubic feet per second. The scheduled discharge is the highest in more than three years because of storage efforts during the drought. Though reports of surface flooding were rampant late Saturday, a break in the rainfall during the day Sunday kept creeks and rivers within their banks. The Navarro River near the Mendocino coast came within about two feet of flood stage early Sunday morning.

A woman has been killed after being trapped in a car that became submerged in floodwater on a section of highway that was closed due to heavy rain. Chia Xiong, 51, of Marysville and a passenger in the car, was underwater for about 15 minutes it took divers some time to find the vehicle, which plunged into 6 to 8 feet of water. The driver, who was able to get out of the car, was arrested for investigation of driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter. Officers who were at a road blockade saw Neng Yang, 55, of Sacramento go around the closure on State Route 70 in Olivehurst, about 35 miles north of Sacramento, and enter the floodwater.

A Clearlake woman is accused of attempted murder in a knife attack on her live-in boyfriend. Embree Vance, 40, reportedly stabbed her 58-year-old boyfriend multiple times while he was engaged in a fight with her adult son. Police say they met up with the victim at St. Helena Hospital in Clearlake where he showed up with several stab wounds to the midsection. Officers went to to the house on Dam Roard and found Vance and her son, Shandoah Vance, walking nearby. Police say they were both intoxicated. Investigators say she admitted stabbing the victim during an altercation between the two men. Police say she still had the knife in her possession. The son was also arrested for public intoxication.

The California Department of Public Health reports immunization rates for seventh-graders at Mendocino County schools jumped 2 percent from last year. The 2015-16 school year was the first to be affected by a new California vaccination law that requires students to prove vaccination status before first attending school. Home-schooled students are not required to be fully vaccinated. While SB 277 won’t require complete vaccinations until next school year, parents or guardians had to file “personal belief exemptions” and receive approval before the first of the year. Exemptions will no longer be granted, but a medical professional may grant an exception for children whose health may be compromised if they receive a certain vaccine. 94 percent of Mendocino County 7th graders were vaccinated. The lowest rate at a public school was Willits Charter with 77 percent. Instilling Goodness was the lowest private at 47 percent. The vaccination rate for 7th graders at 5 schools was 100 percent.


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