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Redwood Valley’s fight against a planned dollar store continues with several planned public events. Local residents calling themselves “Smart Growth Rural Mendocino,” say they are part of a growing opposition across the country that is fighting the chain’s expansion into smaller communities. A community meeting to discuss a “Redwood Valley Municipal Advisory Council” is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. March 14 at the Redwood Valley Grange on East Road. On Saturday, March 19, the group is hosting a “Rally for the Valley,”. There’s a planned march past the Redwood Valley Market, and across East Road to where the Dollar General store construction would take place. One of the latest attempts to stop the development has come from the Redwood Valley Market owners. They have filed a lawsuit against Mendocino County and the parcel owner and developer. The next court date is March 18 in Ukiah.

Fire has destroyed a building at the Goldeneye Winery. Anderson Valley Fire Department says the fire Tuesday afternoon at the building known as the “old apple dryer” started with an explosion but they don’t know why. One employee has minor injuries. The company that owns Goldeneye says no other buildings were affected and it was pretty much business as usual for the winery. It thanked firefighters for a valiant effort in putting out the fire and protecting the other buildings. One Cal Fire engine assisted the Anderson Valley fire department.

Two Ukiah men have been arrested after they reportedly got into a fight after a car crash. Police were already responding to calls about the wreck on Irvington Drive when they were told that one guy was hitting the other guy car with a sledgehammer. Turns out it was a cane that looked like a sledgehammer. Police say Chris Walrath was allegedly hitting Miguel Guevara with the cane before smashing his car windows. Police say Guevara responded by getting into his car and allegedly trying to run over Walrath. He missed, but crashed into a parked car. Guevara, who broke his hand in the incident, was on summary probation and out on bail for a prior felony arrest. He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, committing a felony while out on bail, vandalism, and violation of his probation. Walrath was found to be on formal probation and arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and violation of his probation.

A state bill has been introduced that would tax sugary drinks. It’s the seventh bill in the last six years designed to tax or add warning labels to sodas and other beverages with high sugar content. But so far, none of them have become law. The bill is estimated to generate $3 billion-a-year, which lawmakers say would go directly to fund prevention and treatment programs to further reduce consumption. Tom Pavich, a member of the Bakersfield Tea Party, says he agrees sugar can have negative health impacts, but argues a tax is the wrong way to pay for prevention programs.

The Lake County area planning council has been told The Dam Road and Lakeport Boulevard projects are still alive but will have to delayed. The California Transportation Commission had requested in January that the APC eliminate the projects in response to budget shortfalls. But according to Executive Director Lisa Davey-Bates, the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) guidelines do not allow current projects to be eliminated. So instead of spending $164,000 on pre-construction costs, the APC will delay funding for five years. The will still need state approval before then but it buys some time for California’s Transportation Department to reverse the budget shortfall caused by low gas tax revenues. Plans are in development on the state level to test a per mile tax, charging drivers for heavier use of roads.

A high number of California adults – and even those under age 40 – are considered prediabetic and are at high risk of developing life-threatening Type 2 diabetes. About 33 percent of younger adults are estimated to be prediabetic, according to the county-by-county study released Thursday by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. Tallied together, more than half of all Californians – 15.5 million or 55 percent – are estimated to be either diabetic or pre-diabetic. Rates for pre-diabetes ranged from 43 percent of all adults in Butte County to a high of 54 percent in Nevada County. Mendocino county is 48 percent. Lake County is 46 percent. Unlike Type 1 diabetes, which is typically genetic and not considered preventable, Type 2 diabetes can be avoided with an improved diet and increased physical activity.


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