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A man in Clearlake’s been arrested for a fire that started in his home with his family inside. Police also say the man first attacked his dad and stepmom with a shovel before he set the home on fire early Wednesday. A family member calling police saying Troy Burnett was acting strangely and they wanted police to come. Less than five minutes later someone else called 911 and said the house was on fire. Lake Co News reports Clearlake Police the first to arrive and went into the burning home and rescued all four people inside including Burnett, his sister, and his elderly father and step mom. His three family members have all been hospitalized. Burnett is charged with attempted homicide and arson of an inhabited structure.

Someone has stolen the Lakeport Senior Activity Center’s food truck, which they use to raise money for Meals on Wheels. The Executive Director tells Lake Co News the small vintage trailer disappeared Wednesday but could have been taken several days ago. It had been in the Center’s lot on Konocti Avenue. He says it looks like whoever took it just cut the lock, hooked it up and drove off with it. The trailer is blue and white with small propane tanks on the front hitch. Anyone with information is asked to call either Lakeport Police or the CHP’s Clear Lake Area Office.

A new Mendocino County Grand Jury report shows county departments are in general compliance with California Public Records Act requests. The newly released grand jury report called “For the Record: Records Management in Mendocino County Government" done internally, not after public complaint, the typical process of the grand jury. The grand jury reported the report on three areas of county records management: responses to public records requests, retention and destruction of county records, and storage of inactive county records. The report after jurors visited nearly a dozen county offices, asking for public records without saying who they were. The recommendations given were for the county to review and update its records retention policy and procedures; start a general records retention schedule covering records in several departments and offices and to consider a county records center in alignment with records management industry standards.

More than 2 pounds of pot inside a package has been stopped by UPS in Ukiah. Police report an officer went to a business on Cherry St. last week after the marijuana was found in the package. An employee at UPS says he opened the box he that he thought was suspicious and found about 2.5 pounds of marijuana inside.

A man from Ukiah’s been arrested after he set off a fire extinguisher in a bar. Police got a call to the Perkins Street Grill last Sunday morning after someone reported at 12:30 a.m a patron pulled a fire extinguisher off the wall and set it off in the business. A 22 year old man’s arrested but didn’t explain why he set off the extinguisher. He was busted for being drunk in public.

The regularly set meeting of the Fort Bragg Unified School District led with a resolution about probationary certified employees. The meeting in closed session where the board unanimously approved the “non-reelection of probationary certificated employees” and an authorization to notify a temporary certified employee. Chair Gerald Matson reported that the board also unanimously authorized the district to notify a temporary certificated employee they were losing their job after the 2016-17 year. 4 teachers told they’d be let go. Some middle schoolers even showed up at the regular meeting to speak on behalf of their teachers.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors has opened bids to sell the Holiday Harbor property and immediately said yes to the top offer. The board approved selling the property in Nice in January. Lake Co News reports the county’s old redevelopment agency bought the six-acre property with 400 feet of lake frontage, docks, a launch ramp, boat slips, a two-story residential duplex, commercial building and several outbuildings – in June 2008 for about $2 million. The board approved the minimum bid at $1.2 million. The winning bid for $1,200,100 from Tim Vi on behalf of Bella Lago Development. Escrow money has been deposited.

A man in North Carolina claims he was arrested after not returning a VHS tape he rented in 2002. James Meyers says while driving his daughter to school earlier this week he was pulled over for a defective tail light. He says the police officer told him he had a warrant out for his arrest from 2002, because a movie he rented was never returned.

Meyers says the cop let him take his daughter to school if he promised to turn himself in. He did and was booked on a charge of failure to return rental property.

A man in Ohio decided he should wear a sign saying he’s a thief instead of going to jail after trying to ripoff a 52-inch television. Greg Davenport, of Liberty Township pleading no contest to the a theft charge for stealing the big screen from a Wal-Mart in December. The judge gave the guy the option of a month in jail or to wear the sign saying, quote, “I am a thief. I stole from WalMart.” He had to wear it for 8 hrs a day for 10 days. The police chief in the town says he hopes that embarrasses him enough to stop him from doing it again.

The Ukiah emergency winter shelter is closing. A GoFundMe campaign has started to buy tents though for those who will lose shelter tomorrow. As of now about $560 has been raised at the site The Daily Journal reports that’ll help Veterans, the mentally ill, the physically frail and a mom with five young kids who will go on a two-week camping trip during frost season. The Army Corps of Engineers runs the campsite and is asking campers to leave at the end of two weeks then they can hopefully be long term at an abandoned camping site near Coyote Dam.

A visiting judge says no to a new trial for a man found guilty last year for his connection to a 2013 home invasion robbery in Clearlake Oaks. Dion Andre Davis of San Francisco got 69-years-to-life yesterday from the same judge who was on his trial last year. He was found guilty last March for the June 2013 robbery at Ronnie and Janeane Bogner’s home. He and 2 others forcing their way into the Bogner’s home while they had their grandkids there. Police said at the time, the couple was targeted because one of the trio was a former employee of the family’s business, and thought they had guns and money at their home.

A home in Northshore’s been damaged by fire. The Northshore Fire Chief tells Lake Co News they went out to the fire in Nice last Saturday afternoon after a fisherman saw it. Firefighters happened to be doing a water rescue training nearby. Those inside notified by the fisherman of the fire and they got out in time and moved a car before their carport was gutted. The fire burned into the house and an outbuilding. It was out in about a half hour. It’s believed the fire was accidental, but fire investigators are confirming.

2 people in Clearlake have been arrested for growing marijuana. This just after the city approves its new cultivation ordinance, which went into effect March 13th. Police arresting Gambio Garcia and Samuel Beltran for violating the new ordinance. Police got a tip about a commercial marijuana growing operation in a secluded and heavily wooded area. Officers found a large plastic covered area referred to as a “hoop house” where plants are grown. That inside a large wooden fenced off area. Cops finding more than 100 marijuana plants, makeshift alarm devices and areas set up as obvious lookout points. The 2 men pulled up as officers were there but left quickly. They were pulled over for a traffic stop for a vehicle code violation and arrested.


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