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A new report shows criminal activity has gone up across the board in Calif. The state’s 68 largest cities saw an 11 percent increase for the first six months of 2015 compared to the same period a year before. The report compiled from cities across the state for cities with a population of at least 100,000, roughly half of the state’s population. The data to be released this summer shows the state’s increase in violent crime not as high as other states, but property crime was up.

Researchers at Stanford looking at trends in the atmospheric circulation patterns affecting the state’s rainfall finding conditions linked to hot, dry weather during the latest drought are more frequent in recent decades. The report shows maybe the storms driven by El Niño brought some temporary relief but it’s not permanent enough to help California’s dried out earth and depleted reservoirs. The study published by Science Advances says Californians can expect more frequent droughts in the decades to come.

A Chihuahua gave the CHP a run for its money, being chased across the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge. The California Highway Patrol was tweeting about the small black dog that led them on "quite a chase" yesterday. They even posted video of the pup on the upper level of the bridge while the motorcycle officer trailed behind. After the dog was caught, it went to a San Francisco animal shelter where staffers dubbed him Ponch, after the CHP Officer Frank Poncherello played by Erik Estrada in the TV series "CHiPs."

A man from Fort Bragg busted for the stabbing of another man with a knife during a burglary. Police say the victim reported the attack later in the day. He says there was someone in his car when he walked into his garage. When he tried to get the intruder out, he says they swung a knife his way, then ran off. The resident was not hurt. Deputies say they got a call about a suspicious person on Highway 1, about a mile away from the home where the stabbing happened. The man, identified as Kurtis Small ended up being arrested after some questions. Cops say he appeared to be on drugs. He’s charged with burglary, assault with a deadly weapon and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

An ad hoc committee in Fort Bragg with the Mayor Dave Turner and Vice Mayor Lindy Peters says after they had several interviews with local businesses they thought the Transient Occupancy Tax should go before voters. The Advocate newspaper reports the bed tax is what visitors pay when staying at hotels based on the lodging rates. It’s usually turned back around to promote a town’s tourism. The committee says it spent up to an hour ea. with more than 20 local business owners who would be affected by the increase asking if their facility would support a two percent increase of the current 10 percent rate and how it should be spent. They say it was all mostly positive. A two percent tax hike would bring in as much as $400,000 more a year in revenue.

Another session of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Citizens’ Academy is about to start. Memorial Day weekend, the academy will train community members in Lakeport. The academy’s director Lt. Corey Paulich says the academy has been very successful in educating residents about the operations of the sheriff’s office and the issues relating to law enforcement and the judicial system in general. The program’s mostly for those in the community looking to learn more about law enforcement issues and those thinking about a possible career in law enforcement are also welcome to apply. For more info, call Paulich at 707-262-4200.

The female passenger in a small plane that crashed into a car in Southern California has died. The California Highway Patrol Officer reports the pilot and his passenger had major injuries after crashing onto the Interstate 15 Highway. They crash landed on the belly of the plane, then plowed into a car stopped on the side of the road about an hour away from San Diego. A woman who was in the back of the car also died. The car’s driver and two others were expected to live.

A man shot and killed by a Clearlake Police officer has been identified. Police say 46 year old Joseph Melvin of Clearlake was shot after a struggle with an officer trying to hold him in connection to a burglary. The DA’s office is investigating as per dept. protocol. The DA’s office has said it won’t release the name of the officer yet though because their policy is only to release that info when the investigation is done and the report is final which generally takes about six months. As we reported the officer and the man struggled and the officer tried to use a taser to no avail as the suspect kept coming after him so the officer drew his service weapon and shot Melvin, who was pronounced dead at the scene. The officer was treated for a large laceration on his head.

California’s latest snowpack measurements show the state not out of the drought by a long shot. The snowpack – shows the state’s water supply across the northern, central and southern Sierras. Measurements in normal years have the snowpack bringing water to cover about 30 percent of California’s needs as it melts in the spring and early summer. The Department of Water Resources reports the more snow we get, the greater the reservoirs will supply the state. But last Wednesday, the manual snow survey at Phillips Station, east of Sacramento in the Sierra Nevada, was at 87 percent of the March 30th historical average. Apparently that’s due to the effect of previous dry years.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors expected to ask county staff for a fiscal analysis of a proposed ballot measure to provide in-county mental health facilities and a training center. The Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman has told the board he and other leaders are collecting signatures for a ballot measure for a temporary, five-year, half-cent sales tax measure on the November ballot so the county can pay to build an inpatient mental health facility in Mendocino County. 10% of the money collected would pay for a public safety and mental health training facility where first responders and mental health professionals can train for proper and modern mental health methods of treatment techniques.

There are still NOAA weather radios for Valley fire area residents. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office/County Office of Emergency Services got money from the State Farm Insurance Co. to buy the radios and strobe lights for those with hearing difficulties. Last week the radios were given away, but there are more than 100 left. Only 220 of the 333 weather radios were distributed. Anyone living in the footprint of the Valley fire is eligible to receive one. You have to show proof of residency though.

The capital of Alaska playing an April Fool’s joke, changing their name to that of the card game UNO, not Juneau. A play on words but also as part of a promotion with the game and toy maker Mattel Inc. to bring attention to its UNO game by partnering with the city. The city’s website said “Welcome to UNO!” last Friday and even featured a new logo. The city’s Facebook page also promoted it and there was a banner flown outside a downtown municipal building. Mattel made a $15,000 donation to the Juneau Community Foundation for its late Mayor Greg Fisk, who died last year just after taking office.

He spent 20 years in prison for molesting a girl he always said he had no part of. The Press democrat newspaper reports Luther Jones never gave up hope he’d be cleared for the crime. He filed appeals and called lawyers to get help, all of which he said didn’t help. The now 71 year old says he tried not getting depressed and keeping his hopes high. Then in February, the woman who had accused him of the crime when she was just 10 years old went to the Lake County District Attorney’s Office to recant her story saying it was her mother who coaxed her into saying it. But Jones got sick in prison and has kidney and liver failure, diabetes and Hepatitis C. He also lost 70 pounds in prison and can no longer walk or care for himself. He could get one million dollars in restitution for the wrongful incarceration.


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