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A 20 year old woman from Ukiah says someone shot her while she was a camping under the Talmage Road Bridge along the Russian River. The woman says she was lying down at her campsite Sunday night when she heard at least 15 gunshots coming from the pear orchard above her. She says that’s when she realized she’d been shot in the upper arm so she yelled for help. The Sheriff’s Office says she was flown out of county for treatment. So far there is no description of the shooter.

A Willits man’s been arrested for allegedly threatening deputies after a traffic stop. The Mendocino County Deputies reportedly stopped Blue Abreu Saturday night on Highway 20 near Main Street. They say as they approached, he got out and came toward them in an aggressive manner. And as he got closer, he appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance so they handcuffed him for their safety while he yelled and acted irrationally. He was arrested for driving on a suspended license and a probation violation but they say on the way to the jail he spit on the deputies and threatened to kill them, so the charge of threatening a peace officer was added.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission has approved enforcement action against 2014 Lake County supervisor candidate John Brosnan for campaign violations. The commission found in 2014 Brosnan, who was in a runoff election for District 3 with Jim Steele filed pre-election campaign statements late. Lake Co News reports the violations also included accepting a prohibited cash contribution of $5,000 from his parents, which was against state code that contributions of $100 or more couldn’t be received in cash. Citing Brosnan’s cooperation in the investigation, the committee hit him with a penalty of $4,000, down from a possible $10,000.

Lake County has a new County Administrative Officer, although she’s not at all new to the County. Carol Huchingson, the Valley Fire Long-Term Recovery Coordinator and County Social Services Director, assumed the duties of County Administrator yesterday. The Board of Supervisors appointed her to the position in February. A Valley Fire survivor herself, Huchingson took on the role of Recovery Coordinator after acting as the Director of the Emergency Operation Center in Lake County. She’s been the Lake County Social Services Director for 22 years – the second longest tenure for that job in state history.

Since 2016 rain levels have been at the highest in 4 years, the California Forest Pest Council says sudden oak death or SOD is expected to be on the rise. Researchers are calling for the 10th annual spring SOD citizen scientist surveys which they call “SOD Blitzes” to be the most well attended to date. The council says more than 500 miles of susceptible and impacted coastal landscapes are in danger of SOD and they want as many SOD Blitzers as possible to join the cause informing their communities about the disease and helping examine treatment and management efforts. There will be SOD Blitz training for Mendocino County May 21st in three locations. Learn more at the website

It didn’t rain in March as state officials had hoped so the State Water Resources Control Board says it may bring down conservation mandates. The Chair of the Board says it was a modest March, but the agency was hoping for more of a miracle after a horrid February. She says the state’s in much better shape than last year, but still nowhere near an end to the drought. This is supposed to be the final conservation report. The board reports state residents were a sliver shy of the Gov. Jerry Brown’s 25-percent conservation mandate from June 2015 through February 2016. The final number, 23.9 percent.

People want the new Tesla electric car with worldwide orders hitting more than a quarter million over the weekend. The company’s CEO, Elon Musk says they may have to open another factory to accommodate the orders. Musk posted on his Twitter account that if the demand continues, Model 3 orders could hit 500,000. The company says it’s hoping to avoid production delays it’s had with other vehicles due to a parts shortage, so they’re addressing root causes. The new Model 3 is expected to be on the road late next year.

A man in Stockton’s been arrested for attacking another man relieving himself on his lawn. Police say Sunday night a man took down his pants and defecated on his neighbor’s front yard. When the resident saw what was going on he grabbed a kitchen knife, came out and chased after the victim. Stockton Police say the victim fell and the suspected stabber jumped him. But the victim grabbed the knife and stabbed the suspect in the neck. 18-year-old Lonale Shaw was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. The victim had cuts on his head.

California will have the country’s highest statewide minimum wage at $15 an hour by 2022. The Governor signed the bill into law yesterday saying it’s about balance in the system which he says becomes more and more unbalanced every day… SOT.

Republicans and business groups say it could mean thousands of jobs lost. A legislative analysis says the ultimate cost to taxpayers is $3.6 billion a year in higher pay for government employees. The law means the state’s $10 hourly minimum wage goes up by 50 cents next year and to $11 in 2018. There will be raises yearly until 2022, unless there’s an economic recession.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is expected to get a snapshot of the county’s economic outlook and will discuss polling results connected to a proposed transportation measure. They’ll also hear about the continuing Valley fire recovery effort. The regular meeting this morning at 9 in board chambers at the courthouse. The Economic Profile Report will be presented at 9-30, it was presented to both city councils last month. Then an hour later the board will hear the polling results for a proposed transportation funding measure. The board is also considering a resolution of intention to approve the use of part of Trailside Park for a dormitory for Hope Crisis Response Network volunteers, who are helping rebuild homes in the Valley fire area. The board will also consider continuing the proclamation of a local health emergency first issued in September. And speaking of the fire, the board will get an update on remediation efforts at the old Hobergs Resort.

The Lakeport City Council is considering developing a lakefront revitalization plan and a revenue ballot measure. The closed session will start before the regular meeting tonight for a utility easement. The council is presenting proclamations designating the month of April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month. The Lakeport Police Chief Brad Rasmussen is also presenting an update on his department’s volunteer hours for 2015. The council to consider which consultant to use for an education and outreach program and several other topics.

Two-thirds of Californians who don’t have health insurance have been eligible. Lake Co News reports on a new study by the University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research finding the rest of the uninsured Californians were ineligible for coverage under the Affordable Care Act due to their immigration status. The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) data showed California residents without health insurance were either undocumented residents, folks eligible for Medi-Cal, those eligible to buy health coverage on the state exchange, Covered California, with a federal subsidy to help offset costs, many gave the reason they didn’t have insurance in 2014, the year of the study, because of its cost.

A new museum in Great Britain showing all kinds of poop. Yep, the National Poo Museum opened last week at the Isle of Wight Zoo. Those who visit the exhibits can experience poo from 20 different animals including a human baby, elk and lions some of which dates back 140 million years. One of the museum’s poop curators, says the reason for doing a museum dedicated to poo is simple: “it provokes strong reactions.” To keep the place from smelling they had to create a special dung dryer. They have it down to a science now, drying the stuff in about an hour. The National Poo Museum at the Isle of Wight Zoo through the summer before going on tour.

Multiple repair projects planned by California Water Service Co. in Lucerne. Lake Co News reports they’ve been working on leak repairs and are prepping to start a water main project that was supposed to be done last year, but rain got in the way. The news site reports the project should take three to four weeks to complete. It will mean a brand new 6-inch main will put down in the town. The same area was upgraded several years ago for a commercial development which doesn’t seem to be the case this time around. The utility says it’s more about flow, circulation and water quality in the area. Another 1,400-foot main replacement is happening on the same street later this year to bring better circulation too.


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