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Volunteers at Ukiah Valley Medical Center are being recognized by the hospital as part of National Volunteer’s Week. The event started yesterday and continues thru this Saturday. Volunteers are being honored with a luncheon and will get gift bags, service pins and certificates of hours worked. The hospital notes volunteers have put in more than 3,500 hours this past year. There are some new programs which will utilize volunteers soon too, the Organ Donor Program and Pet Therapy. Volunteers are asked if they can commit to a year, but the hospital says most stay even longer. For more info call volunteer services at 707.463.7690.

A public safety town hall’s being held in Lakeport. The meeting April 25th at 6 p.m. in the council chambers at City Hall. All residents are invited to attend the meeting where the police department will make a presentation on various topics, including the recent legislation impacting the community; current criminal trends affecting neighborhoods; business districts and parklands; crime and arrest statistics; current staffing levels and community oriented policing programs. Lake Co News reports staff from the police dept are going to talk about recent accomplishments, future projects and possible future legislative changes that could affect public safety.

The acting county counsel is now a regular full timer. The Chair of the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors has announced the Board unanimously chose Acting County Counsel, Katharine Elliott as County Counsel as of March 15th. Her Employment Agreement was approved last Tuesday. Elliot has more than 27 years of legal experience, including private and public sector work. She was Deputy County Counsel in Mendocino County, a Deputy Public Defender in Tulare County for 10 years, an Assistant Public Defender in Mendocino County for four years and was in private practice for 13 years.

Mendocino County staff are asking the Board of Supervisors General Government Standing Committee to give direction for a drafted policy for the formation and operation of county Municipal Advisory Councils. The councils are citizen volunteers in unincorporated areas of the county who let supervisors know what’s happening in their region. That could include areas like public health, safety, welfare, public works and planning. The members don’t help adopt county policies, ordinances or laws they are more like advisors. Right now they are in Laytonville, Hopland, Gualala and Westport. The Executive Office partnering with county counsel, had drafted a policy on forming and operating the committees and has asked for public input for the proposal the standing committee meets on today.

An amendment’s been approved by the Lake County Board of Supervisors for its hazard tree monitoring contract. The time is once again being extending with Tetra Tech so work can continue until September. That could also mean another $500,000 tacked on to the final bill. It’s the second time the contract was extended, the first was on March 22nd. The Record Bee reports the Assistant Public Works Director says they had to extend because another contractor who’s removing hazard trees from county right-of-ways and private properties in the burn area is taking longer. The board has already approved the amendment unanimously.

A man in Clearlake’s been arrested after a short chase into a wooded area. The man connected to a pot garden that had 30 plants but cops also yanked more than 3,000 plants at a nearby home. Police sweeping the area with search warrants, arresting David Moses last Thursday morning. While officers were investigating, they came across 30 plants and large hoop houses in the back yard of one home. Police say there was a medical recommendation for the address but the property was being rented with profits to be split. Police say that means it was a commercial operation. Police found about 24 pounds of processed marijuana, a loaded shotgun, pepper spray and a flashlight Taser they say was probably Moses’. He’s a convicted felon who’s prohibited to posses weapons. Cops left 6 plants behind because they were medicinal. A couple doors down they found more than 3,300 plants in various stages of growth and a handgun but no resident there. Moses was booked into Jail for possession of marijuana for sale, resisting arrest, felon in possession of a firearm, possession of weapons prohibited by a felon and cultivation.

A big group of senior citizens are going to start getting meals for free Monday thru Friday. The Kelseyville Senior Center is having lunches daily starting next month at 11:30 a.m. with soup and salads then the main course at noon. Seniors 60 and up eat free with a suggested donation of $5. Non-seniors can eat too for $6. Volunteers will help serve food and also help seniors with other resources they may need through their information and assistance program. They have art classes, card games and starting that same week there will be Zumba Gold exercise classes Wednesdays and Fridays. For more information or to volunteer 263-4218 or call 279-2175.

A bill Assemblymember Bill Dodd pushed thru to protect students and teachers during earthquakes got unanimous support from the Assembly Education Committee. Lake Co News reports the legislators bill means school districts across the state would have to make sure anything in their classroom like heavy bookshelves or hanging light fixtures, comply with state earthquake safety guidelines. Dodd’s bill would mean all seismically active school districts in California would have to be proactive, inspecting all school contents and equipment to be sure it’s in state guidelines. Dodd represents the Fourth Assembly District, which includes all or portions of Napa, Yolo, Sonoma, Lake, Solano and Colusa counties.

Milly the goat got lost, ending up in a local Starbucks. Milly went into a Rohnert Park Starbucks store early Sunday morning. Police say 2 girls were opening the store for the day and the goat wandered in. They say it didn’t want a banana they offered and was instead interested in load of cardboard boxes. The pet goat lives a couple doors down and escaped from her leash. She was taken to an animal shelter but quickly picked up and brought home again. Her owners say they’re building a fence.

A couple of burglary suspects who led police on a chase in their convertible, in the rain, have been arrested, but first they stopped to high five witnesses and get some selfies. Police say the men cruised from Cerritos onto freeways and through Hollywood and other parts of Los Angeles over the weekend. The men clipped another car and after a TMZ tour bus boxed them in, they still got away. The passenger waved to other drivers, stood up, danced around and made hand gestures. The driver stopped then pulled some donuts on the rain soaked roads. The men finally busted but not before they took selfies and exchanged hugs, high-fives and chitter chatter with others before being handcuffed and escorted away.

The new California medical marijuana czar says she’s never even taking a puff. Lori Ajax tells the Los Angeles Times ( ) she had heard stories of how it helped some with cancer. Her approval needs to go to the Senate. She was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown in February. She’s got until January 2018 to set up a system to regulate, license and tax medical marijuana.


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