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A police officer from Ukiah’s been attacked by a man who’d been in a Denny’s resident refusing to pay. The police officer was told on his way things were getting hot inside the restaurant with the suspect taking a knife with him outside. The Daily Journal reports when the officer got there he found Timothy Fischer, who’s on probation, outside, visibly angry, yelling and waving his arms around. The officer tried talking to him but he wrestled with Fischer, who he says clawed at his face and eyes. A deputy came to the scene and helped take Fischer down. He’s charged with assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon and violation of his probation. The officer was not injured.

The public memorial service being held for Deputy Jake Steely is planned. This Saturday at noon at Clear Lake High’s Don Owens Stadium in Lakeport for the deputy who was pulled into the ocean by a rogue wave April 18th. His son was with him, but he’s okay. The deputy was flown to a hospital in Chico that day, but was declared brain dead at the end of last week. There was a procession with law enforcement from Lake County and around Northern California Sunday with Steely’s body. There will be shuttles for the public from the fairgrounds to the High School then back to the fairgrounds afterwards.

A man from Philo accused of stabbing several people during a domestic violence incident is also recovering after he was shot by one of the victims. Police say Lorenzo Rodriguez is in stable condition after being shot by an 18 year old man who the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office sayat first he was just trying to stop Rodriguez from hitting a woman at a home. But detectives say when Rodriguez pulled a knife against the 18 year old and another woman in the house, the 18 year old got a gun to defend them, and shot Rodriguez several times.

The City of Clearlake looking for a new logo so they’re inviting community members to submit a design in their logo contest. The City Manager tells Lake County News a city marketing ad hoc committee recommended a new logo so the contest would be good way to do it. At the last city council meeting, the Mayor asked the ad hoc committee to review the submissions and bring the council the best five to choose from, which they would reveal at their June 9th meeting. Artists of all ages are encouraged to submit either hand-drawn or graphic designs but they must be submitted as a J-Peg file. The logo must be circular in shape and include the words “City of Clearlake” and “Incorporated 1980.” Three-dimensional designs are encouraged. The winner will receive a $250 prize. The deadline for submissions is May 31st. Email it to the City Clerk Melissa Swanson at mswanson.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is considering whether or not to use a county-owned property in Clearlake as the new hub for Lake Transit Authority. The board to consider the matter at this morning’s meeting. You can log onto the county’s website and watch the meeting under the supervisors calendar page. The discussion starts at 9:30. Apparently the transit authority needs a new transit point for riders to get connections between routes in the Clearlake area. The board’s also supposed to get an update from staff and agencies involved in wildland fire recovery.

Governor Jerry Brown’s selling his Oakland Hills home and many people came out to check it out. The home had an open house Sunday with a listing price of $2.6 million. The Press Dem. reports the 4,200-square-foot house has sweeping views. The three-bedroom home has an automated dumbwaiter, wood floors, wood ceiling beams and an open floor plan on each level with four full bathrooms and two half baths. The master bedroom has two walk-in closets, a sitting room and a huge bathroom.

The state Senate says no to a bill to end longer jail and prison sentences for repeat drug offenders. Democratic Sen. Holly Mitchell says the bill would help with the disproportionate incarceration of minorities. It was only three votes shy of passing. It has been opposed by sheriffs, police chiefs and district attorneys who all say it’d be harder to come down on drug dealers. It would have repealed a 1985 law that allowed sentence enhancements for drug defendants who had prior drug convictions.

A nanny’s been arrested in Antioch for child abuse. Police say they got a call from the parents who reported they saw their caregiver hit and shake their 10-month-old child by remote camera. 23-year-old Mikayla Ririe of Antioch was arrested and held at the Martinez Detention Facility. No word on the condition of the baby who was rushed to a hospital.

There could be tobacco free schools across the state if an Assembly bill makes it to the state Senate. The Calif. Assembly has passed the tobacco use ban for all California State University and community college campuses. Assemblyman Kevin McCarty’s bill means a total ban on chewing, dipping, smoking or vaping natural or synthetic tobacco products. About 2.5 million people go to the schools which also have about 100,000 staff and faculty.

The state of Florida bashing California’s decision to raise the minimum wage. Florida’s economic development agency is pushing ads to run in Los Angeles and San Francisco media outlets, using taxpayer money. The ads are being paid for by Enterprise Florida’s marketing budget ahead of Gov. Rick Scott’s visit to California to try to convince businesses to relocate to Florida.

Jurors could be fined if they’re caught surfing the web. Legislation supported by state court officials would mean judges could fine jurors up to $1,500 for social media and Internet use violations, which in the past, have sometimes caused mistrials. The googling and surfing up to this point, have been dismissed with strong words from a judge. In 2011 a state law was passed against improper electronic or wireless communication or research by a juror to be punishable by contempt. But supporters of the new bill say a fine would be stronger.

An elementary school in Texas named after Robert E. Lee may be getting a new name after community members voted in new names. The Austin neighborhood voting on a unique list of potential names because of complaints that the name of the late Confederate general was offensive. But some of the new names include Donald J. Trump or “the Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance”. Some of the other names mentioned, Harper Lee, Spike Lee and Bruce Lee. So far Trump’s name has the most support.

Officers from the Omaha Police Department losing a furry friend who’s been visiting them in their stations parking lot. The department’s been tweeting about their beloved squirrel pal. Now they’ve tweeted its untimely death, which they say is a mystery, but they’re not investigating. They did however cordon off the spot as if it were a little crime scene. The squirrel was so popular it had its own Twitter account, @OpdSquirrel.

Senior high schooler and Kelseyville pitcher Noah Lyndall pitching a two-hitter and rushing to save a life all in the same night. The Press Democrat reports Lyndall and family were in two cars after they stopped for dinner Saturday night. While on Highway 20 near Lake Mendocino, they narrowly escaped a high speed crash, but saw one car flying up a mountain and landing on its top. They witnessed a body fly out of the car, Lyndall wants to go to Medical School and has done a couple medical programs already at Berkeley and at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. So he rushed to the 16 year old boy lying on the ground and stayed with him until emergency responders got to the scene. The boy taken to a hospital with a concussion and multiple lacerations.

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