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Nothing suspicious has been found at the Lake County Courthouse after a bomb threat. The Sheriff’s Office says they got a call yesterday morning around 7:40 that the Lake County Jail got a phone call claiming a bomb was set to detonate on the 4th floor of the Courthouse at 8:30am. The building was immediately evacuated and the building was searched. Police gave the OK for everyone to return to work 5 mins later. The incident is still under investigation with no word yet on who called it in or why.

One of the trio accused in the murder of a former yoga teacher from Middletown has changed his plea to guilty. Michael Angold’s one of three transients accused of killing Steve Carter on a hiking trail last fall, as well as a Canadian woman in Golden Gate Park. The Press Democrat reports Angold made a plea deal with prosecutors, agreeing to testify against the other two and in exchange, his charges were dropped from first degree murder to second. He was facing life in prison. Second degree murder carries a sentence of 15-to-life. The other two have pleaded not guilty to two counts of first degree murder as well as robbery and animal cruelty.

Updated plans have been approved by the Lake County Planning Commission for the long-attempted Cristallago project in north Lakeport. The project is mixed use calling for hundreds of residential lots plus resort living and a wine-grape growing operation. Lake Co News reports the changes to the plan after an environmental impact study and a lawsuit back in 2010 challenging a then-county approval of the plan that opponents said ignored some of that study. The lawsuit was settled and changes were made. Last week the Commission approved the new version, with the biggest changes replacing a golf course with a sustainably farmed vineyard and designating an area as a nature preserve in perpetuity. Plans also call for retail space, a restaurant, a visitors center and a community center. Cristallago is scheduled to be developed in three phases over 20 years.

One of the largest rural properties in Sonoma County is on the market in Knights Valley for $39 million. The Press Democrat reports the Santa Angelina Ranch sits on rolling hills and steep mountaintops between Mount St. Helena and The Geysers. It’s a 12-square mile property which features a five-bedroom main house and a smaller, original ranch house built in 1882 then restored in 1981. The ranch also has a pool, horse barns and a helicopter hangar. There are also two year-round streams with native steelhead trout and many blacktail deer.

2 new members needed to join the Russian River Flood Control District’s Board of Trustees. This comes after two members, Richard Shoemaker and Judy Hatch resigned. The two say it was just a coincidence they both resigned at the same meeting. They say they were both surprised about the other’s announcement at the April 11 meeting. Hatch sold her home already in Ukiah and has relocated to Texas. And Shoemaker says he has other commitments, including a new job as city manager of Point Arena.

A prominent business-backed group has taken a poll showing a-third of San Francisco Bay Area residents are considering leaving because of traffic and expense in the next few years. The Mercury News reports of the 1,000 people questioned for the poll by the Bay Area Council, 34 percent confirmed they were thinking of moving because of high housing costs and traffic congestion. The poll also showing a rise of those polled thinking the region is on the wrong track: 40 percent versus 28 percent last year. But then, 40 percent said they think it’s on the right track, down from 55 percent.

Pot farmers looking to distinguish their products much the same way grape growers do. It comes after new state laws redefined cannabis as agriculture. The Daily Journal reports some farmers in the Emerald Triangle, looking to capitalize on the name recognition and considering establishing regional appellations as a protection of the unique culture and branding of the cannabis. Appellations are established in the wine growing industry, like in Mendocino County, where it’s a way to protect a specific geographical region with naming and labelling that it’s grown there. The Appellations Project looks to have their regions finalized by the end of the year. For more information, including surveys and how to participate, contact the Mendocino Appellations Project at regenerativedesigncenter.

A woman from Gualala’s busted on suspicion of DUI after hitting a tree with her car, one of two accidents within 30 mins of each other on the Mendocino Coast. The California Highway Patrol reports Kyndra McKrola driving her 2010 Honda eastbound on Pacific Woods Road when she came off the roadway and hit the tree. Emergency responders said they smelled booze coming off the woman before she was airlifted to a hospital. She was arrested at the hospital for suspicion of driving under the influence. Then another accident involving a man from San Francisco injured when he crashed his motorcycle on Highway 1 April 30th. The CHP reports he lost control of his bike near Point Arena. He had a helmet on but had to be airlifted to a hospital too. But alcohol and drugs were not suspected as a factor in the second crash.

The state Senate’s supporting a bill to ban mandatory minimum sentences for people caught repeatedly engaging in prostitution. Senate bill 1129 passed on a 23-14 vote yesterday as lawmakers continue to try to reshape the tough-on-crime sentencing measures that have been approved in recent decades. Right now state law requires a mandatory sentence of at least 45 days in jail after a second prostitution offense and 3 months inside for subsequent offenses. The measure opposed by district attorneys and police chiefs.

The U.S. Supreme Court is not going to get involved in the whole $15-an-hour minimum wage fight. The justices said no to hearing a challenge to Seattle’s law brought on by franchise owners who say it discriminates against them by treating them as large businesses. Several other cities and some entire states, including California and New York are already phasing their $15 minimum wage. State courts are looking at the challenges to minimum wage laws. The National Employment Law Project says the high Court’s action shows courts aren’t going to block raising American workers needs. New York’s law is being challenged in state court by the fast food industry and employers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport filing multiple legal challenges after the city of SeaTac passed the first $15/hr wage in the country. The national minimum is $7.25 an hour.

A Muslim woman says when she was pulled over by a Long Beach police officer he made her take off her religious headscarf during an arrest. Kirsty Powell has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit who says she was stopped last May while driving herself and her husband home. She was taken into custody on warrants and while at the police station, a male officer forcibly removed her hijab or headscarf even though a female officer requested he not. Powell says it violated her religious strictures as she was forced to stay exposed overnight where male officers and dozens of inmates could see.

Park Rangers say graffiti found at Arches National Park in Utah may never come off as they were carved too deep into a famous red rock arch. The carvings that were found measure about 4 feet across and 3 feet high. There have been as many as 8 other national parks in the West that are cleaning up graffiti-like paintings that have been left on famous, picturesque landscapes. The damage found after being shared on social media.

A 6 year old boy from Massachusetts loves sea turtles so much he’s told party goers at his birthday he didn’t want gifts, instead he wanted money to donate to sea turtle rescue efforts. Jasper Rose, of Watertown got $550 to give to Boston’s New England Aquarium. He and his family presented the check to aquarium officials on the Friday after Earth Day asking the money be used for the sea turtle rescue program. Jasper got to spend the morning at the reef tank with the turtles, feeding 90-year-old, 550-pound turtle named Myrtle cabbage and other greens by hand.

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