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A couple of Covelo men are behind bars after allegedly attacking a woman with a knife. The Sheriff’s Office says Oscar Lopez and Joshua Thomas forcibly entered the woman’s bedroom and one of them started to choke her. She got away at first and then Thomas allegedly held a knife to her throat. She grabbed the knife, got away and ran for help. Deputies say although she cut her hand she refused medial attention. Lopez arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment and conspiracy to commit a criminal act. Thomas facing the same plus an outstanding arrest warrant for fraud.

A federal lawsuit has been filed by some members of the Elem (ee-LEM) Colony of Pomo Indians following a recent disenrollment action by the tribal council. In March 61 members were taken off the rolls based on what the council called wrongful actions in listing them, which reportedly stemmed from a disputed tribal election in 2014. Lake County News reports 30 members who were dis-enrolled in March have petitioned for a writ of habeas corpus against the Executive Committee, alleging the punitive action of disenrollment has put a restraint on their freedom.

Another stretch of the California coast has been opened to Dungeness crab fishing. The Department of Fish and Wildlife has opened waters from the Sonoma-Mendocino county line to the Oregon border, with the exception of about 50 miles north of Humboldt Bay. The Press Democrat reports the same waters will open for commercial fishing May 12. The Dungeness Season usually runs from December to June but a persistent toxic algal bloom has tainted many varieties of shellfish all along the West Coast this year. State Sen. Mike McGuire told the paper the opening of the fisheries does not diminish the need for federal disaster relief for the region due to the significantly shortened season.

A special event for those affected by the wildfires last summer. On Saturday, May 14th, a day of workshops, Rebuilding Resilience. The one-day event to help community members recovering from the 2015 fires. Organizers say it’s also open to all who’ve been impacted due to stress or trauma of any kind or those needing help supporting children, family members, friends and neighbors. The event from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Middletown High School Multi-Purpose Room. There are five workshops being offered addressing stress and trauma and information for resources, including, Coping in Today’s World for Children, Coping in Today’s World for Adults, Psychological First Aid : Helping in times of stress and Bouncing Back: Resilience in Transitional Age Youth. For more information 707-995-5884.

A celebration’s planned for the grand opening of the newest section of the Noyo Headlands Coastal Trail. It’s on the west side of Cypress Street in Fort Bragg, running from Noyo Point Road to Johnson Point on the south side of Soldier Bay. Those organizing are putting the call out for sponsors to help underwrite the cost to market and provide entertainment. For more information, email Scott Schneider at the city of Fort Bragg, sschneider.

Several topics have been covered by the Mendocino County Tourism Commission. The commission meeting the second Tuesday of the month and at their last meeting they covered the continued search for a new executive director and updates to bylaws. They also considered a request from Visit Ukiah for funding help for a hotel feasibility study. The public is allowed and encouraged to attend meetings. You can find agendas and all related documents on the website.

Two drunk men found unconscious in separate cars at fast food drive-throughs in 2 days. Ukiah Police report the first pass out just before 6am last Saturday. 19 year old Nicholas Brown of Texas found unresponsive in a black Honda Accord at Jack in the Box on Airport Park Boulevard. He had his windows up and doors locked, so police broke a window in case he had a medical emergency. Cops say they smelled alcohol and marijuana in the car. They arrested him, then Sunday morning early, they found another guy at the McDonald’s drive-through on North Orchard Ave., also passed out. He was in a Chevrolet Impala with the engine running. 30 year old Alfredo Romero was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

A union representing almost 30,000 teachers in the Calif. has approved raises for faculty. The union looking for approval of its 10.5% raise over 14 months for the country’s largest public university system. The union says the deal has to also be okay’d by the California State University Board of Trustees, which is expected to consider at its May 24-25 meeting. The California State University Faculty Association reports 63 percent of 28,000 members had cast ballots last month and 97 percent voted yes. The deal reached by negotiators on both sides ahead of a threatened five-day work stoppage on 23 campuses. That could have impacted 474,000 students.

March was good to the drought. Residents in California doubled their water conservation compared with February. Cities and businesses were at the 24.3 percent mark as compared to the same time in 2013, that’s the year the governor was comparing water usage to for savings. It’s almost twice what was saved in February, when the savings was at an all-time low of 12 percent. March had cooler temps and rain which water officials say helped Californians conserve more especially with watering outdoor landscaping.

The Northern California-based company The Republic of Tea had to recall one of its green teas due to fear of possible salmonella contamination. The company reports it’s a voluntary recall of their Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea after a supplier reported one lot of the organic ginger ingredient might be contaminated. Tests were conducted by The Republic finding no salmonella so they’re recalling as a precaution. The Republic of Tea is based in Novato.

Rollercoaster operators at Disney’s California Adventure stopped the ride after someone pulled out a selfie stick. A Disney spokesperson says they closed the California Screamin’ coaster Monday afternoon and took passengers off. The amusement company bans selfie sticks from moving rides as they could be dangerous to passengers. The Orange County Register reports ( Calif. Screamin was shut down last June for the same reason.

A police dog in Clearlake catches a man found to be riding a stolen motorcycle. Vincent Hassenzahl of Sonoma County was trying to get rid of cops but he was caught by “Bear,” after the guy lost control of his motorcycle and tried to run away. It happened last Thursday night when a patrol car saw the motorcycle with a female passenger traveling at a high rate of speed. The bike was reported stolen in January. The cop tried a routine stop but the driver, Hassenzahl wouldn’t stop and sped up. He tried to struggle with the police dog who held onto the man’s hands. He’s got a criminal history and other arrests for weapons possession, resisting arrest and possession of narcotics for the purpose of sales.

The Clearlake Mayor and Vice Mayor with about 150 city officials from the state in Sacramento for the League of California Cities’ Legislative Action Day. It’s a yearly event for city officials to visit the Capitol and meet with legislators to talk about issues of importance to the state’s cities. Sen. Mc-Guire, Assembly Member Dodd, and Assembly Member Wood met with the locals and they attended the league’s briefings on priority legislation, the state budget and transportation.

A man clearly not thinking about the outcome, shot himself with a flare gun, surprising himself with an injury. The Guardian newspaper in Britain reports the Frenchman, with a patch over one eye, was sitting on a bench, loading the weapon. He puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger… then screams… loudly. The paper reports there was a jet of fire that immediately caught the guy’s head on fire on both sides. Then, since the whole thing’s being video’d by a friend, you can see a ring of burnt and singed hair on his bloody scalp.

It’s been a while since the Broadband Alliance met so they’ve got a meeting planned. This Friday, they’ll have their May Public Meeting from 10:00 – 11:30am at the Community Foundation in Ukiah. They have another, sort of, meeting Friday May 20th from 10:00 – 11 am at the Community Foundation, by Computers for Classrooms in Chico. They’re offering low-cost high quality refurbished computers to low-income households, seniors aged 65 and older, non-profits, tribes, schools and libraries. They will also have an E-Waste event for recycling after the presentation.


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