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A long time resident of Ukiah has passed away. Mrs . Bill Lee Smith contributed her leadership to Mendocino College and many other local public institutions . A memorial service will be held at the Ukiah Elks Club Saturday May 7, at 12:30 PM.

There’s a community meeting set to talk about the prospect of building a dormitory for Valley fire recovery workers at Trailside Park. Board of Supervisors Chair Rob Brown will host the town hall meeting Monday, May 9 at 6 p.m. at the Middletown Library/Senior Center Community Room. Brown tells Lake County News — Kevin Cox of Hope City, which is a ministry of the Hope Crisis Response Network — will be there to answer questions, as well as some of the people whose homes will be rebuilt by Hope City. The County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution last month to allow the county property to be used for the dorm and the state also gave its approval. Brown says Hope City will help rebuild about 140 homes over the next several years. He says when they are done the community groups could use the building. Brown tells the news site they are holding the Monday meeting to clarify some misinformation in the community

The rebuilding of part of Hwy 253 about 7 miles East of Boonville is set to start on Monday May 16th. Caltrans says the project includes building a retaining wall, and then rebuilding and repaving the roadway. One-way traffic control will be in effect with a temporary signal 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and motorists should anticipate up to 10-minute delays. Permitted loads will be restricted to 12′ in width due to concrete barriers. The work is expected to take until November.

The Lake County Registrar of Voters has issued reminders about the upcoming June 7election. Registered Lake County voters who have moved to a new address, changed their mailing address within the County, or changed their name, need to register or re-register to vote by May 23. That is also the deadline for voters who want to change or select a political party for the June 7Presidential Primary Election. The Registrar also says if you are a homeowner who lost your home in the Valley fire but you plan on rebuilding your home on the same property in the future, you may continue to use your pre-fire residence address for this Election and upcoming Elections until you can return to your home. And they remind you that they will start processing vote-by-mail ballots on Tuesday, May 17but no results will be released until after polls close on June 7at 8:00 p.m.

It’s official, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced decriminalizing marijuana will be on the general election ballot. Newsom made the announcement Wednesday, calling the upcoming vote a “pivotal moment” in the national debate of cannabis legalization and the 45-year-old war on drugs. Newsom is part of a coalition for the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. He and other leaders of the group announced they had collected enough signatures for the Nov. 8 ballot as we reported. If it passes it would be legal for adults 21 and older to possess, sell or transport less than an ounce of pot.

The Gov. has Jerry Brown signed multiple bills into law to strengthen regulations against e-cigarettes, plus you now have to be 21 to buy cigarettes. The law makes California the second state to increase the legal smoking age. There are other bills too, now signed into law by Brown, to close loopholes in current smoke-free workplace laws and make sure all K-12 schools are tobacco-free. The legislation was passed in March during a special session on health care funding, but the bill was not sent to the governor right away. Hawaii was the first state to up the smoking age to 21. The city of Santa Clara did the same.

Fort Bragg Police say there’s been many more vandalism reports over the past few months and they blame a lot of it on gangs. The police department’s records show 13 reports of graffiti and 50 reports of vandalism all of last year. There’s already six reports of graffiti and 84 reports of other vandalism since January this year. The police chief in FB says some’s gang related, some not. Police say tagging is difficult to investigate as it usually happens in dark hours. Officers say they’ve seen some other spray paint graffiti that does not appear to be gang related.

Fort Bragg’s Chestnut Street Corridor Project is being pushed a bit. The city’s public works director says they’re pushing the groundbreaking to early July due to higher costs than anticipated due to the amount of time on design work. The project means a wider sidewalk to eight feet and street parking will cross sides, from the south to the north side, so the area’s safer for students using the path to walk to and from school. The city’s working with Caltrans on the project and the agency’s design requirements changed, so adjustments had to be made to keep things up-to-date.

The parcel tax for the Mendocino Coast District Hospital is not happening. The district has put a hold on the idea since the November ballot will have many items on it, including several other tax proposals for district voters. The district says if they put it on a spring 2017 ballot, it wouldn’t delay the hospital from getting money from the tax. They say in the meantime, the hospital board and staff are exploring several ways to reduce expenses and several revenue opportunities too.

A man from Healdsburg’s recovering after he was held at gunpoint in his home as five teenagers invaded and stole a large jar of marijuana. Police say an off-duty police officer on his way home from work heard the call on his radio and saw a Honda Civic driving fast near where the home invasion occurred so he went after it. And responding officers got there and stopped the car, arresting all five occupants. They found a ski mask and revolver inside the car which connected the teens to the robbery. Two 19-year-old men, two 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old were all arrested Wednesday late afternoon. Another man who rents a room in the home jumped out a window when he saw strangers inside and called 911.

Starting next month, Calif. will allow those who are terminally ill the right to die. On June 9th, the aid in dying prescription will be available. The Governor signed legislation into law last fall after years of fighting over euthanasia options. Now terminally ill patients can request the prescription to die on their own, like in Oregon, Vermont and Washington. The end-of-life option is voluntary for doctors and individuals. The required forms will be available for those in need online next month at the Medical Board of California’s website.

Several areas of lead have been found outside a vacant gun range in Sacto. An environmental consultant apparently found lead dust concentrations at more than twice the California Department of Public Health hazard level. It was detected on the sidewalk in front of the old range and two areas in a parking lot behind the building. The Sacramento Bee newspaper reports many of the 26 surface tests conducted by Entek found lead dust at levels under state public health hazard levels. There was also lead found in half a dozen surface soil tests. There’s only one test from 10 feet away from the building inside where lead was found lead above the state Department of Toxic Substances Control screening level for commercial areas. The James G. Mangan Rifle and Pistol Range closed in 2014 after repeated tests there found high levels of lead inside the building.

The Mendocino County CEO is commenting on the recent grand jury reports surrounding Proposition 172 funds. Carmel Angelo says the county’s current way to budget those funds is in compliance with state law. The grand jury reported the method wasn’t transparent enough. The jury also saying money might not have been allocated correctly by the Auditor-Controller, which the CEO, Angelo agreed could be more transparent and she will help work on that. She says the Prop. 172 funds get deposited into the Budget and the money’s distributed to eligible municipalities and the rest goes to the four public safety departments.


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