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A neighborhood in the Bay Area that a swarm of aggressive bees took over, killing two dogs and stinging multiple people, is under control. A bee expert says the insects didn’t get back to their cluster after their hive was taken away. The Mount Diablo Bee Keepers Association gets a call out to the neighborhood in Concord. Apparently an amateur beekeeper dumped a hive after he was attacked so the possibly Africanized bees were swarming. Two small dogs were killed and a bee keeper, a child, a postal worker and some news reporters and a member of the association were stung. Concord police say they got a call Friday about the bee attack. The bees are a subspecies thought to be killer bees that migrated north from South America.

New zoning standards approved by the Ukiah Planning Commission. The Daily Journal reports it should be easier for businesses to provide live music and outdoor dining. A couple of local bar owners apparently frustrated after going thru a long permitting process, they’re asking for a refund now. The owners of one club paid $4,000 for their permit, the Chair of the Planning Commission told them to consider themselves pioneers who started the process. But the owners said they used to have live outdoor music, but suddenly they needed a permit, after 40 years. The new zoning regulations don’t apply to the downtown core. The city council still has to approve the new standards and there will be a public hearing on the matter too.

4 men have been arrested and more than 800 pot plants have been found as Clearlake police investigated a couple complaints. Police went to a home Wednesday and found 94 plants in a vacant lot that was fenced off, then when they responded to some sort of disturbance, they found 726 more plants. It’s the second time this month Clearlake police had to destroy pot grows. The other grow destroyed May 6th. 1,272 plants from one home and 341 from another. And last month cops found 13,500 illegal marijuana plants. This last bust had 2 brothers arrested for alleged cultivation of marijuana. 2 other people arrested after a search thru the home.

A new state budget’s been released by the Governor after calls to rein in spending. Gov. Jerry Brown’s updated budget released Friday at just over $122 billion. The governor’s prediction of how much tax would be collected was off, so he had to take up general fund spending saying revenue growth had slowed. Brown blamed the slow down on capital gains taxes collected by Calif. based on the sale of stocks and bonds. This affects the deals the governor brokered with lawmakers for a higher minimum wage to $15-an-hour and close a billion-dollar hole in the Medi-Cal.

The body of a man’s been found in the Russian River a couple hundred yards downstream of Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville. Police say the body was found yesterday mid morning by a couple of kayakers on the river. A helicopter crew came in and got the body out of the water. They say there were no signs of foul play and that it was a possible drowning. The death is being investigated.

A volunteer pop up road crew has made some repairs in Redwood Valley. The repairs part of Clean Up Mendocino County on Tomki Rd. were organized by a local truck driver. As much as 6,500 pounds of refuse were also taken to the dump, including a refrigerator and a torched RV. The volunteer truck driver says lots of people party in the area where they found tons of trash. Five volunteers were out for the first pop up crew. Several local businesses helped out by offering water to the volunteers and renting out equipment for free. Clean Up Mendocino County has a Facebook page where others are requesting help too. The dept. of transportation has also offered up garbage pickers and safety vests.

$5,500 to the Lake County Library to pay for the National Endowment for the Arts Big Read in Lake County. The library is one of 77 nonprofits across the country getting a grant for the NEA Big Read project between September 2016 and June 2017. The one in Lake County’s focusing on “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London this October. The program to get folks to get involved in community-wide reading.

A community organizer in Lake County says he’s running for Congress. Lake Co News reports Nils Palsson filled out the paperwork to run for the U.S. House of Representatives in the Fifth Congressional District. The district covers Napa County and parts of Lake, Sonoma, Solano and Contra Costa counties. The news site reports Palsson’s running as a “Berniecrat” – a progressive Democrat in the vein of Bernie Sanders, representing social, racial, environmental and economic justice for all, with an emphasis on getting money out of politics and restoring our democracy. Several others also running, but Palsson says he hopes he gets enough votes to run against nine-term, 18-year incumbent Mike Thompson, also a Democrat.

Accumulations of blue green algae in Clear Lake. The Cyanobacteria spotted with the increased warm weather. They are microscopic organisms that naturally occur in fresh water. The algae can multiple where there’s high nutrient and light levels. The blooms can cause problems in fresh water like discoloration or it can produce floating scums or mats, which tend to accumulate along shorelines. Sometimes blooms like these can become harmful to humans, pets and wildlife.

4 teenagers headed to their prom in Massachusetts in a bit of trouble this Friday the 13th, as their limo caught fire. The Natick High students said they smelled smoke in their white stretch limousine around 6 p.m. Friday. They got out safely, but the limo burst into flames. No word on what caused the fire which reignited a short time later. The teens got to their prom aboard a passing trolley also headed that way.

An ex Endeavor Air flight attendant in trouble with the law for taking almost 1,500 mini-bottles of liquor then turning around and selling them online. Rachel Trevor’s been indicted for theft, unlawful sale of alcohol and unauthorized transportation of alcohol. The local DA in Tennessee says investigators from the Alcoholic Beverage Commission found Trevor was putting the small bottles of rum, vodka, gin and whiskey in her bag after a flight, then she’d post them for sale on Craigslist.


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