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No word on where a potential explosive came from that had been found near a tee box on the Little River Inn golf course. It was spotted last Thursday morning by maintenance staff. The Sheriff’s Office says it was small and appeared to be homemade. They cordoned off the area and called in the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad who examined then detonated it.

Work has started on the new skate park at Kelseyville Community Park. The Lake County Public Services Department says the 9000 square foot park will have several features including a quarter-pipe return, 4-stair & skate rail combo, hipped bank, sushi dish ledge, bank to pole jam, taco transition, flat slate rail, radial transition, 6 stair slate rail & hubba combo. The rest of the park will stay open during construction; however there may be some areas that will be inaccessible during the work, which is scheduled to be done around July 22.

Enforcing the Bed Tax will be considered for rental homes by the Lake County Board of Supervisors. Officially known as the transient occupancy tax, the county collects the “bed tax” from motels, hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts. But as Lake County News reports up until now they’ve not collected it from rental homes, and the supervisors will discuss pursuing that at their meeting this morning. Also on the agenda for this week, the Board to present a proclamation honoring the 2016 graduating class of the Marymount California University, Lakeside Campus where 13 local students received their bachelor’s degrees last week.

Enough signatures have been gathered for an additional cigarette tax of $2 a pack. The group behind the proposal in Calif. says they can qualify now for the Nov. 8th ballot. Those supporting the proposal say they hope if smokes cost more it would discourage youngsters from smoking while it also brings in cash for anti-smoking campaigns and research on tobacco-related illnesses. Right now the average cost of a pack of smokes is about $5.50. $2 more-a-pack would be about $750 a year more for those smoking about a pack a day. The tax would be on the ballot with four other state measures including the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana, all are pending signature verification.

An increase in property crimes in Calif. The Public Policy Institute of California says the crime rate’s up in the state’s largest cities for the first half of the year after Proposition 47, which lowered fees against criminals, started. The first FBI crime reports since then showed a 12 percent jump in larceny-theft, that includes shoplifting. But it’s apparently too soon to tell if the jump in criminal activity is connected to the ballot measure.

Health care will be available for children and teens brought to the U-S illegally for those in Calif. The state started to allow illegal children to be able to sign up for the state’s health care program for the poor without looking at their immigration status. State officials say there could be as many as 185,000 children under 19 years old who sign up to join Medi-Cal the first year. Around 121,000 are going to automatically get transferred from a limited version for emergency care only, to a full range of medical, dental, vision and mental health coverage for little or no cost.

A man arrested after trying to rob a car wash in Northern Calif with an empty potato chip bag and a supposed handgun. Rohnert Park’s Department of Public Safety says the man went into KaCees World of Water Friday night and put an empty potato chip bag on the counter, telling the clerk there to fill that bag with cash, saying he had a gun. The gun was in the empty bag, but apparently the cashier could see just a piece of cardboard so they called a co-worker for help. Cops say when the other employee approached, the suspect fled on foot.

A woman bitten by a small shark in Boca Raton had to bring the thing with her to the hospital. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported the woman had to go to the hospital in an ambulance Sunday and she had the shark still attached to her arm. A spokesperson for the Boca Raton Ocean Rescue says the woman was calm and there wasn’t a lot of blood. A Boca Raton Regional Hospital operator says the woman was treated and released Sunday afternoon.

Another diver has died while in a cove at Russian Gulch State Park. The Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department was out at the park Saturday. The name of the dead 57 year old man was not available as of late last night. Mendocino Fire Chief says he’s not sure where the man was from, but says he wasn’t local to the area. He was found floating face down by another diver. The victim at the beach with several others but he was alone in the water which was calm in the cove at the time. Apparently he had a family history of heart problems.

A man in Northern Calif. Has died after some sort of altercation at a music festival. The Sacramento Bee ( reports emergency responders were already out at Discovery Park investigating a fire which reportedly started after a deep-fryer ignited propane tanks at a vendor booth. There were several injuries including burns as folks tried to escape the fire. Concert goers later reported to police there was a man who was assaulted who looked to be unconscious. He died at a hospital later.

A man from Carmichael has been arrested after a bomb threat at a Target store in Sacramento. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department reports getting a call Saturday morning from a man saying there was a bomb in the store so Target officials evacuated customers and dogs came in to sniff out the store for bombs, finding none. The man found with a cellphone that made the call was arrested. No word on his possible motivation.

A woman has died after getting into a solo car crash in Ukiah. The CHP reports the woman headed south on the 101 just south of Underpass Road when she drifted off the road. Her pick-up truck driving onto the shoulder and a wooded embankment, hitting several trees. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The CHP reports not knowing yet if drugs or alcohol was involved in the crash. The victim’s name’s not been released until her family’s found.

The amount of water folks in Calif. are getting may soon change. The California State Water Resources Control Board says its considering updates to the statewide conservation mandate. The board does say they’ll leave some permanency in place though. The Governor Jerry Brown says Californians stepped up during the drought, saving more water than ever before. The state water board says between June 2015 and March 2016 residents took down usage just below the mandate of 25%, hitting 23.9 percent compared with the same months in 2013. The amount saved would provide 6.5 million Californians with water for one year.

A workshop’s being held by the Ukiah City Council on the upcoming fiscal year ahead of next month’s budget hearings. The Daily Journal reports staff saying the budget process had to be delayed by a month because of lower staffing levels. The Finance Director Karen Scalabrini leaving her job a couple months ago set things back a bit. But now staff reports they’re back at it and are continuing their work towards adoption of the budget by the beginning of the new fiscal year. The workshop is tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.


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