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Today is the last day to submit a “Medical Cannabis Activity Registration with the city. SO far the department of agriculture says they’ve received around 58 forms.The county now offers priority processing for local cultivation permit applications, though it doesn’t guarantee that a permit will be issued. Mendocino County 3rd district supervisor Tom Woodhouse say the response has been about what they anticipated.

A Mendocino County man convicted of second degree murder in December of 1990 has been deemed suitable for parole by a California Department of Corrections Board of Parole panel. Robert James McNutt is now 55 years old and is being held at a prison in Vacaville. When he was 29 he was found guilty of shooting 39 year old Ralph Daeschner to death. He claimed the shooting was an accident. McNutt was sentenced to 23 years to life in prison. According to the Ukiah Daily Journal His release isn’t a done deal just yet. That decision is now in a 120 day administrative review period in which the Board of Parole lawyers will go over the facts of the case and confirm the boards decision of whether or not the inmate poses a risk of danger to society. If released McNutt’s attorney says he plans to live in Sonoma County with his fiance whom the DA’s office says is a former drug addict.

The Ukiah City Council has decided on wording that will describe how it plans to spend the sales tax raised for street maintenance and repairs if the proposed measure passes this fall. The wording on the ballot will promise that if a half cent sales tax passes, the city will continue to fund roads at the current level from the general fund, about $350,000 a year. Public works Director Tim Eriksen says the nearly $ 2 million a year brought in by the half cent tax could allow Ukiah to upgrade their roads from poor to good.

For the second time in less than a week a body has been pulled from Clear Lake. After reports of a drowning yesterday afternoon a dive team recovered the body. That body has not yet been identified. Another body was recovered Monday following a boating accident on Saturday.

A bizarre kidnapping reported in Clearlake on Saturday has now been revealed as a hoax. A woman initially told police that an unidentified man grabbed her child, and once she chased them down she found that the stranger had urinated on the child. Detectives have since determined that that entire story was fabricated. Authorities say they’re considering charging the mother with filing a false report. A detective says the woman eventually admitted that she made the story up.

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