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Tomorrow may be the last stand for Bernie Sanders. While Sanders can’t mathematically beat Hillary Clinton for the party’s nomination he hopes a win in California could send a big message to the party. Sanders and Clinton have been polling neck and neck for a few weeks now, and while a new poll shows sanders with a big lead among independents, they may not turn out to vote in force. Something senator sanders almost definitely needs to win.

If you still have your mail in ballot and haven’t sent it in yet ahead of tomorrow’s primary election, not to worry. Vote by mail ballots only need to be postmarked by Tuesday in order to be counted. There are also several locations in the area where the ballots can be dropped off in Person, or tomorrow you can drop it off at any polling location. Polls close at 8pm tomorrow night.

Starting this week Californians with terminal illnesses will be able to seek help ending their lives from a doctor. Under the new law. Doctors will be allowed to prescribe lethal doses of drugs to hasten death for those who are already dying. The patient must be an adult with no more than six months to live, and must be verified by two doctors who confirm both the diagnosis and determine mental competency. Patients must also be able to drink the lethal cocktail on their own. California becomes just the fifth state with a right to die law.

Ukiah Airport day was a big hit on Saturday. Festivities included flying demonstrations, airplane rides, airplane displays, historic war planes, and rescue aircraft. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports a simulated rescue by Cal fire was a big hit as were some of the vintage planes you could sit in.

A proposed medical marijuana excise tax is past the Assembly. The bill by North Coast Assemblyman Jim wood would levy a $9.25 per ounce tax on cannabis flowers, $2.75 per ounce of cannabis leaves and $1.25 on immature cannabis plants from nurseries. The approach similar to how alcohol is taxed based on potency. The money raised from the act, around $80 million each year would be used to fund Watershed Enforcement, local law enforcement, environmental clean up, to restart state funding of the Williamson act, and to fund inter-agency regional enforcement coordinators.


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