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Mendocino county Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a man after a domestic violence incident. Deputies were contacted after a 41 year old woman was hospitalized with wounds she says 41 year old cohabitant Kenneth McCarty forced on her. The woman says McCarty grabbed her by the shoulders, pushed her over backwards, forcing her to fall to the ground then pinned her there by grabbing her arms and using his knees to hold her chest down. The woman had visible injuries to both arms, her back and left shoulder. McCarty was booked into the Mendocino County jail on a charge of Felony Domestic Violence Battery

Ukiah Police set up a perimeter around a school campus Saturday after a passerby found what looked like a homemade pipe bomb but was found to be a fake. The suspicious device wrapped in duct tape with a wick at the top was found around 7:30 that morning. The person who found it carried it to a sidewalk and stopped a jogger who called police. The Sonoma county sheriffs bomb squad responded to the Yokayo school and blocked traffic. An X-ray showed it was not dangerous. The device was taken apart by police and kept as evidence. No other devices were found at any other city schools.

The Wildlife Conservation Board has received a $17 million state grant that will allow it to complete the purchase of a 1,280-acre property near Clearlake Oaks. The purchase of the Silver Spur Ranch is just one of 20 projects that will be funded by that grant. The purchase of that ranch is to protect a habitat that includes blue oak woodland, riparian areas, and chaparral The board has been working on acquiring that property for the past 3 years. the Silver Spur Ranch is easily accessed off Indian Valley Road, and will increase recreation and tourism dollars coming into Lake County.

A six-month jail term for a former Stanford University swimmer convicted of raping an unconscious woman on campus after both attended a fraternity party is being decried as a slap on the wrist. Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky sentenced 20-year-old Brock Turner to six months in county jail saying he didn’t want to harm Turner. The woman read a statement saying the punishment didn’t fit the crime and ashe has been irreversibly harmed.


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