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The County of Mendocino Department of Planning and Building Services, Code Enforcement Division, says they began administrative cleanup and abatement of significant nuisance violations at a Fort Bragg Property yesterday. The department says they had been working without of county property owners towards resolving complaints but when progress and cooperation stopped they got a warrant to conduct and extensive cleanup of the property. They say the property has trespassers and transients, uninhabitable living conditions, unlawful, un-permitted, and substandard structures, and discharge of sewage and dumping of refuse. They estimate cleaning and abatement will take all week. The costs of the cleanup will fall to the property owners.

Santa Rosa police are urging residents to be vigilant while walking on trails at night. Officers are investigating two separate incidents in which three male suspects sexually assaulted two men, one on the Paulin Creek Trail, the other on the Joe Rodota Trail. Both attacks happened late between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m. One of the victims says he was held at knife point during the attack

Mendocino County District Attorney David Eyster plans to ask the Board of Supervisors today for authorization to hire an assistant DA to fill the position left empty by Paul Sequeira following a dispute between Sequeira and the county on his compensation. Eyster says former deputy district attorney for the Orange County DA’s office Richard Theodore Welsh would take the job, at-will for a yearly salary of $115,000, plus benefits, totaling a little over $170,000.

It is primary day in the state. IF you’re a registered voter that hasn’t received any voting materials be sure to call your county’s registrar of voters office to find your polling location or go by in person to cast a ballot. Mail in ballots will be accepted and counted as long as they’re postmarked by today. Polls close at 8pm

The Lakeport Board of Supervisors will consider updates to their marijuana cultivation rules. At the meeting this morning at the Lake county courthouse The board will discuss developing a permitting and taxing process for medical marijuana consistent with the regulatory structure the state implemented in September. Most of the proposed changes only effect permitting requirements. It would not change the prohibition against growing in neighborhoods and community growth boundaries.


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