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A discussion with the Broadband Alliance on community broadband needs, current infrastructure and the community’s vision for the future of business in Ukiah. The event Weds, June 22nd, sponsored by the Broadband Alliance and the Economic Development and Financing Corp from 3:00 to 4:30 pm at the EDFC’s Ukiah office at 205 N. Bush St. All are welcome. An invitation for a lively discussion, sharing views and brainstorming. For more information go to Mendocino broadband dot org and click on meetings.

Updated tally of the Mendocino County election shows Incumbent 1st District Mendocino County SupervisorCarre Brown wins her re-election with 75 percent of the vote against her challenger, Montana James Podva who got about 24 percent. Measure V, the one about standing dead trees being declared a public nuisance gets just about 60% of the vote and 40% no’s. Should the county form a charter, Measure W, the Yeses at 44 percent of the overall vote and the no’s at 56 percent. These are not the final numbers, just the last numbers released. The county’s Assessor-Clerk-Recorder’s Office has 28 days to finalize.

A longtime county supervisor in Lake gets back to business but a couple other supervisorial races will be fall runoffs. Races for District 1, 4 and 5 seats on the Board of Supervisors on the presidential primary ballot. The results not final yet, the clerk recorder has about a month to confirm. But Supervisor Rob Brown of Kelseyville looks to have easily been reelected to a fifth term with about 63 percent of the vote. He only had to get at least 50 percent plus one vote to win outright in the primary. Lake Co News reports the races in Districts 1 and 4 though go to the general election as runoff races. Businesswoman and former county planning commissioner Monica Rosenthal led Middletown Rancheria Tribal Chair Jose “Moke” Simon III in the District 4 race, the two face off in November. And in District 5, a lay minister and former District 1 supervisor Voris Brumfield goes up against Jim Ryan, a longtime Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputy. The infrastructure funding bond for Kelseyville Unified Schools, Measure U passed with 61 percent. Congressmen John Garamendi and Mike Thompson led in their campaigns but have to run again for a fall confirmation.

The Middletown Area Town Hall is looking at a proposal for a change to its bylaws for board membership. The meeting tonight at 7 at the Middletown Community Center. The agenda also includes getting a report on a plan for a Dollar General and a dormitory for Valley fire relief workers. The board member agenda item would be in the form of a bylaw amendment to require all board members be elected from districts which is apparently how the board was first set up back in 2006. A report will be delivered on Dollar General in Middletown. But the idea was already turned down in April by the Lake County Planning Commission. The developer, out of Texas has appealed. There will also be a report for Hope City to build a dormitory for volunteers with the construction of homes for Valley fire survivors.

A new program for non lethal ways to get rid of predators and protect sheep at the Hopland Research and Extension Center. A program in force since the summer of 2014 to protect the 500 head of sheep that live on University of Calif. Property. They’re there to chomp on fire fuel and help to train sheep dogs. But an Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from UC Berkeley says to totally control the coyote population, at least 75 percent of them would have to be killed over the next 50 years. Last month though, the Hopland Center Animal Care and Use Committee approved non-lethal procedures. It’s funded for another year.

A draft ordinance for formula retail stores in Mendocino County has been released. There’s also a shorter public comment period in effect thru June 16th, next Thursday before the matter hits the Planning Commission. The draft ordinance comes after the proposal for the Dollar General’s Redwood Valley store. So the proposal addresses the future of retail stores that are being developed in unincorporated county areas. If approved there would be a use permit process for new developments except in exempt areas. That would include the standard use permit process, including a public comment period for the proposed development, and requirements for aesthetics and “commercial needs” for each community. The full draft can be seen on the county planning department’s website.

Some residents in Willits about to be told trees on their property have to be replaced due to a PG&E gas safety initiative. The homes on East Hill Road, the utility says, may be causing a problem for emergency service responders. A spokesperson for P,G&E says they sent notices out last week for those affected. It’s being called the Community Pipeline Safety Initiative which PG&E says leaves easy access to gas transmission lines in case there’s an emergency or natural disaster. First responder agencies met with the utility with concern of a lack of access to some of the gas transmission lines because trees, bushes and apparently some structures are on top of the lines. The utility has set aside hundreds of millions of dollars to take care of the issues.

A man in a contest for things nobody needs and for terrible ideas has found a way to deep fry water. Jonathan Marcus found that he could fry water inside a gelatinous substance. He used congealed balls of water inside egg and panko crumbs and put them in a deep fryer, then ate it. He says it was pretty bland. He’s calling it dreatink…

Bobby Brown, the man once married to Whitney Houston and in a boy band back in the day, says he had sex with a ghost. Brown interviewed for the news program “20/20” Tuesday night says it happened in a mansion he bought in Georgia. He says he woke up once and the ghost was on top of him. He didn’t say a lot more about it, except that he was sober.


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