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A fawn trying to get away after getting stuck in fencing ended up in someone’s bathtub. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says a man helped free the animal outside his home in Evergreen and it ran in thru an open door at his house, then into his bathroom. He told police he moved it into the tub before calling for help. Deputies wrapped it in a blanket, took it outdoors then set it free.

Police in Cyprus are looking into reports a priest slugged the best man at a wedding. Apparently it’s custom for the groom to slap the best man, but police say the victim, the groom’s brother had to go to the hospital and his family filed a complaint. Police say the priest first just gestured to stop the slapping, then hit the brother in the chest and face. A family member said it happened during a ceremonial dance. They say the priest quickly left after the dust up, but the couple got their marriage certificate.

A new municipal advisory is being created in Lake County. EaRTH, was created by the board of supervisors in May to represent those who live in several communities or the East Region (of District 3) Town Hall. It represents those who live and work in Clearlake Oaks and the communities of Kano Tayee, Paradise Cove, Glenhaven, Clearlake Oaks, Spring Valley, Long Valley, and Double Eagle. It’ll be similar to the Middletown Area Town Hall (MATH) which meets every month to discuss community issues, and helps give citizen input to the District 1 Supervisor. For more info on how to apply, visit the Board of Supervisors page at or call the Clerk of the Board at (707) 263-2368.

A new police Cadet Program has been introduced in Fort Bragg. The Police Department hosting the program for local youth and young adults, for males and females at least 14 years old who live along the Mendocino Coast, finished 8th grade, and who have not reached their 21st birthday. A parent must approve though for those under 18. The program offers youth of the Mendocino Coast an opportunity to learn about the law enforcement profession, to give an education base in various law enforcement functions, and for them to get involved in actual police operations. For more info, call Officer O’Neal at (707) 813-0520 or by e-mail at toneal.

It’s a go, conversion of retail space in Lakeport’s downtown core to open a pub. The Lakeport Planning Commission has given unanimous approval for the plan by Twisted Sisters Eatery and Events. The commission looked at some architectural and design changes and a zoning permit to cover outdoor dining and live entertainment behind the property. The restaurant will have a bar, banquet room, new kitchen and bathrooms, outdoor dining area and deck at the building’s rear.

No decision on whether to repay the county for taking a crane out of Clearlake. The Board of Supervisors tabled their decision on a proposed agreement for the repayment for the crane removal almost six years ago. The crane belonged to Martin Scheel, a marine contractor on Clear Lake at the time. He was using it to build a boat lift and it slipped into the lake during a storm. At the same time a barge and push boat also sank. It’s now an election issue as Scheel is running for the District 4 Supervisor spot. The matter should be back before the board next month. They agreed to 30 days for Scheel to find another way to pay the county.

A man from Lakeport’s been arrested after police say he got into a woman’s house somehow, then tried touching her. Police say
Nathaniel Hendrickson was arrested last Saturday morning after they got reports of a burglary. A woman in the home says a man got into her house, approached her and told her he wanted to touch her, but she grabbed a knife and he ran away. Police searched the area and located Hendrickson who they say was under the influence of methamphetamine and on probation. He was booked on first-degree burglary, being under the influence of methamphetamine, a probation violation and attempted sexual battery.

Congressman Mike Thompson joining other Democrats to call for a vote on static gun-control legislation. Thompson demanding action with Democratic leaders due to the growing number of loss to American lives because of gun violence. Thompson, a nine term congressman says he’s a lifelong gun owner. He’s also a Vietnam vet and is chairman of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. He says Republican stonewalling on gun control is frustrating. He calls it 100 percent, a partisan issue. He’s advocating for consideration of a House bill to prevent people on the F.B.I. terrorist watch list from buying a gun.

A judge in the San Francisco Bay Area who many want recalled for his handling of a Stanford University sexual assault case has been removed from a new sexual assault case by the local district attorney. The Santa Clara County District Attorney used a prosecutor’s authority to disqualify Judge Aaron Persky. Persky widely criticized for the sentence against a former Stanford swimmer who he gave six months in jail for sexually assaulting a female who passed out from drinking too much at a fraternity party where they had met. The new cast to decide if a former San Jose nurse should stand trial on allegations he sexually assaulted a patient while she was sedated.

Final details set for Lake County Strong Town Hall: A Community Update on Valley Fire Recovery & Rebuilding Efforts. Senator Mike McGuire and Assemblymember Bill Dodd will be in attendance along with other state agency officials, Lake County representatives and non-profit leaders in Middletown. The event a week from today, June 23rd. $100 million dollars has been invested in recover and rebuilding. McGuire says there’s been a lot of progress but there’s still a lot more work to do. The event at Middletown High School from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The Ukiah Pool is open. The city pool at Todd Grove Park opened and immediately had loads of kids splashing around. July 4th brings All-American Free Swim Day. The municipal pool offers lessons and lap swims.

Mendocino County officials sharing with the public on a potential local energy program, called Community Choice Aggregation. There’s a discussion with public workshop next Tuesday in Ukiah at the Board of Supervisors chambers. The idea allows local municipalities to get their electricity for the entire community, then turn around and offer greener power to residents at cheaper prices. That could potentially bring in money to be reinvested in the community and support local energy projects and programs.

More information is available at the county website,

Cockroach city. Ukiah High reports more pests so they’re changing campus food culture. Ukiah Unified School District’s director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation says the bugs are getting too much food so they can’t totally get rid of them. He says everyone has to do a better job of putting waste in outside containers and limit food in classrooms. They’ve been using baits and spraying, and using foams and putty, but they’ve still had a recent upsurge in cockroaches.


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