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Intro: A pilot program starting today between six Bay Area hospitals may provide a blueprint for a better way to treat patients visiting multiple emergency rooms on a regular basis. The software could potentially save the state millions by reducing duplicate tests and procedures, especially for those with chronic conditions related to homelessness, drug abuse or psychiatric issues. Four hospitals in the East Bay run by Sutter Health are newly linked – through a system known as Pre-manage E-D – with two public hospitals in the Alameda Health System. Arthur Sorrell is an E-R doctor with Sutter.

Cut 76345 :13 "And now, I can receive a report that shows me their visit histories from those other places. It really allows us to very quickly drill down to what may be the essential issues for this patient."

Tag: The “virtual safety net” would tell doctors whom to call, for example, if a patient is already part of a particular clinic, homeless shelter or social-service agency.


Second Cut: Jim Hickman, C-E-O of Better Health East Bay, the philanthropic arm of Sutter Health, says the system is already bearing fruit.

Cut 77345 :10 "We’re seeing already real-time collaboration around patients that we didn’t even know we share. Case managers are working, now online, to really keep patients on track with their care plans."

Tag: Supporters hope that more hospital systems across the state will join in. The program is already in widespread use in Washington State – which reported savings to the state of 33-million dollars in its first year – and in Oregon.

The public’s deciding on possible improvements to the downtown area of Willits. Last week input from the public after a presentation at City Hall on the “streets and alleys connectivity study.” The City Planner Dusty Duley and a consulting team on “shovel ready” projects spoke with residents offering ideas on the changes they’d like to see in the northern end of downtown. There were several topics at the meeting last Thursday, increase pedestrian and bicycle safety, traffic calming and circulation, visibility, landscape beautification, signage, and public spaces in conjunction with changes planned for the Main Street project. The main three topics though improving movement of people, bicycles, and cars once the bypass and Main Street changes are complete.

Residents in Willits had a vigil to remember those killed in the Orlando nightclub massacre. The vigil last week with about 50 people at Recreation Grove Park to support the LGBTQ community. The Willits News reports several people spoke at the vigil Sunday and songs were shared too.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co.’s Community Pipeline Safety Initiative will include some work in Ukiah. The $3 billion dollar project will help first responders find ways to get to underground gas transmission lines in case of an emergency or natural disaster. The utility found several transmission lines were blocked or crowded by bushes, sheds or trees, so workers wouldn’t be able to access pipes if they had to. So the project includes PG&E replacing trees at risk of blocking pipe access then doing any related re-landscaping. There are more than 20 such trees on public property in Ukiah.

A prison inmate found up for parole from Mendocino County may be out soon. Others to go before the parole board this summer. Earlier this month the state Department of Corrections Board of Parole said Steven Craig Crump was suitable for parole. Robert James McNutt, formerly of Laytonville was also paroled. He was serving 23 years-to-life at Solano State Prison for second-degree murder. The two got what’s called parole suitability which doesn’t necessarily mean parole will be approved. There’s now an administrative review period of up to 120 days.

A man from Boonville’s been arrested after being found with copper wire. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports arresting Monte Rose after reports of a copper wire theft at the I&E Lath Mill in Philo. Cops say Rose was seen at the closed mill over the last several weeks. Deputies say he also brought several hundred pounds of copper wire to a metal recycling facility in Ukiah and exchanged it for cash. Deputies got a call when the guy tried selling more wire to the business. He was searched and found with stolen scraps of copper wire, a concealed revolver and ammunition. They say he seemed high and found him to be under the influence of drugs. He’s also a convicted felon prohibited from having firearms or ammunition. Rose charged with grand theft, being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm, carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

A protest of environmentalists for the use of herbicides on tan oaks on forest land owned by the Mendocino Redwood Company in Comptche. The activists against the practice of hack and squirt. Residents tell the Press Democrat two of them locked themselves to a logging gate and as many as 20 protested yesterday. Hack and Squirt on the primary ballot. The initiative declaring the practice a nuisance, leaving standing trees for more than 90 days. 60 percent of voters seem to have supported Measure V.

A lawsuit’s been settled between Mendocino County and a local wildlife group over the just passed medical marijuana regulations. The Mendocino County Blacktail Association saying the Board of Supervisors put thru its medical marijuana urgency ordinance before an environmental review which is required under the California Environmental Quality Act. The board approved an agreement yesterday during a closed session with the county agreeing now not to accept permit applications under the urgency ordinance. The urgency ordinance to be enforced by the county though until a permanent ordinance is established in the future. No new applications will be accepted after 5pm today.

A bunch of beer ripped off in Atlanta. A brewery in the city reporting almost 3,300 cases of beer disappeared after a couple of its refrigerated trailers were stolen. SweetWater Brewing Co. reports the trailers were loaded for a morning pickup and were taken. Altogether the two trailers had more than 3,200 cases of the company’s Summer Variety Pack, about 78,500 bottles of beer gone. Some of the stolen beer was found later in the day yesterday at a warehouse. The company says they’re not sure it would still be up to their standards, so whatever they found, they would destroy.

A man in Vermont, busted for DUI… on a lawnmower. Police say the man riding the lawnmower stopped Monday after a report he was driving down the main road of the town. Claude Spaulding screened for driving under the influence of drugs. He has to show up in court after results come back from the state forensic lab.

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