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A man’s body’s been found in Kelseyville. Police in Clearlake say they got a report that a man had fallen into the Lake Sunday and not come back up, next to the docks at Clearlake State Park Marina. The man identified as Caldwell Joseph Pitre of Palo Alto. Witnesses say they saw him pull into the dock area at the marina at dusk. They say they saw him leaning over the side of the boat, tying the boat up when he fell in. They say he came up a couple times, calling for help. Folks went to help, but say he disappeared and they couldn’t see him. A Dive Team went to the scene and sonar was used but he was not found until the next morning. An autopsy was set to determine the cause of death.

Mendocino county’s adult mental health services are about to moved into oversight by Redwood Quality Management. Last week the Mendocino Board of Supervisors said yes to major contracts for services but was also trying to determine if the county was ready with appropriate staffing and organization for the full transition. Updated reports were delivered to the board by the Health and Human Services’ mental health director regarding the transition. Some supervisors concerned about finding qualified, committed people to work in client care. The Sheriff was also at the meeting as a reminder during public comment about his ballot initiative for a county-wide sales tax to fund mental health facilities.

A man in Willits has been arrested on drug charges. Police say they did a routine traffic stop and found Buck Leggett in possession of both heroin and meth after first smelling marijuana during the stop. Leggett’s also on active parole and on bail. He’s now charged for possession for sale, violation of parole and committing an offense while on bail. Leggett was taken to jail and held with no bail.

A driver in Willits is expected to be charged after crashing his car last week and injuring himself and five kids. Michael Cruce was driving a Jeep Patriot that rolled several times after losing control. He went onto the dirt shoulder, then down an embankment before stopping on the Jeep’s roof in a creek bed. One of the kids with him, 13 year old Stevan Beers had to be taken to UC Davis due to major injuries. 12 year old Shandra Silva and 13 year old Paris Yadon went to Oakland Children’s Hospital with major injuries too. Two other kids went to local hospitals with moderate injuries, 14 year old Taylor Carter and 13 year old Alyssa Bacon. Driver Cruce with serious injuries and went to Santa Rosa Hospital.

Another successful eradication effort by Clearlake police, part of a series of operations that started 2 months ago. Officers found almost 1,500 plants and arrested two people Weds. They say they went to a home and found several large half dome/hoop style structures used for illegal pot growing. Cops also found a couple sheds and indoor growing rooms. They found 360 plants in one, and 576 in the other. There was also a large fenced in area with several more structures, one had another 557 plants. Jose Montes-Saavedra and Juan Saavedra were arrested on suspicion of cultivation, possession of marijuana for sale and conspiracy to commit a crime.

It’s a no go, a judge tossing a plan to restore the Delta’s environment and boot water supplies. A judge in Sacramento ruled the state management plan for the Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta was invalid due to needed fixes. The exec. Director of the Delta Stewardship Council says the Delta’s still in crisis and it’s not a good time to set aside the state’s only comprehensive management plan. She says her agency will most likely appeal. The judge said the plan was too vague and lacking key elements and measurable targets that are required by the Delta Reform Act in 2009.

Safe and Sane Fireworks are on sale in the incorporated area of Lakeport. If you’re interested in buying some, the city’s encouraging their use Friday through Sunday 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Independence Day, Monday, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. They’re to be used on any street as long as they don’t violate discharged or projected upon or over or onto another’s property without his/her permission or within 10 feet of any residence, dwelling or other structure where people live. They can also be set off during the Fourth of July celebration at Library Park on 4th St.

City leaders in Fort Bragg and the police dept. reminding citizens that fireworks are illegal in that city. Police asking for the public’s voluntary compliance for public safety. Those found in violation of local or state laws can be cited or arrested. They could be fined, face jail time or both. There’s a professionally controlled fireworks show on July 2nd.

The replacement work of the sewer main on North State Street near Low Gap Road is nearly done. The Public Works Director says they found another problem under the asphalt there that has to be fixed though, the storm drain has failed in one area and has to be replaced. It’s up to the city council now if they want to fork over the money for the work which is said to be between $300,000 and $400,000. The project would also include new paving and other work. He says all of it can be paid for with the gas tax fund, not the general fund.

Containment now at 75% for the Reservoir fire near the Indian Valley Reservoir. It started Sunday seven miles southwest of Leesville. So far 215 acres have burned and there’s no cause for the fire yet. Cal Fire has had more than 350 personnel committed to the fire as of yesterday with a couple dozen engines, 14 hand crews, seven bulldozers, two water tenders and two helicopters. No injuries reported or property destroyed.

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