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A man in Mendocino’s been arrested for a report of Vandalism and other crimes. Police say they arrested James Herriot from Albion after getting a call yesterday morning to Dick’s Place for the vandalism complaint. They say when they got there they found out Herriot wasn’t allowed in the place anymore for unwanted behavior. An employee asking him to leave and says Herriot threatened him, then broke a bottle, a window and swung the broken bottle at the employee. Herriot found to be on Parole and Probation and sent to jail.

A reminder by local law enforcement ahead of the Fourth of July holiday weekend that the personal use of fireworks in Mendocino County is illegal and could mean tickets and potential felony charges. A spokesperson with Cal Fire says they’re beefing up patrols and even “Safe and Sane” fireworks, like sparklers or bottle rockets, will be confiscated. They remind folks using dangerous fireworks they will for sure be cited and possibly arrested on felony charges.

Gas prices changing ahead of the holiday weekend, but not the way you might think. The State Board of Equalization says the excise tax on gas will drop by 2.2 cents, but consumers probably won’t notice. It’s a yearly adjustment to keep the revenue stream steady according to a petroleum analyst for GasBuddy. Prices were pretty steady in the state the last couple of months between $2.77 to $2.90 a gallon and could be going down again soon.

Congressman Jared Huffman has introduced an update to a bill that could help bolster the Ukiah Valley’s water supply. Huffman says even when there’s extreme drought, many reservoirs are still being operated out of old manuals. He says local water agencies looking to work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, should be able to bring their systems into the twenty-first century. The bill Huffman’s introduced is a revised version of the Reservoir Operations Improvement Act. It allows local entities to request the Army Corps review a reservoir’s water operations manual.

A decision on the appeal by Verizon on their proposed tower in Kelseyville has been tabled for now by the Lake County Board of Supervisors. The Record Bee newspaper reports a continuance because Supervisor Rob Brown, who’s district covers the area, was absent at Tuesday’s meeting. The public and Verizon’s representatives gave their input before it was announced the item would have to wait for a vote.

A new report shows a massive amount of untapped water in California. The Stanford study showing the state’s groundwater supply as much as three times greater than what had been previously estimated. The authors of the study calling it a quote “water windfall”. Robert Jackson, the co-author of the study, says there’s way more fresh water and usable water than expected. The report’s been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It shows aquifers in Calif. hold as much as 2,700 cubic kilometers of fresh groundwater under the Central Valley. Authors say that’s almost triple previous estimates.

The Gov. Jerry Brown and some lawmakers have come to an agreement on major reforms for the state’s problem plagued Public Utilities Commission. The legislature has not approved the plan yet, but if so it would mean the attorney general would have authority to enforce limitations on private communications between PUC personnel and executives of the utility. It comes after an email scandal showed multiple improper contacts. It also requires more transparency to the public and participation in the commission’s proceedings.

Several pieces of legislation are being considered by the Senate Public Safety Committee after the Stanford student’s light punishment for sexual assault. The Assembly Bill 2888 could close a loophole in current law which allowed student Brock Turner to become eligible for probation because the victim was unconscious during the attack. Another bill being considered would broaden the definition of rape so forced penetration of any body part with any foreign object is included. Turner got just six months in county jail plus three years of probation for the rape.

A man from Nice has been arrested during a routine traffic stop after cops realized he might be responsible for a hit-and-run crash that seriously injured a girl in Lucerne. Andrew Gravlee busted after the stop of a car he was the passenger in. The woman driver busted for DUI and drug crimes. Gravlee was in court on the hit and run case, and is due back next week. Witnesses say they thought it was him behind the wheel of a pickup that hit another car Sunday afternoon and the girl on the side of Highway 20. The girl was flown to the Children’s hospital in Oakland with 2 broken legs and major injuries.

The wildfire by the Indian Valley Reservoir, dubbed the Reservoir Fire has been fully surrounded. Cal Fire reports the 215-acre fire was 100% contained Tuesday night. The fire started Sunday night seven miles outside of Leesville, between the Indian Valley Reservoir and Hough Springs, along Bartlett Springs Road. Apparently the fire spotted by volunteers at the Mount Konocti fire lookout tower, but no cause has been given so far. No damage to any structures was reported.

A cat at an animal shelter in Florida said to be to blame for a flood. The Florida Humane Society in Pompano Beach says one of their cats turned a faucet on, that was left running for 17 hours. Flooding ensued, causing water to run out the shelter’s back door. They now need $5,000 to repair floors, cabinets and other damage. The suspected feline a 6 month old that’s been known to play in the shelter’s sinks. It was recently adopted and the new owners told, it was, quote, “intelligent enough to turn on water faucets.”

A fire chief in Pennsylvania says some loud chickens helped when a man was stuck inside his burning home. The Creekside Fire Chief says David Wells was able to escape from the house Wednesday morning after the cackling chickens woke up his son. The son lives across the street then ran to his dad’s house and woke him. The chief says the chickens made “good smoke detectors.” The fire in rural Washington Township, about 50 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. The fire caused by an electrical problem.

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