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Pacific Gas and Electric Co. will be conducting low-level helicopter patrols tomorrow to inspect electric distribution lines for maintenance in rural and remote areas in parts of Lake, Mendocino and Sonoma counties. They’ll also be looking for dead hazard trees. Flights will start around 8 am and finish up by 4pm

Lakeport’s Board of Supervisors will meet tomorrow to again discuss a proposal to separate the Water resources and public works departments. The separation of the departments was initially discussed in March, but was left as is pending further discussion. Supervisor Jim Steele brought up the idea again saying the county may be losing grant dollars by not having a separate department head overseeing the lake

A 3-year-old Sonoma boy died after being run over by a truck Sunday night. California Highway Patrol tells the press democrat that the boy’s mother pulled his stroller out of the path of the truck, but the boy, who wasn’t restrained fell out of the stroller and into the crosswalk where he was run over. The boy was flown to a hospital in Napa where he was pronounced dead. The driver 65 year old Bedford Ealum says he didn’t see the boy. He did not show any signs of alcohol impairment. Officials plan to return to the crash site this evening to determine if the angle of the sun may have obscured his vision.

Some voter information in the state may have been compromised. Lesley Lotto has more

This Friday Mendocino county is hosting a California Public Utilities Commission Public Participation Hearing regarding the Rural Call Completion and Dial Ton Access Proceeding. Commissioner Catherine Sandoval will be there to listen to any telecommunications concerns including some of the issues with Rural Call Completion, including recent outages that made it impossible to connect to 911. The County is urging anyone who has experienced call failures or outages, or other communication issues to voice their concerns at the hearing. IT will be held in the Board of supervisors Chambers in Ukiah from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. Written comments can also be submitted to the Pubic Advisor’s Office ahead of the meeting.

A man was arrested by California Highway Patrol after flipping his Jeep off of Highway 10 in Petaluma. Early Monday morning Police found an Jeep flipped onto it’s roof on an off ramp with no one inside, and several open beer bottles. Some way down the road officers found 24 year old Adam Begay passed out on the ground. Begay was treated for minor injuries and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

Cobb has increased access to high speed Internet service thanks to network upgrades by AT&T. The provider is continuing to rebuild it’s network in the area after significant damage in the Valley Fire. The deployment of Internet in 500 locations will result in access to more than 140,000 rural customers.

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