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A former Redwood Valley man about to go to on trial for Attempted Murder has reached a plea deal with the prosecution. Mendocino County District Attorney David Eyster says the jury selection that began Monday in the case against Eugene Peterson, Jr. ended yesterday with Peterson pleading no contest to the attempted murder of Wes Fairbairn with an admission of using a firearm, criminal threats against both Fairbairn and his wife, Jan Fairbairn, residential burglary with an admission to it being a violent felony, and assault with a firearm on Jan Fairbairn. Peterson faces 25 years in prison when he’s sentenced in September.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration is still looking into whether marijuana should continue to be classified as a top-tier narcotic. A decision is expected within weeks on whether to rewrite the 1970 Schedule I list which classified pot alongside heroin, LSD and peyote as drugs the DEA considers highly addictive and with no proven medical use. But the Record Bee reports with more scientific studies suggesting marijuana has medical value in treating chronic pain, seizures and other conditions, the DEA is taking another look, although they have not said to which Schedule they could reclassify it. Medical marijuana is now legal in 25 states including California and recreational use legal in four states plus Washington, D.C. with California set to vote on it in November.

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman’s Mental Health Facility Development Ordinance has made it to the November ballot. It was announced yesterday that there were about 4,300 signatures on the petition and the Mendocino County Clerk-Assessor-Recorder Susan Ranochak says there’s at least 2,502 valid signatures from registered voters. The initiative requires 2/3 majority to pass. If it does, it means a .5 cent sales tax increase for five years to raise more than $20 million to develop infrastructure for a Mental Health Service Center.

Another armor car robbery, this time masked men had an assault rifle, shooting the guard in Windsor. The robbery yesterday at a busy shopping complex which led to a massive search for the robbers into Napa County with more shots fired at a Calistoga Cop. Residents in that town were ordered on lock-down. The guard went to a hospital in Santa Rosa with three gunshots from an AK-47. A suspect was injured in a confrontation with a Calistoga police officer who rammed his car into him after he shot at the officer. The other robber appears to have gotten away after a wide spread search. The Loomis driver attacked a day after a Brinks guard was involved in a shootout with a robber in Sacramento County.

Murders in Clearlake at a record. The State Attorney General’s office has released 2015 numbers which law enforcement officials say can be placed squarely on illegal marijuana production as the cause. The deaths had Lake County’s overall homicide numbers at their highest in about a decade. 6 of the murders were last year in Clearlake and growing weed was somehow connected to five of the killings. The report shows Sonoma County, a much larger area with more than seven times as many residents, had nine murders in 2015. There were 1,861 homicides in Calif. last year, a nearly 10 percent increase.

Police say a man trying to get away after a minor traffic violation, climbed into a jail by accident. The San Diego Union-Tribune ( ) says deputies started chasing the guy early yesterday morning in Oceanside but he wouldn’t stop so a chase started in Vista. Police say the driver pulled into the Vista Jail parking lot, got out and ran then climbed over a fence to an area where prisoners are taken for booking. Convenient for him, he was arrested right there and booked for resisting and obstructing police.

A group in Sacramento has a peaceful march planned in support of Black Lives Matter, taking it to the Capitol. The group called Wake Up Sacramento says they want to dialog with police and let them know they’re on their side and want the same. Officers in Sacramento are working on communication and bias training so they can work with the black community. Assemblyman Jim Cooper says he wants his body cam bill to be looked at again, after being shot down by the Senate Public Safety Committee.

A man from Southern California’s been arrested for animal cruelty after his Chihuahua tested positive for methamphetamine. 21 year old Isaiah Nathaniel Sais of Fontana was being held in jail after veterinarians found the Chihuahua, named Jack Sparrow, was having convulsions and seizures when he was brought to the emergency center on July 5th. The man left after finding the dog tested positive. Animal services took the dog from him for treatment.

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