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A man in Nashville’s on the run after robbing a gas station with his face, wrapped, in T.P. The man went into a Twice Daily gas station early yesterday, went into the bathroom grabbed the toilet paper roll, unrolled, covered his face, pulled out a gun, then demanded money from the clerk. Police say they’re watching surveillance video, trying to get a frame of the guy’s face before he managed to cover it with the toilet paper.

More than 23,000 pot plants have been found at a couple of grow sites in Lake County and pulled out. Narcotics detectives doing routine flyover missions in Lake County located illegal grows, one in the Dry Creek area of Middletown and the other in the Butts Canyon area of Middletown. So Monday detectives went to both sites. At the Dry Creek site, they found diverted water, fertilizer, pesticides and ammunition, but no suspects so they pulled almost 12,000 mature marijuana plants from the site. Then at the Butts Canyon site, they found an area they say looked like 2 people had been there, but nobody was around. They found another nearly 12-thousand plants and diverted water and got rid of the plants.

Another reminder about the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Public Participation Hearing (PPH). The hearing tomorrow will be about Rural Call Completion and Dial Tone Access in the Board of Supervisors Chambers at 501 Low Gap Road, Ukiah from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information, (415) 703-1366 or reach out to Trish Steel with the Mendocino Broadband Alliance, chairman.

A couple of major issues tabled at the latest Lake County board of supervisors meeting because a couple supervisors weren’t at the meeting. The first, separating the water resources and public works departments, but District 1 Supervisor Jim Comstock wasn’t there so it wasn’t discussed. Then the other continuance regarding the debt obligation deal for District 4 Supervisorial candidate Martin Scheel and his crane that went into the lake almost 5 years ago. Scheel was given extra time to try to get a loan to pay the fee. Many board members wanted to do the loan within the county and charge 10 percent interest, but there was back and forth on the interest amount. The topic will be discussed again next week.

Positive polling for the President Barack Obama in California. The Record Bee reports more than half the registered voters polled approve of Obama’s performance. A new poll released Tuesday shows 57 percent of voters approve of the president’s performance, and 37 percent disapprove. The field poll director says it’s mostly correlated to how well the economy is going. He attributed the good numbers with low unemployment and rising stock market indexes.

Fines could be coming for multiple property owners in Clearlake for code violations. The city council will consider liens against 19 properties at their meeting today. The penalties between $2,500 and $5,000. If the council approves of the fines, citizens might be able to get off with paying only 10 percent of the fine if they do it within 30 days. The meeting at 6 p.m. at Clearlake City Hall.

Less than an hour for a jury to return guilty verdicts against a man accused of domestic violence last month. The jury convicted Efrain Barron of Hopland for domestic battery and brandishing, both misdemeanors. He was sentenced to 36 months formal (supervised) probation and 90 days in the county jail. He was also ordered to enroll in and finish a 52-week domestic violence/anger management course, stay away from booze, perform 25 hours of community service, not own or possess firearms, and not possess any dangerous weapons. There’s also a criminal protective order to keep him away from the victim and her children.

A group against logging hundreds of acres of timberland along the lower Gualala River say they’re suing. Notice given to Cal Fire from environmental groups in the North Coast against the logging that would include century-old redwood trees. They say it will also degrade sensitive floodplain habitat for plants and wildlife. The Press Democrat reports water quality regulators and Cal Fire had previously said there would be environmental protection that meets state standards. This over the plan to log 402-acres called “Dogwood”. The groups waiting to find out if Cal Fire was going to negotiate before July 20th, so they can file suit by the legally required 30 days of the plan’s approval.

The city of Cloverdale looking to get in on the tax benefit of regulating medicinal marijuana and potentially legal pot if that passes on the November ballot. A majority of voters in Cloverdale have to approve the proposed tax, which could also appear on the November ballot. The Mayor says they’ve got multiple people who want to open dispensaries or other cannabis businesses so it makes sense to tax it. The same goes for multiple Calif cities and municipalities including Santa Barbara, Grover Beach in San Luis Obispo County and Fillmore in Ventura County. There are already at least 18 cities with commercial marijuana taxes in place.

A man from Lakeport is one of two suspects being held without bail on suspicion of robbing a bank and shooting an armored-truck guard Tuesday in Windsor. Ivan Morales was captured in Calistoga Tuesday night along with Serge Gutsu of Antelope. Police claim they were armed and wearing masks when they robbed Windsor’s Chase Bank and shot the guard. They then took off in an SUV and allegedly fired shots at a Calistoga cop who chased them until he rammed their vehicle and caused it to crash. Morales ran but he was found hiding in a culvert. A search of both suspects’ homes reportedly turned up several weapons. Both are set to be arraigned Thursday. The guard is in a hospital but his location and condition were not released.

A Tuesday afternoon wild fire that closed a portion of Highway 29 in Lakeport also burned a car and part of a homeless camp. It broke out around 130pm across the street from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office on Martin Street. Firefighters from Lakeport, Kelseyville, Northshore and Cal Fire all responded and kept it to about two-and-a-half acres with containment in under 90 minutes. Lakeport’s Fire Chief told Lake Co News they don’t yet know what started it but they have a couple leads. No one was hurt but two people were living in the car that burned. The Red Cross was helping them out.

Ten people had to be rescued Saturday after a boat sank in Clear Lake. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says everyone on the boat was wearing a life vest and none were hurt after the fiberglass motorboat took on water near Austin’s Beach. The boat’s owner told the sheriff’s Marine Patrol he was heading back to shore around 5 p.m. when the waves picked up to three and four feet in height, and began crashing over the bow of the boat. He says the boat began filling with water, which activated the bilge pump, but the pump was unable to keep up with the water and it capsized. People on a nearby vessel rescued the ten boaters.

The F-C-C voting on a plan to open a new part of the wireless spectrum – to encourage the development of the next generation of cell phones and wireless devices, called 5-G. F-C-C Chairman Tom Wheeler says this will allow U-S companies to be the first to deploy the faster technology. But Joel Moskowitz, an expert on radio frequency emissions with U-C Berkeley, says there’s barely any research on the health effects of 3- and 4-G, much less 5-G. He says a recent comprehensive government study showed a small but significant percentage of male rats exposed to lifelong 2-G cell phone radiation developed cancerous or precancerous cells.

Cut 53345 :13 "I don’t think we should blindly plow ahead and unleash these new technologies on the public because we’re experimenting with the public. We’d be saturating people’s environments with this new form of man-made radiation."

Tag: Current wireless devices range between two-point-four and five gigahertz of exposure. The F-C-C says the next generation would operate between 28 and 71 gigahertz. Moskowitz says 5-G technology is more line-of-sight than current devices, so it would require millions of small transmitters just about everywhere, including on existing utility poles. The vote happens today.

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