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A man from Idaho arrested in connection to a fake bomb threat to a Starbucks in Ukiah. Police say the man called the coffee shop in January and the business was evacuated, but when police checked the building there was no suspicious device. Officers connected Tayden Liebschwager of Nampa, Idaho to the threat after finding out he had dated an employee of the business. When the threat occurred, that employee was not there. Police say Liebschwager was found by the U-S Marshall’s Service Wednesday in Boise. He was booked into Ada County Jail on $30,000 bail for suspicion of making a false bomb threat and for contempt of court.

$125,000 in grant money from the Umpqua Bank Charitable Foundation to United Way of the Wine Country. The grant for Lake and Mendocino counties – for their Schools of Hope program. The bank’s money will go to expand a reading program to help raise the amount of third-grade students reading at grade level. The program will expand to nine more schools in the 2 counties where just 23 percent of all third- graders read proficiently and more than 80 percent are from low income or poor households. The impact grants help early childhood and K-12 students expand their educational experience, promote well-being and inspire students to reach their full potential.

A fire east of the Mendocino K-8 school believed to be arson related. Sheriff’s deputies were looking for a white man described to be in the area, in his late teens to early twenties, shoulder length blondish hair who they say told witnesses about seeing an armed gunman, which deputies say was a diversionary tactic. They connected 18 year old Simon Raye to the fire and arrested him yesterday afternoon in Fort Bragg. He was being held in the Mendocino County Jail with bail set at $25,00.00

Admission rates at University of California campuses changing. New data released this week shows admission rates for instate freshmen were way up at Santa Cruz, Davis and Riverside, plus they hit higher than 20 percent at UC Berkeley for the first time since 2009. 67.5 percent of California high school seniors trying for a UC were offered a slot at at least one campus, up from 60 percent last year. Freshman trying for the most competitive schools — Berkeley, at 21.3 percent, and Los Angeles, at 17.7 percent. Both sent offers to more than 1,000 more California high school seniors compared to a year ago.

A new University of California survey shows about a fifth of the students in the system have gone hungry this past year and 23 percent more were “food insecure”. The UC system is committing to spending more than $3 million to address the problem. 29 percent of the food insecure students polled said they had troubles studying due to hunger, 25 percent reported having to pick either paying for food or other expenses like books and housing, and another 15 percent had to choose between paying for food and medicine.

The Willits City Council’s come up with ideas for the budget to eliminate projected deficits. The meeting Wednesday went on for hours with the council going line by line thru expenditures and making adjustments with the city manager and finance director. The recommendations to be worked on by city staff and brought back to the council. The deficit blamed on a sales tax decrease of nearly $200,000, a loss of REMCO payments and the election costs, plus personnel changes and retirement increases of just under $140,000.

A preliminary budget’s been approved by the Little Lake Fire District for 2016-17. The budget at just under $1 million adds the possibility of a couple of new vehicles to the mix. There’s a $110,000 increase over last year’s budget which includes money from grants to pay for items. The final budget should be approved at the district’s Sept. 8th meeting.

A slow Brooktrails Township Community Service District agenda had the topic changing to the emergency exit system. Mendocino County District 3 Supervisor Tom Woodhouse was at the meeting Tuesday, asking about conditions of the emergency accesses. He told those there that was part of his campaign promise, to check in. The GM of the district says the accesses, besides the one leading to Highway 20, were all fine. Apparently whoever’s property that is spends a lot of time out of the state.

Attempted murder and robbery charges have been filed against the two men police connected to the Loomis truck hold up in Windsor. Suspected shooter Ivan Morales of Lakeport and Sergey Gutsu of Antelope were in court yesterday for the Tuesday afternoon heist outside Chase Bank. Morales is accused of shooting the guard with an assault rifle and Gutsu of firing a pistol at a cop in Calistoga. They both face life sentences if they’re found guilty. They’re due back in court July 29th.

A man in New York says he lost his current girlfriend while playing Pokemon Go, which landed him in his ex girlfriend’s apartment. Evan Scribner busted after the game’s mapping software allowed his girlfriend to see where he was catching Pokemon critters. That’s pretty tame compared to some other Pokemon Go stories, a couple former Marines playing the game in Fullerton somehow caught a criminal they say they saw touching children inappropriately at a nearby park. Another NY man crashed his car into a tree while playing the game and 3 people ended up in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. playing the game, which led to them banning it altogether.

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