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Local gun store owners say they’re concerned they’ll lose business due to the newly signed gun legislation by Gov. Brown. The 6 related bills to shore up gun control don’t go into effect until Jan. 1st 2017. The bills require background checks to purchase ammunition, ban “high-capacity” ammunition magazines with 10 or more rounds by July 1st 2017, ban weapons with a “bullet button” which is quick release of an ammunition magazine by use of a tool, those who’ve previously, and knowingly, made false reports of a theft or lost firearm cannot have a gun for a decade and there will be limitations on lending firearms to family members who haven’t had a background check.

Mendocino County murderer Michael Charles Camou has not gotten parole for another three years. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shows Camou entered a stipulation for his parole hearing. He stipulated, per the California Code of Regulations that he didn’t think he was suitable for parole. The Board of Parole can set three, five, seven, 10 or a 15-year periods until the next hearing in such cases. Camou got 25-years-to-life in August 1992 for the shooting death of Steven “Chuckie” Rhorer at a pot garden northeast of Laytonville.

Four more mosquito samples and a dead bird have tested positive for West Nile in Lake County. The skeeters captured in Kelseyville, Upper Lake, and Anderson Marsh. And the dead bird, which was a great blue heron, was found 2 weeks ago in Upper Lake. This just two weeks after, a domestic turkey from north Lakeport was found to be positive for West Nile virus. There have been no human cases of the virus in Lake County — or the rest of California — so far this year.

Word that one Northern Calif. County’s medical marijuana is being treated with unapproved pesticides. Some labs are not even allowed to test the products even if weed has a label on it that says “pesticide free”. If the unapproved pesticides are ingested that could add on to health ailments some already have or create new ones. Chlorpyrifos, Disulfoton, and Imidacloprid have all been found on local marijuana crops. They’ve been found in Yolo county, but the Department of Agriculture says they’ve only been able to test for 12 different pesticides not typically used.

The jury’s hearing the murder case against Billy Ray Mount. The case started last week for Mount who’s accused of killing Steven Galvin, aka “TBone,” outside of a home in Clearlake. The first witness got on the stand last week, James Black, who lives near where the shooting happened. He saw a white truck drive away after hearing gunshots. The second witness was Brian McKinnie, another neighbor who also saw a white pickup truck and also saw 2 men arguing and heard gunshots. A juvenile also testified he was going door to door at the time looking for yard work and also saw a small white pickup and heard one gunshot.

The Ukiah City Council’s deciding if they should hire an independent auditor for an evaluation of the Ukiah Police Department. The UPD Chief Chris Dewey wants to hire a lawyer from Palo Alto who does audits for police in Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz and Davis. Dewey says it will show what they’re doing right or wrong. The lawyer would review all of the department’s internal investigations and complaints filed against it plus the reports of use of force, including every time handcuffs are used, even during an arrest. The lawyer charges $2,000 a day, and the chief says it should be 10 visits with the lawyer reporting back with findings to the City Manager.

Students in Calif. will now learn firsthand, starting in second grade, about families with two moms or two dads. After they hear about immigrants in Calif, they’ll start to learn about New Yorker Harvey Milk, a pioneering gay politician in San Francisco. The State Board of Education has unanimously said yes to the classroom instruction to be in line with the country’s first law that requires public schools include prominent gay Americans and LGBT rights milestones in history classes.

A wannabe nun told she couldn’t go into a convent until she paid off her student loan debt has started a Gofundme account to raise the cash. 28 year old Alida Taylor was accepted to the Sisters of Life in New York City in September but she had to first pay off $12,000 in student loans. Not a problem, she raised more than that last week, hitting more than $22,000. She says the overflow will be used for a vocation fund for Casa Guadalupe, a house of prayer and discernment for Catholic women. She’s been staying there until she goes to the covent.

A naked woman has been arrested after police say she held a lighter to a propane tank. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office reports the woman was resisting arrest and bit an officer in the hand. They say she didn’t hurt the officer because Sarah Jo Longacre has no teeth. The 45 year old’s mom told police she’d been drinking for days and started sucking propane in their garage. A deputy kicked the propane tank away from the woman and says it seemed empty. She told officers she was huffing fumes and that she had consumed 2 liters of alcohol.

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