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A man in Lakeport’s been arrested after reports of threats to a woman he was living with. Police get a call last Friday to threats of a stabbing. When they arrive at the home, police say Lizardo Velasquez wouldn’t open the door for them and told officers to leave or he’d "Blow them up". The female victim inside opened the back door to the home, officers moved her out of the area and went into the home, Velasquez was tazered but still grabbed a knife and tried to approach, but was warned he’d be shot if he did. The knife fell to the floor as the Tazer was charged and hit the man, he went to the hospital to be checked out and was later taken to jail and booked for domestic violence, terrorist threats, exhibiting a deadly weapon, resisting a peace officer, assault on a peace officer and for an outstanding warrant.

More than 17,500 pot plants have been found and taken by the Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit in Lake County. The officers had conducted over flight missions in early April to try to find illegal marijuana cultivation sites in the county. Cops found two big marijuana growing operations on public land near Indian Valley Reservoir. They say the sites each had several thousand marijuana plants. So last week they went to the scene of their over flight with officers of many agencies, in two teams, at each site at the same time. They arrested Alvar Alvarez of Bakersfield who was taken down by a police dog as he tried running. There were 11,500 plants there and the other site had another 6,000. At that site, two people ran from the scene and were not located.

The Mendocino County Sheriff says a fiscal analysis of his Mental Health ordinance only featured worst case scenarios. Sheriff Tom Allman speaking on his Mental Health Facility Development Ordinance of 2016 which the Board of Supervisors was presented with by the Executive Office. The office along with the Health and Human Services Agency and outside consultants showed if the ordinance passes in November, the county could face almost $5 million a year to operate. The Daily Journal says Supervisors accepted the fiscal analysis as provided but is asking the county auditor to prepare a fiscal impact statement to go on the November ballot with the ordinance.

A man in Fort Bragg’s been arrested for an attempted burglary and violation of probation. Police say a man heard a noise at his back door and went to look and saw a man trying to force the door opened. He tried to push back and says the suspect ran off. So the homeowner called 911. Sheriff’s Deputies recognized the suspect description as Jade Bennett, who lives nearby so they went to his house saying they had probable cause to arrest Bennett for the attempted burglary. He was being held at the Mendocino County Jail without bail.

Healthy turnout for the Calif. Public Utilities Commission hearing in Ukiah. Last Friday the sheriff, representatives from CalFire, Police departments, Fire departments and other emergency responders were on hand, sharing stories. The hearing which started at 2:30 was supposed to end at 4:30, but with the large turnout it continued past 6 pm. They are still accepting written comments for those who didn’t get a chance to speak. The link of the video of the hearing is on the broadband alliance website, there’s also a document showing who the speakers were and the time they spoke along with a summary of comments.

The Point Arena City Council says they don’t agree with a recent Mendocino County grand jury report that says they give preferential treatment to bypass code enforcement. The report says a city council member was living in an unpermitted structure with no sewer hookups, and another councilor ran a biofuel business without a license, but they were not named in the report. They also accuse the council of enforcing codes against members of the public, but not employees of the city. There was some agreement though, the council agreeing with the recommendation to follow through with contracting with the county for code enforcement services.

A Santa Rosa man reported missing last week in the Mendocino area has been found dead. Benedet Pearson and his wife were staying at a vacation rental when he went out for a walk Friday night on some trails in the woods on the north side of Little Lake Road. He didn’t take his cell phone with him and when he didn’t show up a couple hours later, his wife called the sheriff’s dept. The dept. and their Volunteer Search and Rescue Team came out Saturday morning and found his body in the woods. Officials do not suspect foul play.

An appeal over building a Dollar General in Middletown is on the agenda for the Lake County Board of Supervisors. Cross Development is appealing the Lake County Planning Commission’s denial of the plan to build the 9,100-square-foot store on State Highway 29. Lake Co News reports the Commission unanimously voted down the plan in April, citing conflicts with the Middletown Area Plan; last week the Middletown Area Town Hall also voted against the store with some community members saying they were concerned about traffic and economic impacts. The Supervisors meet this morning at 9 a.m. at the Lake County Courthouse.

Rolling through a stop sign has led to an arrest for a Willits woman on probation. Tammy Henderson was pulled over Friday night when a deputy saw she did not come to a complete stop at a sign and she wasn’t wearing a seat belt. He pulled her over but when he asked for ID she said she didn’t have her purse with her and gave a fake name and birth date. But then the deputy found she did have her purse and ID’d her. He said she told him she gave a fake name because she was on probation and didn’t want to be arrested. And she was – for Possession of a Controlled Substance, False Impersonation and Violation of Probation. She was being held without bail.

Firefighters make quick work of a fire behind the Redbud Library in Clearlake. The fire reported just before 3:30 p.m. yesterday. Police on the scene too, keeping people away from the fire area. Radio reports shows those at the nearby Highlands Senior Center were told to shelter in place and Brookside senior living started evacuations due to safety protocol. The fire reported as one to one and a half acres in size. It was out quickly, about 90 minutes after. No cause has been reported.

Three runaways busted for using a big tractor to smash through the wall of a school building, where they went inside and swiped sodas and portable radios. It happened at a Central Unified School District building in Fresno County Sunday. Police say they saw three kids run from the area, but they were caught fast. All three said to be runaways from a nearby group home. The tractor from a construction site in the area, drove through the side of one of the buildings. The boys booked into Fresno County Juvenile Hall on various charges, including commercial burglary and felony vandalism.

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