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Another complaint in the case of a former jail inmate whose family says he died because he was physically abused by local law enforcement. Another hearing’s set in the case of Steven Neuroth. This complaint, the third, lists sheriff’s jail deputies, and Willits Police Department Officer Kevin Leef as contributing to Neuroth’s death. His brother James is also suing the county and the Sheriff, the city of Willits, a medical provider in Calif and several other deputies and medical professionals. The inmate’s brother says he had paranoid schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder and depression. He was arrested in June of 2014 then died of a heart attack the next day. His brother says it was due to actions by jail staff that led to asphyxia, and contributed to his brother’s death.

Looks like there’s going to be a Dollar General store in Middletown after all. Almost three months after the Lake County Planning Commission said no to the permit, the Board of Supervisors said, that’s not happening, overturning that decision and giving the developer a win in their appeal. It was a tight vote though, 3-2, in support of the appeal by the developer, Cross Development. It comes after hours of community and board discussion. The proposed 9,100-square-foot store will be at 20900 State Highway 29.

A candidate for U-S Senate, trailing Kalama Harris is going after the president. Loretta Sanchez says Obama should not spend his time endorsing her Democratic rival, and instead should be focusing on beating Republican Donald Trump in the presidential race. Sanchez says it’s a historic Senate race between two Democrats. She’s a nearly 20-year congresswoman out of Orange County. She says the Senate seat doesn’t belong to the

political establishment – but the People of California. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden both have endorsed the state attorney general Harris.

Increased blood use at hospitals, stricter federal restrictions about who can donate and typical summertime blood shortages means the North Coast could use a refill on blood supplies. Blood Centers of the Pacific, serving from San Francisco to the Oregon border, into part of and down to Merced says they need more blood. Sutter Santa Rosa says it’s just a bad time for blood banks. Hospitals have also been using more. This month alone, Blood Centers of the Pacific says they’re expecting to use 500 more pints of red blood cells this month opposed to the same time last year.

California’s being represented by a Republican delegation in Cleveland, but they’re staying about an hour away at a water park resort in Sandusky. Apparently the Republican National Committee put them up there. They’ll have to bus it in to Cleveland this week for each of the 4 days of the convention.

Flood relief money comes in many forms in West Virginia. Lap dances at a strip club are helping in Morgantown. The Blue Parrot Cabaret club is offering $20 lap dances for charity today thru Saturday. The club says it’ll donate part of what they make for flood relief efforts in southern West Virginia, hit particularly hard by flooding. At least 23 people were killed, 15 in Greenbrier County alone.

A popular area along the Calif. Coast had to be closed down because of a raw sewage spill. A buried pipe about 20 miles away from Long Beach and Seal Beach collapsed Monday, blocking the pipe which let loose 2.4 million gallons of sludge onto streets and into storm drains. About 750,000 gallons was somehow removed but the rest went into the Los Angeles River and officials say some more may have gotten into the Pacific Ocean. The flow was stopped yesterday.

A new homeowner goes to their new property and finds an unexpected guest. 75 year old Mary Karacas has been arrested for the murder of her 83-year-old boyfriend, Salvatore Orefice, whose body was left in the bedroom in the home in Simi Valley. Karacas was arrested Sunday, after the body was found. She confessed to detectives she shot Orefice after they had an argument. The man who had just purchased the home from the couple a month before found the body as he checked in on the progress of the couple moving out.

A couple of “Pokemon Go” players in Ohio behind in points after being arrested for criminal trespassing at the Toledo Zoo. Cops say the two hopped a fence by the tiger enclosure so they could score more cartoon monsters. Police say since the smartphone app was released a couple weeks ago, there’s been a rise in police calls for possible burglars or other strangers prowling the neighborhood.

Lakeport’s National Night Out Against Crime is August 2nd. The event from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the far north end of N. Main Street, just north of 16th Street. They’re closing the road from the intersection of 16th Street and North Main Street. It’s to increase and improve police and community partnerships in the city. There will be all sorts of activities including a kids game area, bike decorating and raffles.

The first ever job fair in Mendocino County a resounding success. The event last Friday to promote County jobs to fill several vacancies. The event at the County Administration building in Ukiah with as many as 300 job seekers showing up. They say almost every County department participated with staff available to talk with job seekers and give them information about the positions in their departments.

The Obama Administration announced Tuesday plans to make solar an option for all homeowners – by extending more zero-down loans. As part of the Clean Energy Savings For All Initiative, the Veterans Administration and the Department of Housing and Urban Development will start insuring mortgages on homes with a PACE loan. PACE is a program that allows homeowners to finance solar and energy efficiency improvements without paying a dime upfront – and instead make payments through their property tax bill. California Governor Jerry Brown supports the program but says other government sponsored organizations such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should have been doing this all along.

Cut 65345 :17 "This makes everybody better off. The homeowner, the environment. And FHA and VA. Why doesn’t Freddie and Fannie do that? The Federal Housing Finance Agency, because of the mortgage meltdown, is so paranoid and so fearful, they won’t step up to the plate and do the right thing. "

Tag: The president’s Climate Action Plan originally set a target of installing 100 megawatts of solar by 2020 – but the White House has now upped the goal by a factor of ten – to one gigawatt.


Second Cut: Brown says this complements his stated goal of getting fifty percent of California’s energy from renewable sources by the year 2030.

Cut 66345 :16 "It is another important government effort to accelerate the movement toward renewable energy and efficient housing. So we’re not wasting water, gas and electricity and we’re using the sun as much as we can to get the job done."

Tag 1: As part of the plan – several housing agencies in California have committed to putting more solar on government owned apartment complexes. The initiative will also increase job training for more solar installers to meet the expected rise in demand.

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