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The Lakeport city council has voted to put a 1 cent sales tax on the November ballot. If it’s adopted Measure Z would raise around $1.5 million. Much of that money will go towards repairing bad roads and infrastructure. Additional money may also go to public safety, including the police force, which is not currently fully staffed due to budgetary restraints.

A Clearlake man was caught by a police K-9 after a high speed chase in his smart car. Clearlake Police say 26 year old Venancio Martinez was frequently weaving through oncoming traffic to avoid them. When he drove into a dead end street police tried to arrest him, when he didn’t comply they deployed the K-9 which bit him in the leg and apprehended him. Police aren’t sure why he was evading them in a reckless manner.

Moonlight Movie Madness at Alex R. Thomas Jr. Plaza will show Star Wars: The force awakens tomorrow night. The event will include a Star Wars themed costume contest with prizes. Blakcets nad low back sharis are allowed with the movie beginning at dusk.

A 91 year old woman is in trouble after filling in part of the crossword on a paignting at an art museum in Germany. A museum spokeswoman says the woman filled in the blank spaces with a ballpoint pen and the work by Arthur Koepke will have to be restored. 6::30

A woman driving near Willits yesterday was killed after debris hit her car yesterday morning. CHP says the 23 year old was in the left lane behind a semi when debris flew off the truck. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. Her dog, who was riding in the backseat of the car was taken to a nearby animal shelter.

The Carl’s Jr. In Ukiah is hosting a Pokemon Go event from 10am until noon this Saturday. The restaurant is setting out lots of lures, as well as discounts and discounts and free cookies to attract customers.

Firefighters say after burning 69 acres the Foothill fire is about 90 percent contained. That fire started Tuesday night near Foothill and Country Club Drives. Firefighters were able to save three homes. Crews will stay with the fire and continue working with it to make sure it’s contained.

A ruling set to be issues by the California Supreme Court today could add millions of dollars to the cost to build two giant water tunnels. The ruling will determine if the state of California must pay landowners for access to their land that they pipes are running through. State officials say they won’t significantly damage the land and the project is for the greater public good, so no payment is necessary. Property owners say the tests needed before the tunnels can be built are invasive and require fair compensation. The decision could have a far reaching impact on land rights and imminent domain in the state.

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