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Another illegal marijuana bust at two sites yesterday. Several law enforcement agencies worked together to seize 200 marijuana plants, 700 pounds of “marijuana shake” and 50 pounds of marijuana buds at the first site and 171 marijuana plants, 3 pounds processed marijuana buds, and 4 ounces of marijuana “honey oil” at the second site. No suspects were found at either location, but an investigation is ongoing.
Work on a new city of Ukiah well was stopped last month, but now Public Works director Tim Eriksen says that facility may produce drinking water out of those. There was a higher than acceptable level of manganese, but Eriksen says the manganese doesn’t pose any health risks but can stain things. It’s also been pointed out that the high levels of manganese are a by product of the well development itself.

If you’re in the market for a new fuzzy friend, good news. Tomorrow the Ukiah Animal Shleter is offering free animal adoptions for cats and just $25 for dogs. Potential owners must prove they’re allowed to have animals. If you miss tomorrows Clear out the Shelter event most animal adoptions are $40 through the end of the month.

More than a dozen Lake county 5th graders received the Mendocino College Foundations Adopt a Fifth Grader Award. Each of those students were given a $25 check and a receipt saying they will get a $1,000 scholarship when they get a high school diploma and enroll at Mendocino College, or $500 for any other college. That program is supported by a variety of businesses and community members

Declining value of aluminum and other scrap metal and recyclables is making it hard for Recycling centers in the state to thrive. Earlier this year RePlanet closed 200 locations including one in Mendocino County. There are only ten certified locations in Mendocino county where you can get beverage container returns. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports that the state’s 2,100 certified beverage container redemption centers lost $20 million in 2015 due to a lack of proper payment by the government.

There were at least 5 illegal marijuana busts in Mendocino County yesterday, but at a site in Laytonville two people were arrested. Law enforcement seized more than 2,000 marijuana plants and have charged Timothy Trygg and Samuel Kim with marijuana cultivation and possession of medical marijuana for sale. Kim is also facing weapons charges.

The CHP is looking for the driver of a tractor-trailer after some parts fell of its brake assembly and hit the car behind hit, killing a 23-year-old Redwood Valley woman. It happened around Noon Wednesday on Highway 101 Northbound near Walker Road. The CHP says they think part of the big rig’s brake assembly came apart and flew toward the car, causing the woman to lose control and go down an embankment. She was dead at the scene. Police say since it was a double trailer, it’s possible the truck driver did not even know it happened until later in the day. They say there were several witnesses and they have some good leads, but as of this (Thursday) evening still had not found the truck.

No vote Wednesday on a plan that would help facilities like the golf course use recycled water when it is available to them. Vice Mayor Jim Brown says recycled water just makes sense for recreation areas that need a lot of water. Another council member voiced concern about using Water Capital funds for the project. The proposal was not voted on to give more time for discussion on the topic. It was continued to a future meeting.

Ukiah Police have arrested a man suspected of breaking into two homes and stealing a car. UPD arrested 46 year old Jarrett Williams after his cell phone was found at the scene of another daytime home burglary in Ukiah. The Mendocino County Sheriffs office also suspects Williams may be involved in several burglaries they’re investigating. A search of Williams car turned up more property identifies as stolen from the homes burglarized. Law enforcement is doing their best to get the recovered items back to their proper owners.

There will be two competing marijuana tax initiatives on the November ballot in Mendocino county. The Mendocino County board of Supervisors want’s a 2.5 percent business tax on gross sales from both cultivation and dispensaries. They would also charge marijuana distributors a $2,500 annual fee. Marijuana advocates are also proposing a 2.5 percent tax for medicinal pot. IT would also allow a 5 percent tax on non-medical marijuana.

The Foothill fire is now at 100 percent containment. Cal fire doused any hot spots yesterday. That fire burned 69 acres but didn’t damage any structures.

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