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The Ten Mile Estuary is about to become a public spot. The area about ten miles north of Fort Bragg on Highway 1 is part of the Mendocino Land Trust now. The 49 acres where the ocean meets the river has been gifted to the land trust by the Conservation Fund. The Land Trust says they’ll put in a new parking lot, picnic area and carve out about a mile of trail so the public can gain access to the south side of the river so they can walk under the Ten Mile Bridge to MacKerricher State Park’s Ten Mile Dunes Reserve.

An anniversary for one of the devastating wildfires of the summer of 2015. The Rocky Fire started last July 29th, a year ago, last Friday. The fire was reported in the late afternoon at just about 5-10 acres but it was moving fast in hot weather, dry fuel and windy conditions. The fire grew from 5 – 10 acres to 500 in about a half hour. There was an immediate evacuation in Morgan Valley. More than 69 thousand acres burned, 43 houses and 53 other structures were destroyed and 8 homes were damaged.

Police in Clearlake arrest a man they say stole an ambulance as firefighters worked a nearby fire. Police ended up pinging a firefighter’s cellphone and found the stolen and heavily damaged vehicle soon after. They say the man who took it may have been trying to get meds and supplies out of the rear cargo area which was ransacked. They say it was stolen from a wildfire off 18th Ave. near St. Helena Hospital, Clear Lake. Derrick Schuleter was found inside with blood on his hands, admitting he stolen the vehicle. He was arrested and charged with theft of an emergency vehicle while on an emergency call, tampering with a motor vehicle and several other crimes.

Ukiah Valley Medical Center hoping to help patients of a doctor who had his license revoked. Dr. Pablo Cortina, an OB/GYN lost his license earlier this month so the hospital’s helping his patients with lists of other specialists in the area and helping with their medical records. They say it’s important for the patients, particularly the ones nearing their delivery date to find another doctor and get a hold of their records. The hospital does have a copy of all of the docs patient records in case they do go into labor before finding a new doctor.

An independent Internet Service Provider in Ukiah purchased another provider in Lower Lake. Pacific Internet acquired Clearlake Internet, the first company its acquired outside of Mendocino County. Clearlake Internet provides high-speed internet and other services and has been around since 2009. And Pacific’s been around since 1993. They’re headquartered in Ukiah.

A man from Nice found guilty of the death of a woman from Upper Lake has been sentenced to life in prison. Daniel Loyd will be in prison without the possibility of parole in connection to the shooting death of Cindy Quiett. He first has to serve 36 and a half years on other charges and allegations for the murder. Police said at the time he drove a borrowed van to rob Quiett’s boyfriend, Patrick Ryden, who he said owed him for drugs he fronted to him to sell. Loyd had a gun and confronted the man, then during a struggle, he hit Quiett.

Almost 125,000 pot plants have been found and taken by deputies in Mendocino County the last couple weeks. The Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman says they were trying to take down large marijuana grows found in the area. Several law enforcement agencies went out last week, finding multiple properties in the Laytonville area where there were more than 40,000 plants eradicated and more than a dozen arrests. They also found firearms and a honey oil lab. Then in Covelo a couple of grows, one with 84,500 more illegal marijuana plants and the other with 9,000. Another grow with 16,000 plants was found between Boonville and Point Arena

A REACH aircraft has crashed and killed all four aboard, It was leaving Humboldt County with three crew members and a patient inside. It left early Friday morning from Crescent City Airport headed to Oakland International when the pilot declared an emergency, with smoke in the cockpit. The pilot indicated he was headed back to Crescent City but apparently radar contact was lost near Arcata Airport. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office along with the Coast Guard, Cal Fire and others went searching and found the plane debris north of McKinleyville.

A bit of a different way to drive thru… A mounted police officer used his horse to drive thru the Dunkin Donuts in upstate New York. The officer and his partner rode thru the line at the Saratoga Springs donut shop, getting a coffee for the officer and a glazed munchkin for his horse partner, King Tut.

Proposition 57 the prison realignment appearing on the November ballot would mean many inmates out on the street. The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act would be the fourth prison realignment since 2011, if it passes. Some county district attorneys and law enforcement officials (including Mendocino County’s DA and Sheriff) say Prop 57 doesn’t consider the public’s safety. An estimated 30,000 prisoners could be let out if the new proposition passes.

An off duty cop, out sunbathing in Sweden helped take down a suspected thief, all while sporting a teenie, weenie, bikini. Officer Mikaela Kellner posted on Instagram it was her first take down while wearing a bikini in her 11 years of police work. Kellner and three friends laying in the sun last Wednesday in Stockholm when they saw a homeless man selling newspapers. Soon after one of their phones was missing, so Kellner and a fellow police officer chased the guy down and arrested him. She says she would have done the same thing, even if she were naked.


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