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A combination of warm water, not enough oxygen and a heavy biomass load led to a weekend fish die-off on the Lakeport side of Clear Lake. Lake County Water Resources tells Lake Co News the die-off discovered Sunday morning included all types and sizes of fish from Berger Bay south to the southern part of the lake’s upper arm. The agency says it’s common for die-offs to happen in summer when oxygen levels suddenly drop, especially in coves and nooks where there’s not much water movement. She says a state Fish and Wildlife staffer came Monday and was also looking at a cyanobacteria bloom that uses up a lot of oxygen.

As Ukiah Schools continue to fight what officials call a “recent upsurge” in their years-long battle with cockroaches, some parents have been taking the issue to the local and state government. In June the Ukiah Unified School District’s director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation said it’s not about the cleanliness of the kitchens, but rather about food sources in other places like litter, trash cans, and food-related appliances. At that point he said they were using all kinds of pesticides but also focusing on cleaning up what attracted the bugs. Several parents have started a Facebook Page posting updates on efforts to bring it to the attention of local lawmakers. A presentation was given at the Mendocino County Supervisors meeting yesterday which you can watch on the Supervisors Website or YouTube Channel.

A string of vandalism reported in Vista Point. The Record Bee reports it’s one of the best views in all of Lake County, where the Lake County Chamber of Commerce is located. There’s been littering, property destruction and illegal off-road driving which has meant extra repairs besides routine maintenance at the building on Lakeport Blvd. The Chamber CEO says the problem’s been going on for several weeks. They’ve lost wooden guardrails, which were taken apart and pushed down the hill, old televisions were used as target practice and trash cans bolted down were dislodged. Now Lakeport Police, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol are looking out for whoever may be responsible.

A registered sex offender’s been arrested in Kelseyville for not registering and other crimes. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports receiving info that John Heglin of Santa Rosa was working at a grocery store in the city and that he was on Post Release Community Supervision in Sonoma County with specific probation terms. They found he had not registered to work in Lake County, which he needed to do within 3 days of getting the job, it had been a month. Plus it’s more than 50 miles away from his home. It was also found he had a smart phone and an application to deliver mail thru an agent, both not allowed, per Heglin’s probation terms. He was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender and for violating the terms of his probation and booked into the Lake County Jail.

A new partnership between Mendo Lake Credit Union and Golden State Wealth Management for expanded financial services for credit union members. Golden State Wealth Management helps with investments and retirement planning. So Mendo Lake Credit Union will use their services for its members in Mendocino and Lake counties for free. They offer help with equity investments, business retirement accounts, estate planning, life insurance, financial planning, and more.

Humboldt County’s started to use local labeling on their medical marijuana. Last March the county started to work with a company that tracks cigarette packs in the U.S. using QR coded stamps. The county looking to see if the same would work for pot grown in Humboldt County to be tracked, and quality assured. The idea to make sure marijuana products were properly tested and taxed and that outside products couldn’t be branded with the Humboldt County name. The work is used in about 160 countries and tracks more than 77 billion products a year including soda, beer and tobacco. The same company’s worked with the California Board of Equalization since 2005 to track all cigarette sales in the state.

A new overtime rule for workers in Calif. to start this year. The Department of Labor says there could be more than 4 million workers who’ll become entitled to get overtime after the new rule takes effect December 1st. The Fair Labor Standards Act mandated the federal minimum hourly wage and time-and-a-half pay above a 40 hr. work week. All except for certain “white collar” workers or those already “highly compensated” would be included. The workers are classified as such by their duties and level of earnings. So it would not apply to white collar workers at around $47,000 a year and highly compensated employees who make about $100,000 and above.

A Northern California engineering and consulting firm is changing their management. LACO Associates has a newly elected president in Mike Belson and Christopher Watt will be Vice President. Rodney Wilburn of Willits is working with them as the Civil Engineering Director and Will Dawson of Sebastopol and Bryan Holmes of Santa Rosa have also come aboard. LACO Associates is a consulting firm that comes up with integrated solutions for development, infrastructure, and geo-environmental projects and has offices in Eureka, Ukiah, and Santa Rosa, California.

The Calif. Department of Motor Vehicles has been suspending driver licenses for those who can’t pay traffic fines or appear in court. Advocates for the poor including Bay Area Legal Aid, the ACLU of Northern California and Western Center on Law and Poverty have sent a letter to the DMV saying the agency doesn’t have the proper authority to suspend licenses at the request of court officials. It goes on to say it’s improper because it falls under the suspension law applying to those who willfully fail to pay fines or appear in court. This comes as some state lawmakers consider legislation to prohibit the practice.

The Governor’s Delta tunnels project could minimize effects on endangered fish with dwindling populations. The project’s draft has been released by the Department of Water Resources. It’s the agency’s “biological assessment” of the proposed tunnels that are being designed so the plumbing in the Delta is re-engineered so the water delivery is more reliable to the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California.

A man in Oregon says he rolls joints for a living, and they’re works of art. Tony Greenhand of Albany says he’s considered as one the world’s best joint-rollers. He says he’s had an order to make smaller joints that look like weapons for $7,000. They include a fully smokeable AK-47 spliff that includes a half-pound of weed. He says he pretty much wakes up and begins rolling…

The controversy surrounding the underfunding of Mendocino County’s Pension Fund continues with a just released official investment report showing only one percent gains instead of the projected seven and a quarter percent. It means the county will have to come up with the difference out of its operating budget in future years. That could be another 50 million dollars the county will have to take away from things like roads, law enforcement or other public services. New state mandated accounting standards could mean the county net worth in decline into negative territory all due to the runaway pension fund growth.


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