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A lot of vandalism is being reported around Fort Bragg. Police say they got a call the weekend of July 8th to local businesses that had windows damaged. There was also a damaged headstone at Rose Memorial Park Cemetery the following week. Apparently rocks from the cemetery were used to break windows at Round Table Pizza and the Rite Aid Store. Then officers linked similar incidents over the next few weeks, culminating with a man busted throwing a rock thru the window of Ten Mile Court House. Days later, vandalism at the Thanksgiving Coffee facility, as we reported. Justin Smith has been arrested on several crimes including connection to the vandalism at various businesses.

Graffiti tagging reported in Fort Bragg. Police called to an alley near Redwood Elementary and found black spray paint covering about thirty feet of a wood fence, then down the street, even more, and in a third location, on the side of a house. Police are asking anyone with information about the vandalisms to call (707) 961-2800 ext. 167

A man in Ukiah’s been arrested after someone called in a domestic dispute. Police called last Thursday to a home and found Jesus Herrera matched the description of a man wanted for a domestic dispute, who they say seemed intoxicated and was walking in the middle of the street. They say he got violent with them and attacked a Deputy, charging at him and pushed him backwards and punched him. The deputy brought out his K-9 partner, but they still couldn’t control the guy so backup had to be called. Herrera was finally arrested and charged with Felony Assault of a Peace Officer and Battery on a Peace Officer.

A lot of rebuild permits have been issued in the Valley Fire burned out areas. The permits are over 100 now. Lake County’s Planning and Building Dept. reports 103 permits issued to residents in the burn zone. The principal planner in the dept. says the applications started surging in May, possibly due to good weather. She says most of the permits were for the Cobb area. They also report stacks of applications for temporary dwellings, temporary electrical, commercial, and more.

Looks like the Governor’s putting together a backup plan in case lawmakers don’t pass legislation to limit greenhouse gas emissions. The Record Bee reports Brown’s put together a fundraising team, the first step to get the environmental initiative on the 2018 ballot. Senate Bill 32 has targets to cut warming of the planet emissions by 2030. The deadline for the Legislature is Aug. 31st. Brown’s office admits it might not make the deadline.

The first death this year from West Nile Virus in Calif. An elderly man in Sacramento County is confirmed to have died from the virus, but no other information has been released. The director of the state Dept. of Public Heath says elderly people are particularly susceptible. She says its activity in the state is going up. The department urging residents to take every possible precaution to protect themselves against mosquito bites.

The driver of a car has died and so has their dog in a single car crash on Highway 253. The accident Saturday morning around 9:15 a.m. A van went over the side of the road, about halfway between Boonville and Ukiah, then came to a stop 200 feet down the cliff. The driver and dog were pronounced dead at the scene. Ukiah Valley Fire Authority, Anderson Valley Fire, California Highway Patrol and Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office were all on the scene.

A couple of propositions on the November ballot may mean the state’s death penalty is taken off the table entirely or things move faster after a ruling. There’s been only 2 cases in Mendocino County where an offender was sentenced to death. One of them, killed himself on San Quentin’s death row. Proposition 62 would totally ban death sentences for first-degree murder convictions. Proposition 66 would reform the appeals process for death row inmates, so those sentenced to death can be appointed an attorney at the time of sentence, rather than waiting years.

A man from Clearlake’s been arrested for possession of a stolen firearm and heroin. Micah Faulkner busted during a traffic stop. The officer pulled him over for having a burned out headlight. Heatherraynne Mellissa Scott of Modesto with him. She had a suspended driver’s license and police found a loaded and stolen .45-caliber Smith and Wesson semi-automatic handgun in the center console and a stun gun and ammo. Both Faulkner and Scott were convicted felons so they were arrested and found to be in possession of almost 4 grams of suspected heroin in Faulkner’s pants pocket. The pair charged with several felonies including being a felon in possession of a firearm, felon in possession of a stun gun and possession of a stolen firearm.

A man on trial for the shooting death of another man in Clearlake awaits his fate. The jury got the case of Billy Mount last Friday, after 6 weeks of trial. He’s accused in the July 2015 fatal shooting of Steven Galvin of Clearlake. Galvin fingered another in his death before the end. He said David Cox, a skinhead living in Clearlake was responsible for the shooting, who had apparently been in trouble with Mount and his friends before.

The city of Philadelphia telling its residents don’t swim in dumpsters. This after a rented trash bin filled with fire hydrant water was turned into a pool. An online news site reported the swim bin happened during a weekend block party. Party organizers say they had first power-washed the dumpster, then lined the bottom and cushioned corners. But city officials said filling it with hydrant water wasn’t Kosher, as that water should instead be stored in the event of a fire, plus it’s unsanitary.

70 snakes have been found at a house in North Texas after a man recently died there. Police say the man’s body was found in his home in Fort Worth, he died from natural causes. They say the snakes were all non-venomous and properly contained. One of the victim’s friend’s says the man had been ill.


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