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Some rattlesnakes seen around the Coyote Valley Dam at Lake Mendocino so there’s warning signs around. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers advising the public to look out. The supervisory park ranger for the Lake says they’ve not independently confirmed sightings, but had some reports and since it’s a high volume foot traffic area, they posted signs and will monitor the area. If no snakes are seen again, they’ll remove the signs.

The golf course in Ukiah is getting new sprinklers. The City Council says yes to using money that was allocated to investigate a new well system and using it to update the sprinkler system instead. The director of the water and sewer facilities for the city says the course has been conserving water by turning the water down but it’s not as efficient as it could be. They’ll be modernizing and automating the sprinkler system. The director says they’ll still be conserving but also will be able to maintain the course. The cost $72,000 which was never used for new wells because it was found the area would not provide enough water.

Nearly a year later, the cause of the Valley Fire in Lake County. Cal Fire reports it was caused by a faulty hookup of a hot tub in the Cobb area. They say the fire which burned thru 76,000 acres did little damage to the home where it started, but ignited dry grass nearby. 4 people died in the fire and four firefighters were also seriously injured. 1,955 structures were destroyed. The fire cost almost $57 million to put out and has been called the third most destructive wildlife in the state’s recorded history. The report will be turned over to the Lake County District Attorney’s Office for review.

A man with a felony warrant out of Washington’s been caught in Lake County. The Sheriff’s Dept. Major Crimes Detectives got info Justin Johnson was in town and was wanted for failure to appear on drug and weapon charges. He had recently been featured on Washington’s Most Wanted list. Detectives found a motorhome he was associated with at the Wal-Mart in Clearlake. He tried to run as deputies approached, but Johnson was caught and arrested for the active out of state warrant and resisting arrest. He was taken to county jail and booked.

A man in Clearlake Oaks has been arrested in connection to a burglary in Lakeport. The Lake County Sheriff’s Major Crimes Detectives served an arrest warrant for the burglary where about $14,000.00 worth of items were stolen. The suspect was identified as David Sander who had moved to town from Alameda County. Police looking for anyone who may have had recent dealings with Sander related to buying or selling property. He was booked into the Lake County Jail for Burglary and Grand Theft and held on $115,000 bail.

Lawmakers about to take action on the overprescribing of psychiatric drugs to foster children. Legislators are working on a deal with doctor groups and Gov. Jerry Brown’s office on several bills to monitor and investigate doctors for dangerous prescribing; require judges get a second opinion for the most dangerous prescribing requests; and require more transparency and better tracking of mental health services for foster kids in every California county. It all comes after a northern calif. News group investigative series published last weekend on drugged kids.

Hidden Valley Lake homeowners finding out their food and beverage amenities budget including the Greenview Restaurant has huge deficits. The operating expenses above what’s coming in with a gap of about $80,000 or more since the start of the year. In June, there was a $19,000 deficit alone. The president of the association says the restaurants inconsistencies in service, quality control and inventory management may be the reason, per online reviews. The board may suggest hiring a consultant to reverse things.

Quick work by firefighters on three fires that broke out quickly, within minutes of each other in Lake County. Smoke spotted Tuesday night near the entrance to Anderson Marsh in Lower Lake and off Seigler Canyon Rd. Firefighters out from several districts to douse the flames. The fires were threatening structures and some homes were evacuated. Lower Lake High School was evacuated too. A couple hours later crews were off to other fires and the two in Lake County were 100% contained.

Temperatures getting hotter in Lake Tahoe. A new report by UC Davis shows the lake’s average surface temperature was the warmest ever recorded last year, showing climate change is changing California’s Sierra Nevada landmark. The report released last week shows the lake’s waters over the past four years were warming by 15 times their historic average. The air temperature was also hotter at the lake. In the winter of 2014-15 there were only 24 days with an average temperature below freezing at the lake, plus just 6 percent of last year’s precipitation fell as snow — both all-time lows.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors says yes to putting a medical marijuana cultivation tax on the Nov. ballot. Some changes to the language for the ballot were made to explain to voters how personal grows would be exempt. If voters say yes, it would mean a either $1 to $3 tax per square foot of grow depending on its type. That could bring in almost $8 million in county revenue. The County Counsel says she calculated that from figures she got from various departments and analysis from other places like Humboldt County.

A suspected drug dealer’s busted by police following a short motorcycle and foot chase thru residential streets in Clearlake. Police say Louis Carlson had 8.5 ounces of methamphetamine, an ounce of heroin and a digital scale. Police say they also found evidence he was dealing with pay and owe sheets including the names of people who he was working with in his car. Police say the guy wouldn’t stop for a traffic stop and led them on a chase for about a mile before crashing his Harley, then running. He’s charged with several marijuana related counts and resisting arrest on July 18th too. He’s charged with several crimes including felony evading, resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance for sale and transportation of a controlled substance.

The Willits City Council has agreed to a new Code Enforcement Ordinance regarding nuisance abatement and how to appeal a Compliance Order, previously known as a Notice of Nuisance. Next Monday, the new code starts. Any old cases will continue under the current code. There are higher fines, and hearings for those who don’t comply, in front of a group, like a jury, instead of just the city manager. The fines can hit up to $250.

A response has been issued by the Mendocino County District Attorney regarding the grand jury report in May regarding the marijuana restitution program which started 5 years ago. The DA David Eyster started the program to allow felony offenders of state and local marijuana laws to accept a misdemeanor charge and pay fines for the cost of law enforcement to enforce marijuana laws. The DA says he wanted to continue the program, but the jury said there should be a payment program for those who can’t pay up front.


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