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A formal inspection of the Fort Bragg Police Department after about 15 years. The Advocate reports officers and other staff were in a couple of straight military-like rows in front of the dept. last Friday morning for the ceremony. The newspaper reports everyone was dressed in their formals, with spiffy, shined up accessories. The date of the ceremony held to commemorate the date Fort Bragg was founded in 1889.

Not a lot of algae after all in the Eel River. The Eel River Recovery Project went out to popular swimming spots to see if it was ok for aquatic recreation last week since floating algae was starting to become a nuisance on the lower South Fork Eel River and lower main Eel River plus there were reports of possibly toxic cyanobacteria. Mats of floating algae were seen at Tooby Park at Garberville and in other downstream pools on the South Fork and lower Eel River below Dyerville. There are warnings out to avoid contact with algae. Most of the algae there is green and poses no health risk.

The battle against those Ukiah school district cockroaches continues. Employees of the city along with community volunteers led by our own Mary Chadwick are helping clean the High School campus next Saturday, Aug. 20th, a couple days before school begins. The California Department of Pesticide Regulation is also planning to visit the school plus a pest management expert from the University of California Cooperative Extension is working with the school to help get rid of the pests once and for all. For more info, call the director of Public Works and city engineer at (707) 463-6280.

No detectable signs of toxic blue-green algae in the Russian River. The Press Democrat reports test results released yesterday found no detectable amounts of harmful toxins associated with blue-green algae. Last week, the same sort of tests triggered public health warnings. Sonoma County public health officials still say to be cautious around the water. The county’s deputy public health officer says even though the tests were a relief, conditions in the river are still supportive of blue-green algae so they’re continuing to recommend caution.

Recent research showing how cannabis can help with nausea, but what about in pregnant women… The Press Democrat reports as the date gets near to vote on legalizing marijuana in Calif. there are public health questions to consider like if it can effect developing fetuses like secondhand smoke. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend pregnant mom’s should stop using and continue not using until they’re done breastfeeding. Research recently published in the journal Psychopharmacology finds even tiny doses in pregnant rats produced offspring who had learning delays, tremors and unusual emotional behavior.

A man walking in the southern Oregon community of Rogue River says he found a porta potty with a bunch of marijuana plants inside. Police put up a picture on social media saying it was the most they had ever confiscated. Marijuana grows are common in the region, but the police chief says they don’t know how this one landed in the toilet. He says a public works employee had just checked the toilet three hours before and it was empty.

A jury has found a Clearlake man guilty of murder for a drive-by shooting death last summer. Billy Mount convicted of second-degree murder for the death of Steven Galvin in July 2015. Lake Co News reports the jury also found Mount guilty of several other charges and special allegations including being a member of a criminal street gang. The DA claimed Mount shot Galvin on behalf of a street gang as Galvin was walking through a neighborhood on 35th Avenue. Mount will be sentenced on Sept. 6. He faces from 25 years to life in prison.

A woman from Geyserville has been arrested for a setting series of brush fires in Sonoma County. Maria Acevedo arrested Tuesday following an arson investigation by Cal Fire and the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office. A spokesman says a nearby property owner claimed to have seen her setting fires along the roadside and stopped her from lighting one just before he called for help. Acevedo reportedly claimed her boyfriend had dropped her off in the area and she was setting fires so someone would come and help her. Cal Fire says she set 13 small fires for a total of two acres burned. Deputies say they found some ammunition in her purse, which she is not allowed to have as a convicted felon; she also had a warrant for a drug-related charge.


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