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An old shipwreck’s been found off the Mendocino County Coast. The Press Democrat reports the Dorothy Wintermote was caught on video Saturday night with scientists watching live on a research vessel, plus they had an online audience around the world. The remotely operated vehicle was in the water for several hours circling around the old ship that sank after it hit a rock south of Point Arena in September 1938. The vessel was pinpointed in a sonar survey in 2007. It had a crew aboard of 29 headed from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon when it crashed.

A young alligator living in a San Francisco Bay Area Creek has been shot and killed. A California Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman says the gator was probably someone’s pet and it got too big, so they set it free. The now 3-foot long alligator was killed after officials couldn’t get close enough to get it out of the area, popular with hikers and children in Fremont. They say they shot it for public safety. It was seen first last Monday by recreationalists, then officers found it Tuesday sunbathing on a rock.

A woman has been arrested for DUI after a crash near Forestville. Shundora Reynolds of Forestville busted for felony causing bodily injury while driving drunk for the crash last Wednesday night. Police say she hit another car at a complete stop and it pushed that car into another car. Others involved in the crash were complaining of pain.

A couple in Ukiah have been arrested after someone left a debit card in an ATM and spent more than $1,000 on the card. Ukiah Police report a 75 year old woman reported leaving the card in the machine and since that time more than $1,100 worth of items were purchased at local stores. Surveillance footage from the ATM showed the arrested man remove the card from the ATM. Then police saw footage from several local stores showing a couple making purchases with the card. Police recognized the man David Johnson Sr., of Ukiah, who’s on parole. The woman’s been id’d as Ashley Svendsen, who’s on probation. The two found in possession of stolen items and meth.

Pest management experts have been brought in to Ukiah High School to help get rid of the cockroach problem once and for all. Ukiah Unified School District officials had three scientists from the California Department of Pest Regulation and another scientist from the University of California Cooperative Extension. They checked out the campus at night and during the day and collected specimens, found hiding places and came up with eradication plans. Since work had already begun to rid the pests, it looks like there were just a few more areas where trash and food were not disposed of properly.

A woman in Lake County’s been arrested after the District Attorney’s Perjury Investigation Unit found she perjured herself on the witness stand. Merissa James was arrested last Wednesday after they received info about James submitting phony documents to the court. After her hearing she was arrested and charged with four felony counts including perjury, offering false evidence, preparing false documentary evidence, as well as a special allegation she committed the crimes while released on her own recognizance on another felony.

A man from Lower Lake who worked with the U.S. Olympic Fencing Team that won four medals in Rio de Janeiro lost his home and business in the Clayton Fire. Matthew Porter maintained the team’s equipment and came back from Rio to find his home and business in ruins. He and his wife had moved in June from Pacifica to the Copsey Creek subdivision in Lower Lake. The men’s and women’s foil teams won bronze medals. And 2 of the men won silver’s in individual competition. As of last night, the fire had burned 4,000 acres, destroyed 300 structures and damaged 28. It’s 95% contained.

A local group is looking for volunteers to help with cleanup after the Clayton Fire. North Coast Opportunities (NCO) has opened a temporary volunteer recruitment center. Last week NCO had more than 100 people who had registered as volunteers. Volunteers get daily emails with a list of volunteering opportunities which can include distributing food, clothing and toiletries, construction and sorting donations. They also need spiritual counselors. For more info, NCO’s volunteer hotline is (707) 467-3236.

The Superintendent of Konocti Unified School District says school is back in session. The announcement last Thursday that classes are starting again today after several schools closed due to the Clayton Fire. Burns Valley Elementary, East Lake Elementary, Pomo Elementary and the Konocti Education Center (including the School for the Arts and Health Magnet School) will re-open Monday. But schools in the Lower Lake area will reopen as soon as it’s determined to be safe.

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