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Work on the Moore Street bridge over the Russian River in Calpella means road closures. The road between North State Street and Eastside Calpella Road is closed starting Monday. The Mendocino County Department of Transportation is having seismic retrofitting work done, the closure for about two weeks. The transportation director says there will be detour signs up making it obvious which way to go instead. He says they’re working with schools and bus schedules.

Franchise Tax Board is offering help to those visiting the Clayton Fire Local Assistance Center. In cases where the Governor declares a disaster, a victim may claim a loss in the taxable year the disaster happened or the taxable year immediately before the disaster. The board can also help get copies of lost California tax returns free of charge. Recreating lost records can be difficult, but is essential for insurance purposes or obtaining loans. The Clayton Fire Local Assistance Center is open all week from 10am-7pm. It’s at 16195 Main St. in Lower Lake.

The Lake County Planning Commission is holding public hearings on a few major projects including the new Dollar General store in Middletown. The meeting this morning at 9 a.m. at the Board of Supervisors’ chambers at the Lake County Courthouse. The Dollar General discussion is set for 10 a.m. including a public hearing on the design review permit for the developer’s major use permit application for the store at 20900 Highway 29. As we’ve reported, the planning commission said no to the project earlier this year but the Board of Supervisors approved it last month on appeal.

Caltrans is having a public meeting to talk about a roundabout planned for the intersection of Highway 20 and Highway 53 east of Clearlake Oaks. The meeting from 5 to 7 p.m. tonight Aug. 25 at the Clearlake Oaks Moose Lodge which is near where the roundabout will go. You can drop in any time from 5-7pm. Caltrans says roundabouts are shown to improve safety and operation and this would be the fifth roundabout to be built in Lake County. It’s scheduled to be built in 2018.

The annual blessing of the grapes takes place in Hopland. Father Andrew Pacheco at Fetzer Vineyards yesterday to bless the first grapes plucked for the harvest. Pacheco reminded those in attendance that fermented grapes are part of church celebrations as medicine and sacrament. He says the blessing of the grapes is a Catholic tradition which Spanish settlers brought to Calif as part of their ritual. The grapes he blessed were Sauvignon Blanc.

Lawmakers have been unable to find a way to agree on how to tax the medical marijuana industry. Two bills opposed by the legislature. And the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws said they also were against them since they were being considered before the election. The two bills never even made it to a second floor vote and died in committee. Sen. Mike McGuire’s bill to create a 10 percent tax on medical cannabis dispensary sales and Assemblyman Jim Wood’s would tax growing medical cannabis. McGuire says he’s not sure why the two bills failed to move forward, but says they were both equitable and fair. He says it would have provided millions to fight illegal marijuana grows.

The State Assembly says yes to a bill to extend greenhouse gas reduction targets. There was heavy lobbying against it by Big Oil. And the Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders lost to the oil industry regarding legislation to cut petroleum use by motor vehicles 50 percent by 2030. The Gov. spoke harshly against oil companies lobbying against the legislation but hailed lawmakers who supported it. He says he’s excited to sign the two bills to establish new accountability, transparency and equity standards. So the state will look to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.

A new state report shows California is not watching how prescriptions of psychotropic medications are administered to foster care children. The audit tells legislators to direct the state and its counties to come up with an effective oversight, requiring periodic evaluations of state data to show which doctors may be inappropriately prescribing drugs. 3 Northern Calif. Senators are also pushing thru legislation on the matter, including Mike McGuire of Healdsburg whose bill requires yearly monitoring of high-prescribing doctors, and allows the California Medical Board to punish violators by revoking their licenses.

The Savings Bank of Mendocino County has donated $10,000 to the Habitat For Humanity Lake County Fire Rebuild Fund. Part of the donation’s made on behalf of bank customers involved in the eStatements campaign “Let’s Rebuild Together…” that went from May to July of this year. For each person who switched to eStatements, the bank donated money on their behalf. Habitat for Humanity helps low income households who work with the nonprofit in the building process. The homes are energy efficient, follow green or sustainable building practices and appropriate low energy appliances.

A couple of men from Mendocino County serving state prison sentences being considered for parole. Cupertino Solano was deemed suitable for parole last week but James Preston Rogers was denied. The California Department of Corrections Board of Parole took up both cases last week. Solano guilty of second-degree murder and has been in Folsom Prison serving 23 years to life for shooting two of his brothers-in-law to death in Anderson Valley after a domestic dispute in October 1989. The case isn’t over though, there’s now an up to 4 month review. Then the governor has to agree. Rogers was denied parole after going to prison for 15 years-to-life for the second-degree murder and dismemberment of his girlfriend, Christine Faye Hilton. Her body was found in Ukiah near the Russian River in September 2002. Her brother started a petition drive to prevent the parole.

2 people have been arrested after a woman told police she was held against her will at a motel in Ukiah. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports getting a call to the motel in the 600 block of South State Street early Sunday morning and found a woman who says she was being held by Theo Corcoran and Maila Linde, both of Willits. The victim says she and her boyfriend met the other two at the motel Saturday and they gave the boyfriend money to buy weed. She waited at the motel with the other 2, but the boyfriend didn’t come back so she tried leaving but they wouldn’t let her, and one threatened her with a gun. Later they all went looking for the boyfriend and she got away and called 911. Corcoran and Linde were arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment, being ex-felons in possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition while prohibited to do so, carrying a concealed firearm and possession of a controlled substance.

Sonoma County deputies say a man found dead in the water off Goat Rock Beach looks to have been shot in the head. They say they’re unsure if it was self-inflicted. Detectives at the scene yesterday and figured out who he was, but did not immediately release the info. Some beachgoers found the man and called police. Deputies, Cal Fire and state park personnel went to Goat Rock Beach. The body found in the surf zone north of the south parking lot.

A nice, fat raise for Cloverdale City Council by 85%. The raise is way more that cities of similar sizes pay elected officials. The council barely passed the raise on a vote of 3-2. So they will get $555/mo, instead of $300. Other cities of Cloverdale’s size pay their members about $250 to $300 a month. Council members have not seen a raise in about 17 years. The Press Democrat reports council members will now make more than all other cities besides Santa Rosa, where they get $800, but meet twice as often.

A new bill that’s passed the legislature and is headed to the Governor requires schools in earthquake active areas to secure heavy bookshelves, hanging light fixtures and other items that could fall over. Assemblyman Bill Dodd of Napa says it’s an important step to ensure California schools are safe, inside and out. He authored the bill.

After two young girls were killed after their mother crashed in foggy conditions ending up in the Russian River, one local lawmaker is trying to get tougher traffic safety. The Press Democrat reports west county Supervisor Efren Carrillo is trying to work with state highway and roadway officials for more traffic safety, a conversation that’s not new in the tiny coastal town of Jenner. They’ve been trying for some time to get Caltrans to add a flashing light to slow speeding. Carrillo says he’s been trying for a couple of years because of the exact spot where the latest crash happened. The two girls 4 year old Hailey and 6 year old Kaitlyn Markus were on their way to school Tuesday in Monte Rio when their mom slid on slick roads and plunged into the river. She got out of the truck, the girls didn’t make it.

15 bottles of laundry detergent stolen from a home in Massachusetts, but nothing else. New Bedford police say the resident called cops Saturday night after getting home to find someone had gone to the room in the home where the laundry detergent was stored. They say it was worth about $250. Police say it may seem like an odd thing to rip-off, but it can easily be sold for money.

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